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When I was writing the notes to this potential blog I had just beaten me Dad in a poker game that we were playing against of each other as I was trying to learn the game, still am.

But how I did it, it pissed him off, he was mad that I did not pay attention to the board and hit a lucky card on the river.

Now I would not have changed anything, I won, and sometimes that is how one plays poker, but I did not consider the option and well I got lucky.

We have to pay attention, to all the options out there that we possibly can. I know this is hard, I know that this is next to impossible to do in today’s world for the individual.

Keeping this in the Poker realm it is hard to keep track of the dozens of factors in the game. Chip Size, position, your fellow players, your cards, everyone else’s theoretical cards, the cards on the board, if you can make a straight, two pair, a full house, or a flush.

Because there was at the time of the hand a lot higher cards on the table that could have broken me, a lot higher options and card possibilities that someone else could have and did have in this situation that would have beaten me until the end.

Though in the end I might have taken the risk anyways, I might have still played the cards anyways, and still had gotten lucky.

So we have to know our options. We have to come to a good understanding, as individuals and as a Liberty Movement, of the possible threats, risks, rewards, and dangers out there in life and what is facing us.

Because the more information we have out there, the better we know how to react and what to do and in what direction to move in as individuals.

To know when to fold em, hold em, and to know when to run like crazy. To know when to call, bet, raise, check, or sweat.

Because if you know the threats, like there is a ten on the board and you have a four, and you could be beaten even if another four comes up.

You can still decide to risk it, to bluff, to see if you can get lucky later and see where the hand goes, but you must not be blind sided.

We have to know where we stand as a country if we can begin to fix things and address the problems and not be blindsided by all the potential threats and stumbling stones of our ideology.

Because if we don’t we can never go forward, and if we don’t and something hits us, it could mean the death of us, but if we go in with eyes open and decide to go in, it could just mean we survive.

And are we really willing to go all in, to risk everything, if we believe that we have the strongest ideological hand?