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For a while now, for over six months I have been wondering just what is the greatest catch 22 of all time? What is the greatest catch 22 of our time?

Because I think figuring this out is important and bears practical real world necessity.

And I think I have found it. And it has to do with us, and our political opponents.

It has to do with the idea, my idea, of being bridge builders, guides, and teachers to others throughout the generations and through to each other. That we have to make a stand and hopefully lead others to the truth, or at the very least what we consider the truth, or at the very very least that they can consider a new perspective and find the truth on their own.

You see I want to build bridges. From all over the political and religious map. I want to look for the commonalities and the principles and the divine rights and God’s Law. I want to find the truth. We may disagree on the specifics, what rituals to follow, or anything else in the physical material world. And that is fine.

And I want to be a teacher and guide for people. And at least have them consider alternative options.

And no matter what I am, usually, quite willing to let by gons be by gons.

But yet the great catch 22 is that we have a large number of people in this country who do look at my and for many people reading this blog, our, ideology as being potentially dangerous.

Worse they are willing to force their political ideologies on you through the voting booth and through their Governmental preference.

And they do it, partially, because part of their ideology demands it of them.

That they must, they must put their ideology and their beliefs…despite most of them believing in Moral Relativism…into actual political action. Or through real power by voting for politicians who will enact their ideology on the country as a whole.

Whether it is on Abortion, Marriage, war, welfare. Whatever the issue, the Government must be there to regulate it, mandate it, control it, or condone it. As I have pointed out the modern progressive are very happy with the Government in your reproductive organs, or your bedroom, or in your most personal decisions. As long as the agenda is their own.

And if you disagree with them?

You are ignorant, a bandwagon person, willfully blind, or a racist bigot and any other number of things that you are. Often it is some combination of those but not all of them. If you dare to question you are some of those.

I do not think this is the way, I do not advocate or think anything of the kind of this way is the way to go.

But the best way to ‘defeat’ them and their ideology by our ideology, or at least mine, is to not defeat them in the first place.

That we do not use power and coercion, of education, the media, the press, or the Government, to defeat our enemies. That we do not demand that they be destroyed or that only our ideology works.

But their ideology demands of them and makes them deal with us in the collective.

And I have seen often enough that they in small and large ways advocate extreme sanction to use the Government to ensure that we no longer have our piece of Sky.


Last year I did this blog (Link), about an event that happened in my life. An event in my life that changed my outlook and that, with other events, contributed to where I am in my life right now. What I want to do with my life, and who I want to be. Really helped get me onto the path I am now, and one of the things that led to the impetus of this blog this event, and all those around it.

But it occurred to me, shortly after the blog actually, that this was not the only story I can tell. Not the only theme I can relate. In fact there are several things that I can go into… over time.

So I bring you, becoming a crusader Part 2, the first…err second…of what I hope will be a yearly series of how I have gotten to this point in my life. Being so political, what that means, why am I so political, and why do I want to be a political commentator and crusader at the tender age of 18.

Though it has occurred to me that I might be wrong on something, more on that in a second. (If I was doing this for money I would say but first! a message from our sponsor.)

But first I have to share a few stories with you, stories that I believe actually sets up the point that I was trying to make. Three points in my high school life that helped me determine that freedom is important, we are free, and my role in regards to that freedom.

First off, I had this conversation with this girl. A friend of mine, it was 6 O’clock in the morning or probably even earlier than that when you get down to it.

Just so you understand the circumstances so that it was not a good time to be ambushed with a philosophical question that truthfully I was not well versed on at that point in my life.

She asked…or stated…not quite sure which…that humans were not truly free because we were controlled by our minds and our hormones and things of that nature.

I, meekly, disagreed with her. I thought it was interesting food for thought but, again it was not the proper time to have a debate.

Oh I am sure that conversation would go a lot differently given what I know today. And believe, that we do indeed have a choice and can rise above our instincts.

But that is beside the point.

Secondly, it was first day of English for eleventh grade, or one of the first days in any event, and it was still orientation and getting to know each other.

The teacher of the class asked us, damn I hate it that I have these wonderful stories in my head and are so vague in my head that i am butchering them…but I have the themes down…. the teacher asked us like, what do you hope to do with your life? Where do you hope to go?

And we started off going around the room and people stated their responses. I do not remember being too impressed with the answers given, and thought about it long and hard and really fretted…this was not a small and simple issue to me.

I thought about it so much that I had to be skipped and go on as I thought and thought, pondered and pondered, thunk and thunk.

Finally, I think I was just about to be called again, it occurred to me, my answer.

Again I have no idea my EXACT wording but it was something along the lines of I wanted to put a seed in someone’s head, to make them think of something differently and from a different perspective.

Does not matter if they agree with me. Does not matter if I can convert them to my libertarianism, or my religious ideology, or Christianity or Judaism, or anything. It does not matter to me.

All that matters is that I have caused you to look at the world anew from a fresh perspective, that I have planted that seed in your head and it is up to YOU to do something with it.

Educate yourself, inspire you, cause you to grow it and make it your own.

That you are now honestly questioning and I have put that idea that you are honestly considering.

Again you may think I am a cook in the end but that is what I want to do with my life. And if I can do it just once, then my life has meaning.

Which brings me to my last story.

I was in oh lunch or something or snack or something just sitting around relaxing in my English room (Senior Year this time) and one of the English teacher’s student teacher’s was in the room and asked me…what do you want to do with your life? (Or somethign…damn this human memory:P)

And I thunk on it for a while and I said, “Well I want to be a teacher, but not like you are a teacher.” And I explained my career ambitions of going into radio and politics, and I think I might have even mentioned the above story.

Because where I sit I think that is where we should be, I do not think that is the best thing for me.

Because, this is quite misleading. I am not a crusader. I am not the type of person to bash your head in unsheath my sword and point it at your neck convert or die and go fight for the Holy land, kind of guy.

I want to be a teacher and a guide. My job is not to beat the truth into you, but my job is to stand by where I think the truth is, and then point the way forward, point the way to it.

You can say, oh I do not want to go this way, I want to go that way, but yeah I want to give people options and enlightenment and education.

That is why I am such a crusader.