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Tag Archives: Life and Death

I have been pouring over Facebook recently and two items of interest came up.

One was a poll, posted by a Pro Israeli Facebook group, where it stated that 32% of Palestinians supported the Itamar massacre of the Fogel family. (In case you missed the story) The other was a Facebook question where the question was posed what would be the next big Industry? Jew Burning was one of the options. Two people, last I checked, voted for that option.

Now the numbers aren’t important…really they aren’t.

But what is important is there are people, no matter how small the minority in the overall population, who would do these heinous acts. Or others…like stabbing pregnant women in their bellies. Or hanging Clarence Thomas, or any number of atrocities both on the individual, and on entire groups, or advocate that this should happen.

What do we do about it? Where do we stand? How do we react?

In this conflict and in conflicts passed, like the conflict with the Native Americans, you hear it all the time. Well what would you do? What would you do if someone was invading your home land and occupying your land and forcing you to do things for them? To live with them? To get out of their way? To submit to random searches? Wouldn’t you fight? At least this is the logic used.

And yes I would, I would fight, I am not at the end of the day, a pacifist. I suppose my philosophy here is the Jedi philosophy.

I hate war, I think when you have gone to war and draw weaponry and violence you lost something in the end. But at the end of the day I will fight if pushed to it. In my own, probably non violent, way.

But the logic here is supposed to shame people into supporting the Palestinian cause, or feel guilty about what we did retroactively to the Native Americans…and we should but we should not be tricked into it.

Yes I would, if I felt it the right thing to do, in my own way, fight those individual forces that I deem to be a threat.

In the Israeli situation, IF I was a Palestinian, and IF I felt that I was being wronged, I would fight the soldiers, or the policemen or the people who are directly oppressing me.

I would not advocate wiping out the Israeli Government, all the Jews, or the state of Israel, I would not want to kill them all. IF these circumstances were to result.

I mean could you just imagine that, if during the American Revolution, had a revolutionary group of militia gone in and massacred an entire, completely innocent, had nothing to do with the Brits, family with children, what would be the reaction to this? What would be your, oh member of the audience, reaction to this situation?

Or what if a Native American tribe moved to wipe out and burn down an entire town half way across the country?

What is morally acceptable?

Any of the situations that I laid out in this blog I do not think are. In fact I can guarantee you that killing innocent non combatants is not morally acceptable.

We must continue to make the moral choices in our own lives. And in our own times. We must continue to stand for good, and against evil.

And if it is ABSOLUTLY NECCESSARY that we fight. Then we fight. If our lives and our very way of life is threatened.

Understanding that this is not a good choice, this may not be the right choice, and we should exhaust every single option before we go down this dark path.

We must stand with the good people of the world, and against the mass murder of the innocent.