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So this past week the UN voted to give Palestine a state recognition, recognized observer status to the UN or some such nonsense. (Source)

Now as people may know me and know this issue is very important to me. This whole situation and circumstance I find to be tragic, and fascinating as I have written many blogs on this subject. A blog probably very similar to the blog I am writing now somewhere in here.

And while the answer to this situation is very complex the one thing I know for certain is that whatever solution will result from this will not come from the UN, or the United States or any foreign entity imposing their will on the situation.

Imagine for a second if a ‘Democracy of Nations’, a majority of nations, voted to take away personal private property that was your own. A piece of your backyard or your living room, and gave it to someone else, without your consent.

What would you do? I mean people like making these analogies all the time so why not?

The solution, whatever it is, cannot be imposed from outside it must come from the two parties involved, mainly the ‘Palestinians’, and the Israeli Government.

It cannot come from an international body of 138 countries voting in something.

It cannot come from any one nation, unless they are invited in by the two parties to help mediate the dispute.

It cannot come from me who wants to see a One State Solution. (link). I cannot impose my will on this situation, and if the Israelis want a two state solution it is up to them.

It cannot come from American Jews, or Jews in Israel who believe the term ‘Palestinian’ is a made up modern political definition imposed on people.

Whoever these people are it i their decision.

It is not ours.

Through negotiation and compromise, through both parties working on an agreement. Not through Hamas trying to wipe Israel off the map, their current statements not withstanding.

If both sides want peace and a solution then they should be allowed to find it.

And may I also bring up that it is telling that it is the Palestinians went to the UN and asked for this. They pleaded to an international body to impose a situation on the Israelis and the entire region. they did not go to the Israelis and negotiate, they have not tried to defeat Israel militarily and ‘take the land back’ aside from lobbing rockets at Israeli citizens…and then crying foul.

No they want an imposed solution. They want to bring international pressure against the state of Israel to do something that may be against their national interest.

They did not participate and deal with the Israelis with mutual respect, no they circumvented the process and brought in the big guns…to impose a situation…and not broker it.

This is telling to me. It tells me whose side we should be on, and what kind of people we are dealing with.

But we must keep in mind, that the solution can come internally…not externally.


The Diversity Alliance The New Righteous Amongst the Nations

Last week Glenn Beck held the Restoring Courage Event in Israel to help stand with the Jewish people, the Israelis, and to help provide an example to the rest of the world see Israeli courage and then learn from it. There are several lessons that can be taken from the events as a whole. And you can watch it on or read articles and transcripts from it on The Blaze for further reference on the stories I will be talking about in this blog.

But there are two principal lessons that can be taken from this event.

The first is one that I touched on in the New Righteous of the Nations.

We cannot just protect the Jewish people for the sake of the Jewish people. We cannot be collectivists like the Anti Semites and Israeli haters are right now. We must be individualists. We must do this to save the individual from all those that would smear and destroy anyone who is Jewish for being Jewish.

The second example is from the Diversity Alliance. A previous blog that I did (which you can see above) that goes into the politics of diversity and turn it into the politics of unification. And how you cannot get a unity while trying to divide everyone into their subgroups.

You cannot get a country out of politics and groups that constantly espouse a philosophy of division. You cannot get peace by divvying up a state or a city into separate groups into the hands of ethnic or political groups. Which I thought that was what the Israelis were being accused of in the first place.

It struck me as particularly telling that during Restoring Courage Glenn relayed, and handed out, three medals based on three people based on the ideals of faith, hope, and charity. One to the Fogel Family, one to a restaurant which is co owned by an Arab and a Jew, and a philanthropist/ store owner who sells good, and gives out free food and services during Muslim holy times so Muslims can properly celebrate their religious obligations.

(Link) Read the last paragraph and do your own research for the specifics.

In the case of the store they were targeted by a radical Islamic sect who were opposed to their sense of unity.

This is odd, there is a group who espoused unity and the ability to work together and serve people no matter their religion, who was bombed by a group claiming to want freedom from oppression.

In fact it is interesting because Rami Levi, the Jewish store owner, also serves the community regardless of religion. As there are also members of the Israeli Knesset who are Arabs and members of the Muslim faith (who even came out against Restoring Courage).

So Israel seems like a place of great unity no matter which faith or ethnic group you belong too. Yet there remains groups that want to divide it up? An Arab Nation and a Jewish Nation?

Yes while the nation is ‘Jewish’ in a lot of respects and named after the original home land of the Jewish people, and in the same place to boot, it is welcoming to all faiths.

And yet people want to divide it up? And along largely religious and ethnic lines to boot.

For what purpose? How will this improve the situation by taking a nation that is to a large extent ‘secular’ and respectful for the rights of all? And turning part of it into what?

Again I believe the answer lies in unification. Not division. That is the Israeli people want to work out their own problems they need to do so as a people, Arabs and Jews, Muslims…and well Jews again. And be a beacon for the rest of the world.

Two events happened to me this past week that led to this. One was a speech by Glenn Beck, the other one was an Anti Islam rant that I saw

I suppose this is just about the Glenn Beck speech really then anything else. (Link)

Because it hit me, as I was listening to it. Hit me so hard that I wept for most of the rest of it. So hard. I think this is one of those things where I have been circling it for a while, but maybe I was focusing on the wrong thing. (More on that in a bit.)

For those of you who do not know your history. The Righteous Among the Nations was a term coined by the Israeli Government slightly after World War 2 given to those brave souls that helped Jews out during the Holocaust. Fed them, clothed them, or provided some small manner of assistance during their time of need.

It has its roots in the term Righteous Gentile who are non Jews who nevertheless ascribe to and follow the Seven Laws of Noah.

(More information here)

It is my intention to create a Modern 21st century version of this to match the current and grave threats that the Jewish people face. In Israel, and around the world.

It is my intention to start off with a Facebook group at first, but I hope that this grows into something much greater.

Whether we are Muslims or Christians or Jews or Atheists we need to gather. For Jews everywhere. Gather to try to encourage a better way.

And not just for the Jews because they are Jews, that is a trap of those who would hate the Jews, but because it is the right thing to do. Because it is necessary for our common humanity.

We should do this no matter if someone is a Muslim, or a Christian, or an Atheist, we should be willing to stand up for them against bigotry and hate no matter what and encourage a better way. God demands it, our common humanity demands it.

But the Jews are under threat by those who want to see them all wiped out for being Jewish.

And this cannot just be about Israel this has to be about Jews everywhere. Because a friend of mine was right, we all have our own problems in our nations and our systems and we cannot constantly be worried about Israel. We have to stand up against evil in our own nations. That is the beauty of this, it’s not about Israel the nation, it’s about the group no matter where they live.

And nor are we supposed to be an attack group. This is not being against something but rather a protection group for something. To be counted and to let people know that we will stand with people. Not attack, not go against and not turn into the very thing that we are trying to fight. Collectivism, bigotry, and evil.

Because this is very important.

This is more important than College, or our own annoyances in our lives, sure we must make our lives secure but we can also strive for this.

Because in the 1930s, I think humanity missed its calling as the Nazis were on the rise. No one was gathering, or they were in small gatherings, you had a few isolated incidents. Like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his gang. But Antisemitism continued to spread and it led to one of the greatest mass butchering of a people in human history.

And then the Righteous Among the Nations came, when they gathered, it was already too late. Sure they saved people, sure they did what they could which under the circumstances was extraordinary, but the darkness had already fallen.

And I don’t think we can afford to wait this time. We must make our stand now, while we still can.

Now this might be presumptuous of me. What can a 21-year-old Kid who barely is getting started in life do?

I am not a dignitary, or a powerful commentator, and I am certainly not a member of the Israeli Government. Who created this honor in the first place and whose honor is rightfully bestowed by them upon…well the Righteous…

And after all there is already Christians United for Israel and Stand with Israel and probably a whole slew of other organizations devoted to the defense of Israel, and hopefully the Jews.

But this is way beyond Israel, yes we must stand with them, but Antisemitism is spreading across the globe.

In Europe, and America, and the Middle East. You have laws being passed against the Jews, or them being under threat, or political cartoons made up against them that are obviously Anti Semitic.

In France you have people moving out of France who are Jewish and heading for Israel to escape what they believe is coming again.

You have politicians pushing for the dividing up of Israel, and then you have others who will use that as an excuse to wipe Israel and the Jews off the map. Wherever they may be. This is my belief anyways.

(Story )

Which is why, my hope anyways, that people will gather and be apart of this group in the many nations. Address the Antisemitism in your own Nations and then try to gather and organize others.

We must be willing to stand for our Jewish neighbors and Friends and Lovers.

Because if we don’t then no one else will. And if we do not now then it will be a lot harder in the future when the darkness is at our doorstep.

And on a final note for those of you who play Mass Effect 2 know that during one of the scenes a character asks Commander Shepard why he is fighting, ‘whether it is for humanity as evidenced by the perfect Ms. Lawson?’

Now you can answer yes, yes you are fighting for her, that she is important to you.

Now on the surface of it this seems like a very selfish answer to the question. That you should be interested in saving all of humanity, you should be selfless right?

People who know me or have read this blog know that this is a very personal issue for me. Some people even know the specifics.

We need to make this issue personal for us. Personal, but not to where we are suffering from a persecution complex. This is about defense of the Jews and we cannot allow our emotions overcome us to where we attack others.

This is not a matter of statistics or numbers, if we deal with this in the millions of people then we will lose perspective. It becomes impersonal, cold, dry, meaningless detached.

We must do this for the people in our lives who we do not want to be killed over their ethnicity, or by what names they call God.

Foreign policy, its in the news…a lot…it is one of the things that is consuming the country the most. And large amounts of American tax payers. It’s an issue that, probably cannot be just explained with only one blog, but needs many and has many different aspects to the single discussion.

It’s an issue and a topic that I have been wanting to discuss, and even have talked about in the past. After all I have done blogs about our Military, Israel, and the Middle East.

And its an issue that is near and dear to the founding of our nation, and our constitution, just what the US’s global rule should be.

It’s a conversation and a topic where millions of lives, billions of dollars, are at stake. And potentially our very way of life.

And despite our founders warnings on the subject, it is clear, by the Constitution, that we need to have one.

While many on the right and farther to the right of me, Libertarians, will often quote Jefferson on this issue.

“Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.”

Notice the part about entangling Alliances. Notice also the part about friendship and commerce with nations…implies alliances. And notice that…for Jefferson…this is a pretty ideal statement. The Founders just fought a war against Great Britain in the Revolution, and was about to again. They had enemies, and friends. This is something to strive for.

So, it is clear because the Constitution gives the power to our Government bodies to have a Foreign policy (Conduct War, sign treaties, raise an army, appoint ambassadors, and talk to nations), that Jefferson was trying to state what he hoped that Foreign policy would one day look like.

In looking at this issue, I can come up with three divisions, three types of Foreign policy that needs to be recognized. Two of them can be or should be, at times…economics and politics willing. While the other one must not be used under any circumstance.

One, Military or Trade Alliances and friendships with nations.

Two, Charity in the event of National Disaster or great upheaval.

Three, giving copious amounts of money to a Government that is about to fail without asking for much, without any consent, or without any guarantees that this money will be beneficial to the United States.

Military Alliances, et all. They can be good and bad. And it is usually dictated by how similar we are, what we share, what we the United States get back for the United States. Our values, our objectives, our goals and how they help the United States.

But not all alliances are created equal. Especially in a time of great financial upheaval, especially with massive debt and budget short falls, and especially since we are spending billions overseas in various adventures *que Indiana Jones music*, we need to consider who our friends are in the world.

Who shares some of our morals, our values, our Government, and our objectives, and will also help to defend us, even in the smallest of ways.

Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Libyan rebels…are any of these places friendly to the US? Does a Government exists now, or will exist, that shares anything in common with us? Do we even know who is in charge in those places, especially in regards to the Libyan Rebels? Do these people contribute anything to us? What about the people and the society in the streets? Do they like us? Do they support us? Or do they want to wipe us out? And hopefully you can answer these questions.

Israel, England, Australia, Canada…and others. Are generally our allies. They generally share our views in the world and generally share our Governmental objectives (though in the current climate that is kinda scary.)

They will support us and try to defend us. They share information and intelligence with us, and will be with us through thick and thin. Or have been in the past…everything is changing.

We give them money and help them develop defense and weapons systems that can be used to keep their citizens safe from harm. Which in turn can be used with our military, and to protect our Civilians.

And as long as they are willing to fight for themselves, as mutual partners, we can support you. If we have the money.

Two, Charity.

In wild fires, or hurricanes, or earthquakes, cause great harm and damage. These are events that can overwhelm, even the most prepared.

We as Americans can help. And the good thing is we can usually come up with a way to help. The best way, is, through Private Charity. This is something that the Government does not even have to always provide for. Every bit helps.

And then three.

Nations, like Greece, our under massive financial burdens, a collapsing economy, and a collapsing Government.

They are asking, crying, for help from the World. Including the United States, to give them copious amounts of money to try to stabilize their Government.

As far as I can tell, no questions asked, no guarantees, and though the Greeks are seeming to stick to their Austerity guns, I just do not know if it will keep up. I do not know what the benefit of this is to the United States.

We are not a money farm. We can help where we can if worse comes to worse, but we should not bail anyone out.

In looking at all of this, it is clear that our Foreign Policy decisions of recent years just are not working. We need a new path. What that is I am not sure, we are in a rock in a hard place around the world. But I have faith that we can begin to turn the corner. If we start now.

This article, and then the one on Powerline, made me consider something. Putting two and two together about something that was really one of my really first big political issues.

This goes way back. The sixth grade, just me trying to figure out the world. And towards the end of one of my classes we had to read correspondents between an Israeli citizen, and a Palestinian.

Long Story short (could not tell you most of it even if I wanted to) I remember stating, or forming the opinion, that you could not give a state to a terrorist entity. Or those who do not deserve it.

Now this is the opinion of a sixth grader so it was crude and simplistic, but it seems to stand.

In this case.

Whether or not the Palestinians deserve their own state, or that is a reasonable argument for them not having one, is really beside the point.

The fact remains is, they have, and it escaped my own notice.

To the layman or to the person trying to be ignorant on the issue, this probably has not occurred to many people.

But when Gaza was handed over, as the article and current world affairs supports, the Palestinians have their own state.

Of course, now they want more. It’s not enough.

And since they have gotten it they have fired rockets, and continued terrorist attacks, and continue to attempt to kill Israeli Citizens.

The area is run by a terrorist organization that wants to wipe our Israel.

Who, as the article purports, their rise to power was not entirely democratic.

The historical parallels here are quite astounding.

You have a group, a political, cultural, and even religious…especially in this case… who is trying to absorb more land, from an already existing country…claiming it as their own…and this group came to power through Democratic means but kept power not through a ballot box…and then began a campaign to wipe out the Jews.

Sound familiar?

If Israel is to survive, and if we are going to know who to stand with, we must look at the past, to try to predict the future. Especially when the parallels are so clear, and the rhetoric so deadly.

Something has struck me recently about a subject that has been bothering me for quite a while. Simply: Why should Libertarians care about the State of Israel? Why is it any of our concern?

After all it is another sovereign country, with its own affairs, its own concerns…and is just a foreign entity outside the United States? Why should the Government go and support them or why should we personally support them? We should not even exercise power in this nation! And it is an internal Israeli matter.

And besides, we have our own issues in this country. We have a massive debt, massive budget problems, our economy sucks, our dollar is being destroyed, and the govt is taking more and more and more power for itself. In all areas of our lives.

Why should we be concerned about a country, or a people, half way across the world?

Well there is a lot of truth in these concerns about Israel and our own country.

Well because many others, religious people and politicians, are working towards trying to take away their lives, their liberty, and their ability to pursue their happiness. Never mind their ability to govern themselves. There are people out there who is advocating this, enemies of liberty.

Now I am not saying we need to get involved, I am not saying we need to risk our American lives and treasure in defense. I am not saying this will require a World War 2 like effort to stop. I hope this does not happen, and Israel is a sovereign state, with the military and the boarders of one. And the right to conduct its flaws.

With all the flaws and the imperfections of a state and humanity in general.

But they have a right to, most importantly live.

And a threat to anyone’s liberty, is a threat to our liberty.

Governments who grow which threaten anyone’s lives, will likely grow to threaten our rights. Even that of their own people.

We have a choice here, to stand and stop this, or to sit quiet, let this happen, and then perhaps reap the rewards of our folly years in the future.

With the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death so recent adds a bit of a poignant point of good news to what is otherwise going to be a bleak blog. A blog that was conceived a few weeks ago and needed some time to think on it.

You see we are entering what I believe to be a turning point in World History. With my recent six part series in the Middle East it is becoming increasingly apparent that…well I was right.

Since I wrote that blog…wrote mind you…*sigh and grumbles and wants to hit something…:P* more and more events have become apparent that Israel is still under great threat and very likely Jews everywhere.

A third intifada has been announced against Israel. A page on FB that has been taken down, but keeps on cropping up. Another Gaza flotilla has been announced, with certain Americans participating. And there have been college groups examining the whole situation with Palestine and wondering about the whole thing.

And just today sixteen people, at least count….twenty four…considers Israel the biggest terrorists ever.

Again, very small minority in the world/ face book population but it is there. And it needs to be countered and addressed before growing louder.

And believe me this is not the only thing that is going on, nor is it on this issue, I just do not want to turn this into a wall of links. 😛 You will have to do your own research.

Gas prices continue to increase, Gold continues to go through the roof, and the economy looks like it is in slow down.

We still have a situation developing in Libya, the world continues to be on fire, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking power in Egypt.

And last but not least the Fed recently had its first press conference in.. a while. Basically trying to restore the good name of the Fed.

And meanwhile we just continue on with the same ridiculous policies, and in the meantime, as far as I can tell, attention to this issue has been minimal.

So I think history is going to be made this month. And I thought it would be awesome and sunshine and lollipops. It is my birthday after all.

The net result of this? I am not sure. I suppose we need to make a stand, ask for the help of Divine Providence (though it is Israel…I mean asking for divine providence in this area is a teensy bit redundant) and just continue to draw attention to this issue.

We must be firm in our stance with Israel, their national sovereignty, and their ability to govern themselves without threat of annihilation, and genocide.

We must make that commitment because it is the commitment that we need to make to all people’s, all countries, and all groups.

We were not out to kill all the Germans in Germany, just a small number of radicals that seized control. Nor the Japanese nor the British.

Not anyone.

We can make the choices that is best for us to make right now in order to defend ourselves, and anyone else who is under threat of animation or extermination.

Do we have to get involved militarily?

No but we must stand. As I will, as I continue to do as long as there is a threat to Israel, this country, or anyone else.

I have been pouring over Facebook recently and two items of interest came up.

One was a poll, posted by a Pro Israeli Facebook group, where it stated that 32% of Palestinians supported the Itamar massacre of the Fogel family. (In case you missed the story) The other was a Facebook question where the question was posed what would be the next big Industry? Jew Burning was one of the options. Two people, last I checked, voted for that option.

Now the numbers aren’t important…really they aren’t.

But what is important is there are people, no matter how small the minority in the overall population, who would do these heinous acts. Or others…like stabbing pregnant women in their bellies. Or hanging Clarence Thomas, or any number of atrocities both on the individual, and on entire groups, or advocate that this should happen.

What do we do about it? Where do we stand? How do we react?

In this conflict and in conflicts passed, like the conflict with the Native Americans, you hear it all the time. Well what would you do? What would you do if someone was invading your home land and occupying your land and forcing you to do things for them? To live with them? To get out of their way? To submit to random searches? Wouldn’t you fight? At least this is the logic used.

And yes I would, I would fight, I am not at the end of the day, a pacifist. I suppose my philosophy here is the Jedi philosophy.

I hate war, I think when you have gone to war and draw weaponry and violence you lost something in the end. But at the end of the day I will fight if pushed to it. In my own, probably non violent, way.

But the logic here is supposed to shame people into supporting the Palestinian cause, or feel guilty about what we did retroactively to the Native Americans…and we should but we should not be tricked into it.

Yes I would, if I felt it the right thing to do, in my own way, fight those individual forces that I deem to be a threat.

In the Israeli situation, IF I was a Palestinian, and IF I felt that I was being wronged, I would fight the soldiers, or the policemen or the people who are directly oppressing me.

I would not advocate wiping out the Israeli Government, all the Jews, or the state of Israel, I would not want to kill them all. IF these circumstances were to result.

I mean could you just imagine that, if during the American Revolution, had a revolutionary group of militia gone in and massacred an entire, completely innocent, had nothing to do with the Brits, family with children, what would be the reaction to this? What would be your, oh member of the audience, reaction to this situation?

Or what if a Native American tribe moved to wipe out and burn down an entire town half way across the country?

What is morally acceptable?

Any of the situations that I laid out in this blog I do not think are. In fact I can guarantee you that killing innocent non combatants is not morally acceptable.

We must continue to make the moral choices in our own lives. And in our own times. We must continue to stand for good, and against evil.

And if it is ABSOLUTLY NECCESSARY that we fight. Then we fight. If our lives and our very way of life is threatened.

Understanding that this is not a good choice, this may not be the right choice, and we should exhaust every single option before we go down this dark path.

We must stand with the good people of the world, and against the mass murder of the innocent.

What do we do in the Middle East? Just what is the solution to the problems in the Middle East that is going on right now? What, if anything, should be the United States role in the Middle East?

With who and with what and where do we stand? Mubarak, Qaddafi, the Muslim Brotherhood? Or what?

How are we going to stand in the middle east, spiritually, morally, religiously, with our ideals, with our military might? Just what are our options? I have a few but lets just figure things out.

I think a military solution to the problem would be a nightmare, would do no good or limited good and with our budget problems that is kind of nightmare.

And a nightmare of biblical proportions. This is war we are talking about here, one that could easily spiral out of control.

One that could lead to an enormous of loss in American Blood, and treasure.

I would like to think that we could stand with people and have a dialogue and encourage people how to behave rightly…but a lot of people hate us right now over there and we do not have a lot of credibility.

I think that is part of the answer but I just do not know how exactly to do that. To have a dialogue, and to encourage a dialogue, and support those forces within those countries that do want to have a better dialogue like a voice of America or the voice of the Resistance or something of that nature.

I think the best thing right now that the United States to do is to stand with the Middle East spiritually and to provide the moral example.

They may not listen to us and our rhetoric and if we go all Martin Luther King on them, they may not listen and we may even need to engage them if they cannot be convinced through peaceful means. As much as I hate that option it still is one.

But the best that we can do is fix our own country and provide the example, the alternative, where people can point to and try to model themselves with.

And to be with, metaphysically, spiritually, with the people of the Middle East.

Like Israel and even the Moderate Islamic community.

We need to do this because one it is powerful, and two there is little we can do.

And also to combat this with knowledge and illumination. To educate people around the world on the danger they face on radical Islam, and how to combat it and to know it is there. That way hopefully they will go underground, and hide, or we can neutralize them.

The United States does have a fundamental role in determining what happens in the Middle East, but we must be careful and do it delicately in order to do it properly.

I am no racist and nor am I a bigot. I know that there are a lot of good people within the Islamic community around the world.

People that would make good friends, and neighbors, and spouses.

I, in fact, believe this to be true of a majority of people who are Arab or Muslim around the world. I make no real judgments about the group and know that there are good individuals out there, some of them even fighting for freedom and their rights against some of the most oppressive regimes on Earth.

A war is going on though, I believe, for the hearts and souls of the Islamic community. Not just in the Middle East, but in the United States and across the globe.

A war that could determine the outcome of our own war against radical Islam.

People who are scared, desperate, lonely, and in an economic rut can and who are having all their problems blamed on Israel and the West and the United States and the enemies of God.

These people can easily be manipulated, given their situation, and become the exact monsters and the exact evil we are fighting around the world.

And no matter the sins and the mistakes of the United States and Israel, believe me we have our share, we cannot allow ourselves to be destroyed for them.

And we do not deserve to let our entire society pay for our collective sins.

We must defend ourselves and provide a better way.

And right now there is mass murder going in the Middle East as dictators and Governments crack down on the protests and the people. There are people dying right now across the Middle East.

And the unfortunate fact of the matter is it is just as likely to be a member of the moderate community then of the radical community. Especially depending on the country where the killing is taking place.

Especially considering that many of the leaders of the radical community are safe in their palaces, and compounds, and mosques, and caves. Almost immune from death, as the people around them die for the holy cause of Allah.

Even so because of this situation there are many that can become radicalized into becoming a threat.

I do not forgive them for making the choice but I do recognize the threat that they pose if this does become a reality.

Because you know its like a political party, they have a more radical element within them, they launch an agenda that is contrary to the agenda of the people, and many of them get voted out.

But it ends up being the reasonable, more moderate, more willing to listen to the base of the people and all concerns, and respect their laws.

That way even though the party has taken many casualties and has diminished power, in effect, they are more radicalized.

Thus is the threat we face here. I have no doubt that there are wide swaths of people who do want legitimate freedom, why today I read an article about a bunch of women who were protesting their lot in the Muslim world.

But again chaos provides the perfect opportunity to create a more radicalized and more emboldened element.

And this is something that should not happen, and a solution needs to be found.