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I do not really want to go into that much more detail in this, but I will. Because I think there are important and valuable lessons that can be learned here, and it has been fascinating watching all of the aftermath play out.

And in fact, this is the only proper way to do this. Over a week since the shootings, with all the facts and a lot of information out there that can be used to form an opinion.

Lots that can be learned about here, and not rushing to judgment.

Lessons based on liberty, libertarian solutions, and based on the individual.

In fact I can think of precisely three lessons that we can learn here.

One, it is about the individual, and not the collective.

Most of the people who read this blog have read about and heard about and seen the plain vicious campaign against Conservatives and the entire right-wing of the American Body politic. Most people have seen the smears, the generalizations, and the lies.

But certain Conservatives or members of the ‘right’ have done likewise. Not exactly accusing any liberal of causing this violence or leading to the shootings and the death of six people, but still dealing in collectivist terms and not exactly helping our case.

Or helping the conservative movement.

Comments like ‘libturd’ ‘libtard’ and others that I have heard bandied about recently, the many many many others, that I have heard recently…are not helpful. And will only seek to inflame the situation more. Someone has to be the voice of reason, and there are those that have been.

It has occurred to me that no matter the personal weaknesses of ‘liberal’ ideology we still need to deal with them as the individual. Individual on individual, and on the individual issues.

Because, otherwise, all we have is a game and a shouting match of people pointing fingers at people and whole groups of people will be getting caught in the rhetorical crossfire.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Secondly, many people and politicians have been using this for their own means, and for their own agenda and as an excuse for cracking down on freedom and liberty.

Everything from outlawing ‘violent political symbols’ to a renewed call for Fairness Doctrine 2.0, to gun control legislation.

It seems to me that many of these proposals are counter intuitive. There will still be criminals and those who will break these laws, and there will still be those that can do harm to people.

Because the law that will limit guns in the region of a political official of 1000- 3000 yards, well someone who is a really good shot can still do that.

And there is also those who would hide weapons to meet their own means.

All this will do is limit the freedoms of those who will choose to follow the laws. All this will do is limit the freedoms of the law-abiding. All this will do is limit all of our freedom. Especially in the vein of speech, and the first amendment to the Constitution.

And they will probably be ineffective in the long run.

And it has also occurred to me that there were probably laws on the books that could have checked the shooter in the first place and deal with him in the first place, if they were followed.

We do not need new laws, we need to enforce the ones we have.

Three, that politicians and certain liberal and Big Government advocates and Progressives will use this as an excuse to bridle freedom of speech through a ‘Fairness Doctrine’ ‘Net Neutrality’ or other schemes.

No matter the facts of the matter their perception is that the language (of the right) is creating a dangerous climate and more events such as these are only seconds away from becoming regular.

People will be judged by their political opinions and forced to ‘balance’ out the opinions with opposing views. And if you do not do this and you have the wrong opinion, you will be shut down.

Thus removing a vital safety valve, perhaps the most vital in our Republic, the First Amendment.

It has occurred to me that is exactly what the first amendment is to people. It lets them vent their frustrations and use their words to express their opinion and displeasure at the current situation.

Without that you are playing with fire.

That the Fairness Doctrine, passed into law in 1949, and repealed in 1987, removed that relief valve.

And several assassinations and attempted assinations blotted out the map. JFK, RFK, MLK, and Ronald Regan.

And I, myself, was very angry when Obama was elected. I was bitter, angry, and depressed.

But then I started to hear opinions and get informed by certain people. Then I started this blog. And I then had a relief valve that could turn my anger into positive action.

A relief valve that let me come to the conclusion that love, the individual, and libertarian values, is the way out of the political nightmare that we have built for ourselves.

I am not saying that the fairness doctrine or the lack of the fairness doctrine is as responsible for causing political assassinations and their attempts as Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, or Glenn Beck.

But what I am saying is that words will not here anyone, no matter how high flung, ‘violent’ and rhetorical they are. No matter how passionate or inflamed words cannot hurt or harm a single person and we can learn a lot about people by their rhetoric, who we should listen to, and who we should scorn.

But bullets do.


A little while back I had a conversation with someone on one of the sites that I frequent about freedom and how utility prices have gone up markedly when his country tried to privatize them.

I have made reference to this conversation in a previous blog. And he continued on by saying that anyone who wants to cast out the Government want people to starve and die and not get the care they need. That apparently only the Government can do these things.

Now I disagree with this. I do not automatically assume things of those who want to make the Government Smaller, that they are evil and hate mongers and want to see all people die, heck I do not even do this for everyone who wants big Government.

Some of them have legitimate reasons for having the ideology that they have.

The answer to this quandary is, as I have mentioned in the past, that you cannot be Given Freedom.

No power, force, or man, in the universe can give yourself freedom. Only you can do it.

So the alternative to being just simply being handed freedom by others is to restore the individual.

Restore yourself and your thinking.

You see what people do not seem to realize, I will touch upon this much later, is that people just cannot handle freedom after years of slavery.

People, on the left, point to all the time every time a freedom granting measure fails, whether it is tax cuts or any other freedom granting thing, like getting the Government off your back.

And the prices go up and there is much angst and then people just come out of the wood work and says, ah ha! Freedom has failed. It cannot work let’s go back to the Government.

You see it has struck me as very interesting in what is going on right now, and the main difference between our two movements.

Progressives…well they progress. They grow Government slowly through centuries and decades and convince us that we need to join them in a…Big Government dream.

But it seems to me that far too many people on the Freedom side of the scale just expect everyone to be ‘granted’ freedom and then everything to be hunky dorey.

That it is like some sort of weird Greek myth where Gods can be born out of heads of other Gods fully clothed and in battle armor. It’s like John Adams Comments about George Washington in 1776.

People just expect for Freedom to come out fully formed and for us to go on our merry way.

I am sorry but its a gradual process.

We have to teach ourselves and our society how to be free again.

We have to come into freedom again and take responsibility for ourselves.

Because if we expect to have Freedom for ourselves we have to take the responsibility for ourselves to have it. Because personal Freedom comes hand in hand with personal responsibility. I mean its ironic in some ways and in some cases you get more liberty when the Government has enslaved you then in other ways.

Because you do not have to take responsibility for anything. It’s all the Government.

And once we learn how to restore ourselves, if we learn how to take responsibility for ourselves, if we learn how to help one another out then we can make it. It will be for good.

And once we learn how to be individuals then we can deal with ourselves as individuals. We can learn to think in individual terms.

Not in terms of Government or groups or people.

But individuals, one on one.

Our Character, our beliefs, and our ideologies as individuals.

If we can do that, then we might be able to do anything.

If we can learn to do this, then we can restore our community, our society, our culture, our schools, our Government, our Country, and then our World.

We can do it from the bottom up. Not with anyone giving us freedom, but for us to fix it for ourselves that we will not need anything from anyone.

Well at least no faceless Government, no party, or no agency.

That we can do these things for ourselves and then we can help each other.

They will not have to take responsibility for us. They will not have to take power over us. For we will have our freedoms and our responsibility and our power to strive for a better world.

That we can serve our humanity.

We must restore the individual.

I think…well I think this is common sense.

You just cannot rely upon groups and parties and a group mob mentality.

True people can join into groups to help get a point across and join in a debate and share ideas. And that there is power in numbers.

But you cannot rely on a group and deal with people as a group think.

Because there are bad people everywhere.

So the key is to get into an individual think. More on that…oh next week… hopefully, maybe.

But it has occurred to me time and time again that you cannot rely on a political party.

Its insanity.

Just like we cannot rely on this election to do anything real to ‘save us’ we cannot rely on the Republicans or the Democrats either.

And I am sorry this goes for the Libertarian Party as well. Not to mention the Tea Party.

I think I have gone into this before but I am not sure, it gets confusing writing all these blogs.

Patton was known to say that voting for the Nazis was like voting for the Republicans or the Democrats.

How right he was.

You see I have noticed time and time again that in a Modern Big Government Socialist style regime that you see in Nazi Germany or in Russia, or China, or anywhere else its a worship of the party that matters.

You do not hear them extolling the virtues of the state, you do not hear them extolling the virtues of the Government….

But the party.

The party is the only thing that is important.

And when you get down to it that is where we are.

We are relying on the party as some faceless group of people who one person fight for growing Government and the other for shrinking Government.

That is a far too simplistic definition of things because its pure insanity.

There are people in any group that will make you look insane and will disappoint you.

We cannot be pigeon-held into any group, we must constantly strive to work and to think as any individual.

And this is no matter the group, as I will cover later as well.

Hello all, I decided to hold off on my political run up to the election blogs. You see last month was….heavy dude…and the next two…ish…maybe….if I can get to them all. So the next two months are going to be a bit hectic, and I am sure for other reasons then just my semi professional blogging.

Keeping that in mind there have been, now two blogs, that I wanted to cover, before I got to the grind of the politics, of proper Government principles, and of the run up to the election and just what it means.

Now off to it.

I just recently got through a re-watch of the majority of the Television Show Babylon 5 and once more I marveled at its brilliance, especially since I am not older and can get a lot more of it.

I think Babylon 5 is nearly everything that you are looking for in a television show.

It is the Libertarian/Conservative/ Small Government…well it is a primer.

Not only in the way it deals with the Government, but the way it deals with almost everything.

As an individual.

Constantly showing the good and the bad, of religion, of Government, of people, of our own heroes and our characters, of romances and relationships. And it sent our heroes through many many many many layers of hell.

But it deals with fundamental Principles to things so you can watch it no matter your own beliefs.

But it always showed the two sides to everything.

You can marvel at the strength and the brilliance of the main protagonist, and the tragedy of another character, hoping that he will make it but somehow knowing that he will not.

And it teaches proper lessons of proper principles. In religion, in science, in Government.

Now you may not always agree with the actions of everyone in it…but then again that is life.

Which is ultimately the point.

Babylon 5 is the closest thing to real life of any television show, probably out there, just wrapped up in its own unique and epic way from the opening credits to the action and the drama and the very cool special effects.

But it tells a story of Government, and of powers.

Of being manipulated, controlled, and the human spirit raising up and saying enough is enough. We are free, this is ours to make our own mistakes.

We are free to stumble, and fall, and then to just get right back up again and strive for a better future.

Even though it is not my personal favorite series it is a series that I recommend the most highly to anyone and everyone out there, no matter your politics or your ideology, or your own beliefs.

I promise you it is a wonderful and wild ride.

It will make you whoop for joy, and blabber like a baby. It will make you think, and pause for reflection, or just whack yourself over your head in sudden revelation.

I mean there is really not enough to say about this masterpiece of Science Fiction and the work of JMS, so I will just leave with this message:

Like Glenn Beck I love history, I love to know where we have been and what we have been doing in this life and what works.

And my big thing is my own personal history. I spend a lot of time figuring out why and how I have become a crusader, why and how and what principles has gotten me to where I am.

And I cannot possibly disregard this series in the formation of me.

While I was waiting for Glenn Beck and after I had found Rush Limbaugh there was this show.

This show has helped to form and teach me the right lessons of just how the Government and people tick and work. I had rediscovered a lot of it, and learned others, now because of the context and the times we find ourselves in.

Without this show, there probably would be no Libertarian me, no connection to Beck, no this or that… though I might be a lot more popular.

Though I do not know how JMS would react to this revelation. (Though I suspect the soundtrack from Psycho will be involved.)


Awhile back I wrote a blog about Cloward and Piven, and then went into one of two different angles on their strategy.  I said I would discuss the other one at a later date, when I felt comfortable.

With Joe Stack ramming his plane into an IRS building, I feel that this is the time.

Now, the Cloward and Piven theory was that if you put as many crises into the system as possible, then you can collapse the system, and then transform it.

As I have indicated this can really only lead in two basic concepts, a freer society, or one that is more enslaved.

This also works for the individual, but it is simpler than that.

The choice for the individual is between good and evil.  Between hard work and giving into your passions.

Now in Star Wars fear is the path to the dark side.  Fear leads to anger, which leads to hate which leads to suffering.

That is the choice that we as individuals must face.

Now this choice comes about through a vast number of circumstances.

But it is usually the loss of a job, the loss of a paycheck, losing food, control over your life.  This causes fear, this causes a sense of loss, and a sense of where do I turn?

For all people the ‘bottom’ is lower than any other persons, that sense of hopelessness.

That sense of collapse.

At that moment we all have a choice.

The choice can be to give into your fear, to let it consume you, which then causes you to get paranoid, mistrustful, and bitter, angry even.

That it is someone else’s fault, it is not my fault, its society is to blame, not me.  Never me.

Then to hate.

That I must do something about it, they deserve it, and after all for anything to change I have to make a body count.  After all that is the only way to change.

Now despite this fear is a healthy emotion.  It can lead you to do great things.

But if you let it consume you, then you might see the situation above come to pass.

Instead you need to forge it into a tool, to use it, and get off your butt.  Maybe you have fallen and maybe you have collapsed but that is not the end of the world.

You can still get up and do something, that the sense of fear and impending disaster hopefully leads you to greater things, and does not consume you, bringing suffering on the people around us.

That is the choice that we as individuals face playing out our own scenarios of success, and failure.

When we give in, it ripples out, our lives effect other people’s maybe even sets an example for others? An example for them to follow, hey they are just like me, maybe if I do kill, things will change? My life is over anyways. It can ripple out into society.

And that is the choice, because the choice that we make for ourselves as people, will affect the choice that we make as a people.

Are we be willing to pick ourselves up and do the hard work? Or will we give into our fear, and our sense of entitlement?

As we move ahead onto 2010, I have some end of the year thoughts for you, and some thoughts on the future as well.

I am human, I have flaws and greatness, good and bad, all wrapped in one.  There is no better way to describe it.

I believe in the individual, and in individual greatness for whatever the individual wants.  That the individual will do the best for the individuals volition, and that is how you get ‘good’ that all the individuals doing things to secure and make themselves stronger, the rest will follow.  With regards to morality, and common sense rules that have been given down to us.

But I do not always follow a lot of these simple rules myself, not always.  I do have a lot of problems, some of them that I am still trying to overcome, and will be doing so for a long long time.

The three greatest of them, my three greatest flaws so it would seem anyways are…wine women and song….sorry I had to get that Babylon 5 reference in there at least once.  Which is a reference to another reference.  Anyways I do digress.

My three biggest weaknesses, for various reasons, are my laziness, food, and women.  For various reasons that, I will not quite go into right now, but there they are.

Out of these the most critical is my laziness, because it prevents me from doing a lot of what needs to be done, what I feel in my heart that the country needs.

That I have ambitions, but I do not always have the where withal, or the drive,  to go out and get them.  Not now at least.

This makes a point, one that can take another full blog to write, do be patient.  But in short we all share in our weakness and our greatness, and when one goes and supports one or the other, you get a society on the decline, a society that needs a ‘government’ to save it.  That is the part they are playing in trying to get us, by telling us we are bad, and less than ordinary, so that they can come in and save us.  To save us from ourselves.  I believe the opposite, while acknowledging our complexity.

Which is apart of the greatness that I believe America was, that America was founded upon.

Sure other Countries may have their great things.  The French have the wine and the romantic language.

The English have the history, and the literary talent, some of the best entertainment in the world.

And the Arab countries may have their legacy to Math and Arithmetic and Algebra.

So then what does the United States have?  We have the greatest governmental system in the world.  Still in need of change, but that is why we are the greatest country in the world. Because we have a government based on individualism, based on achievement, based on that the people are superior, and that everyone is equal.  This simple idea is what sets us apart for a good deal of human history.  Based on the rights of We the People, not We the Government.

That we are standing on the shoulders of giants, that we took the  best of ideas, and made them into our own, of freedom, of Republicanism (the ideal of the government)

Because in the end, historically, the founding fathers are the only group, the only group, that I can say that I admire as a group.  Because in many ways they were a reflection.

Sure a lot of them had their problems, some of them I disagree with, but together they came and forged a couple of documents that would become a blue print for a nation.

It almost belittles their success by simply relegating it to a few simple words in a blog, but that is what they did, that their documents would become the basis, the blue print, creating a new nation. For a nation based on the principles that they espoused, that they all came together and wrote about, and finalized, and together they created a government, of, for, and by the people.

Because this is to me what they left us, their legacy, that they handed down to us through the ages.  This legacy that sometimes looks as though it is passing us through the fingers, because that is what many people are going through.

But, I think we as a people, as a society, have one obligation, just one.  And this is coming from someone who believes in individual freedom. We have just this one obligation.

To hand down this legacy that we have been given to the next generation.  We must constantly ask ourselves if we are making the world better, and freer then we left it.  To me these questions are one and the same, because it is about freedom, it is about rather dieing then living another day in bondage.   We must ask ourselves these questions, whether our kids will have the same freedoms that we have.

Whether it is from government intrusion, a debt, or international organizations.

It is this simple rule, that above all others, that I do try to live my life by.  And this is a question that we must ask ourselves.  Because our freedoms and our founding documents, and our society, if we fail to live by them in regards to one another, then we will lose them.

We will fail, we cannot be the same society we are today without them, we will transform if we live any other way.