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I think…well I think this is common sense.

You just cannot rely upon groups and parties and a group mob mentality.

True people can join into groups to help get a point across and join in a debate and share ideas. And that there is power in numbers.

But you cannot rely on a group and deal with people as a group think.

Because there are bad people everywhere.

So the key is to get into an individual think. More on that…oh next week… hopefully, maybe.

But it has occurred to me time and time again that you cannot rely on a political party.

Its insanity.

Just like we cannot rely on this election to do anything real to ‘save us’ we cannot rely on the Republicans or the Democrats either.

And I am sorry this goes for the Libertarian Party as well. Not to mention the Tea Party.

I think I have gone into this before but I am not sure, it gets confusing writing all these blogs.

Patton was known to say that voting for the Nazis was like voting for the Republicans or the Democrats.

How right he was.

You see I have noticed time and time again that in a Modern Big Government Socialist style regime that you see in Nazi Germany or in Russia, or China, or anywhere else its a worship of the party that matters.

You do not hear them extolling the virtues of the state, you do not hear them extolling the virtues of the Government….

But the party.

The party is the only thing that is important.

And when you get down to it that is where we are.

We are relying on the party as some faceless group of people who one person fight for growing Government and the other for shrinking Government.

That is a far too simplistic definition of things because its pure insanity.

There are people in any group that will make you look insane and will disappoint you.

We cannot be pigeon-held into any group, we must constantly strive to work and to think as any individual.

And this is no matter the group, as I will cover later as well.