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With the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death so recent adds a bit of a poignant point of good news to what is otherwise going to be a bleak blog. A blog that was conceived a few weeks ago and needed some time to think on it.

You see we are entering what I believe to be a turning point in World History. With my recent six part series in the Middle East it is becoming increasingly apparent that…well I was right.

Since I wrote that blog…wrote mind you…*sigh and grumbles and wants to hit something…:P* more and more events have become apparent that Israel is still under great threat and very likely Jews everywhere.

A third intifada has been announced against Israel. A page on FB that has been taken down, but keeps on cropping up. Another Gaza flotilla has been announced, with certain Americans participating. And there have been college groups examining the whole situation with Palestine and wondering about the whole thing.

And just today sixteen people, at least count….twenty four…considers Israel the biggest terrorists ever.

Again, very small minority in the world/ face book population but it is there. And it needs to be countered and addressed before growing louder.

And believe me this is not the only thing that is going on, nor is it on this issue, I just do not want to turn this into a wall of links. 😛 You will have to do your own research.

Gas prices continue to increase, Gold continues to go through the roof, and the economy looks like it is in slow down.

We still have a situation developing in Libya, the world continues to be on fire, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking power in Egypt.

And last but not least the Fed recently had its first press conference in.. a while. Basically trying to restore the good name of the Fed.

And meanwhile we just continue on with the same ridiculous policies, and in the meantime, as far as I can tell, attention to this issue has been minimal.

So I think history is going to be made this month. And I thought it would be awesome and sunshine and lollipops. It is my birthday after all.

The net result of this? I am not sure. I suppose we need to make a stand, ask for the help of Divine Providence (though it is Israel…I mean asking for divine providence in this area is a teensy bit redundant) and just continue to draw attention to this issue.

We must be firm in our stance with Israel, their national sovereignty, and their ability to govern themselves without threat of annihilation, and genocide.

We must make that commitment because it is the commitment that we need to make to all people’s, all countries, and all groups.

We were not out to kill all the Germans in Germany, just a small number of radicals that seized control. Nor the Japanese nor the British.

Not anyone.

We can make the choices that is best for us to make right now in order to defend ourselves, and anyone else who is under threat of animation or extermination.

Do we have to get involved militarily?

No but we must stand. As I will, as I continue to do as long as there is a threat to Israel, this country, or anyone else.


What do we do in the Middle East? Just what is the solution to the problems in the Middle East that is going on right now? What, if anything, should be the United States role in the Middle East?

With who and with what and where do we stand? Mubarak, Qaddafi, the Muslim Brotherhood? Or what?

How are we going to stand in the middle east, spiritually, morally, religiously, with our ideals, with our military might? Just what are our options? I have a few but lets just figure things out.

I think a military solution to the problem would be a nightmare, would do no good or limited good and with our budget problems that is kind of nightmare.

And a nightmare of biblical proportions. This is war we are talking about here, one that could easily spiral out of control.

One that could lead to an enormous of loss in American Blood, and treasure.

I would like to think that we could stand with people and have a dialogue and encourage people how to behave rightly…but a lot of people hate us right now over there and we do not have a lot of credibility.

I think that is part of the answer but I just do not know how exactly to do that. To have a dialogue, and to encourage a dialogue, and support those forces within those countries that do want to have a better dialogue like a voice of America or the voice of the Resistance or something of that nature.

I think the best thing right now that the United States to do is to stand with the Middle East spiritually and to provide the moral example.

They may not listen to us and our rhetoric and if we go all Martin Luther King on them, they may not listen and we may even need to engage them if they cannot be convinced through peaceful means. As much as I hate that option it still is one.

But the best that we can do is fix our own country and provide the example, the alternative, where people can point to and try to model themselves with.

And to be with, metaphysically, spiritually, with the people of the Middle East.

Like Israel and even the Moderate Islamic community.

We need to do this because one it is powerful, and two there is little we can do.

And also to combat this with knowledge and illumination. To educate people around the world on the danger they face on radical Islam, and how to combat it and to know it is there. That way hopefully they will go underground, and hide, or we can neutralize them.

The United States does have a fundamental role in determining what happens in the Middle East, but we must be careful and do it delicately in order to do it properly.

I believe Iraq is one of the most important countries in the world right now, probably the second or third most important country in the Middle East.

It provides for a study and a contrast and is worth paying attention to. Because, IDK if it’s just me or not but there seems to be a news and information black out from Iraq. (more on that later) I hardly hear it mentioned anymore except in the most general and glossed over terms.

And a country that could determine the fate of the world (more on that later) I find this puzzling and disturbing.

If anyone does have any information on what is going on within Iraq and stuff I would be curious to see it.

Now why is Iraq important?

First and foremost it is a buffer, a buffer between Iran and a majority of the Middle East. It can provide a literal land gap between most of those countries. And has forced Iran to send warships around to the Suez canal to get to Syria. Look at a map of the Middle East sometime.

And more importantly it seems to be, seems to be because of news I have heard and the general lack of news that I have heard from Iraq, a buffer of stability in a realm of chaos.

Things have seemingly quieted down in Iraq for the most part, though there is still some violence and stuff going on. (Story )

Second it can provide an example of a more proper democracy, versus the bad one, or the idea of a proper Republic against a Democracy. Granted Iraq has a long way to go in this regard…but then so does Egypt.

Depending on what you believe, or what channels you watch, Iraq could be the home of the Anti Christ or any number of evils and centers of great prophecy and stuff.

But regardless they have a choice right now. To be the best of humanity probably since 1776 and to be a shining beacon of freedom and liberty in the world. Or to be the greatest darkness that has been unleashed on humanity in a while.

They have a choice to make as does everyone else but they have a choice to make. Because I do believe so goes Iraq, so goes the world.

I am no racist and nor am I a bigot. I know that there are a lot of good people within the Islamic community around the world.

People that would make good friends, and neighbors, and spouses.

I, in fact, believe this to be true of a majority of people who are Arab or Muslim around the world. I make no real judgments about the group and know that there are good individuals out there, some of them even fighting for freedom and their rights against some of the most oppressive regimes on Earth.

A war is going on though, I believe, for the hearts and souls of the Islamic community. Not just in the Middle East, but in the United States and across the globe.

A war that could determine the outcome of our own war against radical Islam.

People who are scared, desperate, lonely, and in an economic rut can and who are having all their problems blamed on Israel and the West and the United States and the enemies of God.

These people can easily be manipulated, given their situation, and become the exact monsters and the exact evil we are fighting around the world.

And no matter the sins and the mistakes of the United States and Israel, believe me we have our share, we cannot allow ourselves to be destroyed for them.

And we do not deserve to let our entire society pay for our collective sins.

We must defend ourselves and provide a better way.

And right now there is mass murder going in the Middle East as dictators and Governments crack down on the protests and the people. There are people dying right now across the Middle East.

And the unfortunate fact of the matter is it is just as likely to be a member of the moderate community then of the radical community. Especially depending on the country where the killing is taking place.

Especially considering that many of the leaders of the radical community are safe in their palaces, and compounds, and mosques, and caves. Almost immune from death, as the people around them die for the holy cause of Allah.

Even so because of this situation there are many that can become radicalized into becoming a threat.

I do not forgive them for making the choice but I do recognize the threat that they pose if this does become a reality.

Because you know its like a political party, they have a more radical element within them, they launch an agenda that is contrary to the agenda of the people, and many of them get voted out.

But it ends up being the reasonable, more moderate, more willing to listen to the base of the people and all concerns, and respect their laws.

That way even though the party has taken many casualties and has diminished power, in effect, they are more radicalized.

Thus is the threat we face here. I have no doubt that there are wide swaths of people who do want legitimate freedom, why today I read an article about a bunch of women who were protesting their lot in the Muslim world.

But again chaos provides the perfect opportunity to create a more radicalized and more emboldened element.

And this is something that should not happen, and a solution needs to be found.

Many people in this country, and around the world, are seemingly seeing up what has happened in Egypt and what is currently going on throughout much of North Africa and the Middle East as the rise of a freedom movement.

That these revolutions will lead to the bringing of the ‘Arab world’ into modern times. That this is their version of 1776.

A time that will help advance human liberties and freedoms and bring that opportunity to people who have not had the chance to experience it for themselves…ever.

But we must honestly ask the question, is it? Is this really advancing human liberty and freedom?

We must honestly look at the situation and evaluate what is going on in order to make a reasonable judgment based on the facts.

You see any revolution or even any society can be divided into two parts: the leaders or the ‘government’ and the people. Again this is pretty basic understanding but it seems to work.

If you have the ideals and objectives of the people and the leadership more or less in cahoots, you can get anything done that you want to. Achieve any societal objective and pass any law and do anything that you want if the people can be…well persuaded, or if they come into it already agreeing with your world view.

This has happened time and time again.

However in any society or population the leadership can manipulate its people and play off their fears, hates, and anger and forge it into any shape.

Or it can be used to forge into something that can be a legitimate force for good as long as patience and reflection are being preached instead of a quick and easy solution and those of hate.

Peace versus violence.

And I do not see it here. Granted I am not on the ground and nor am I especially omnipotent and I do not see all the news and all the angles but for me I have not seen any alternative to the violence and the Jew hate and other aspects of this revolution that causes me concern.

I do not see the Washington’s or Adam’s or Martin Luther King’s.

I do not see the equivalent and a call for peace and love from at least the leadership and even many of the people on the ground in Egypt, and even elsewhere.

Believe me I want to and its not like I do not believe in its existence, I think it probably is there somewhere, but again I have not seen it.

And while it is always possible that they will end up becoming a ‘democracy’ the question becomes which one will they become, a tyrannical one or one that shares more values with the US?

Ultimately it remains to be seen.

But it is incumbent upon us in the United States and as a country to join in the battle field of ideas and try and have a proper dialogue on the battle field of ideas so the Egyptian people can be better equipped to chose.

We need to point at ourselves and what we have done and have an honest conversation, good and bad, and use us for an example of hope again. Us, Israel, and to a certain extent Iraq.

I do not know if we can do this. We have lost a lot of trust in the world and some of it is deserved. We have not always been perfect angels and the Egyptians and much of the Middle East to not view us favorably.

Andd we also face a huge budget and morality crisis here at home which lessons our moral and practical ability to do anything in these trouble spots.

But yet we have to try and we have to try to do something. Maybe not directly to Egypt or the Middle east but if we can again become a positively recognized beacon of light and an alternative to the chaos and insanity that is spreading across the world it could only be a good thing.

Lets show these tyrants, dictators, and madmen what freedom looks like.

Over the past couple of months and weeks I have been paying great attention to what is going on in the Middle East. Blogging about it slowly in the weeks covering many topics in that time from what I think they should do, to what we should do, to ideas on the Caliphate.

But it has occurred to me that this may not be enough. That the issues are too wide and too severe. And even though this crisis may take months, or years, to develop, it is happening now and the earlier I get this out, well hopefully more people will read about it and think about it.

And I cannot wait, there is just too much at stake. I was originally thinking, and a friend of mine even said, that why don’t you do this over a period of six weeks?

Well who knows what will happen in six weeks I have to get it out now.

So over the next six days from here I will be writing a six part blog about all the stuff that I think that is happening in the middle east and what lessons can be learned.

Aside from economics. You can hear those anywhere and personally those may yet be able to wait…but suffice it to say those are bad.

So Part One:

I think as with many things the answer to the puzzle of what is going can be found in Star Wars, and more specifically the Galactic Emperor.

Because that is really what is going on in the Middle East.

The fundamental fact of life here and the fact of many philosophers and poets and entire novels, television shows, movies, and songs is that evil feeds off of chaos.

It simply lives off of and feeds off the chaos and chaotic situations.

Evil cannot live with stability, the light of truth, and a healthy conversation of events and principles.

It needs chaos.

As in the case of Palpetine and the fall of the Republic and the Rise of the Empire he created his own chaos.

He manipulated the events and started the Clone Wars. The Clone Wars created and started a highly traumatic event in that galaxy, in that universe, which created a situation of great chaos.

In the real world the Middle East, Europe, and even the United States has civil unrest to varying degrees. There is great and unyielding chaos in the world. It is a chaotic situation.

Protesters are coming out for Democracy and to over throw the dictators that have been plaguing them or to stick it to the man and throw off their shackles and have a Government that truly matches their ideals.

And they are dying and killing and raping in the streets. They are fighting civil wars and seemingly willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their objectives.

There is much chaos in the world and the world is on the brink.

And the truth of the matter is that any evil, any tyrant, or any emperor can easily manipulate the situation for their own ends. Even if they did not start it they can use it for their own objectives.

Which is what the Emperor in Star Wars did after there was great chaos in the galaxy, he used it to achieve his own objectives and form a Galactic Empire.

And after years of fighting, and after years of chaos, after a war had ripped up the Galaxy the Senators cheered it on.

The elected representatives of thousands of worlds stood up and cheered as their liberty was stripped from them.

And, as far as I know, there was no wide scale and popular uprising on the Republic Member Worlds for years after the formation of the Empire.

So even the people and the citizenry, after years of chaos and war were subdued enough and weak enough where they were willing to accept their new circumstances, their new Liberty stripping, xenophobic, and downright evil new Government.

They were manipulated into excepting their new circumstances.

Well enough that any rebellious movement had to go underground for years.

As what is going on here, in the real world, and in the Middle East.

No matter the situation and no matter the good of people there is always the potential for manipulation.

No matter the attitudes or the goodness of some aspects of the Muslim Population and elements in it there is great potential for manipulation.

When people are beaten down, depressed, hungry, with no economic opportunities and even a repressive and corrupt Governments all the situation needs is some chaos.

A fluid situation to tip the country or region or world into chaos.

And then all they need is a charismatic, intelligent, well spoken leader with a ‘plan’ that can come and manipulate the situation to whatever his specific agenda is.

For good or for evil. He or she can be a beacon of hope, or a beacon of darkness.

And all the Middle East needs is a tyrant or a group of people who can come in and manipulate the anger and the hate of the populace and mold it to their heart’s content.

I want to do this part last because, honestly, I think everything sort of revolves around this in what is going on in the Middle East. It is the most important because right now they have the most to lose, Israel, the Jews around the world, should the worse come to pass. Well maybe except for the Moderate Muslims everywhere.

With the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran, and even others around the world sharing Antisemitism or advocating the destruction of all Jews, and Israel, it is certainly a dangerous time.

(story ), (story), (Story), (story), (Story), (Story), (Story),

The Hamas Charter states in part:

“The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” (related by al-Bukhari and Muslim).


As for the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has said the following things about the Jews (in case you missed it in the group of stories from above):

Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the Jews people who would punish them for their corruption…The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them…Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.


And in part of a statement he has said:

Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.


Now he could just be talking about all the Zionist Jews, so if you disagree with the state of Israel or want to see it blown up today could just be your lucky day!

Of course, if you were a Jew, and you understood history and just what kind of things this rhetoric causes wouldn’t you be concerned? Concerned for your own life, especially given everything else that is happening?

I think I would be.

So it is clear that the Jews are under great threat around the world. Great threat from many angles and that this Muslim uprising in the Middle East might not be so lovable and cuddly.

Again they can make the choice but one must also recognize the threat from some in this community.

So why do I care? Why should we as a people care?

Well I care because it is personal to me. I have had Jewish Friends, I respect and admire greatly certain individuals who are Jewish, and quite frankly I do not want to see them dead. I am sorry but I cannot remove my own personal bias and feelings from this, I cannot help to be worried about the people I care about in the off-chance that this develops into something truly dangerous.

I care because I have a firm grasp on history. I know the darkness and the evil that is usually engulfing the world every time Antisemitism rears its ugly head in any major fashion.

Whether it is the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages, the Inquisition, Anti Antisemitism in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and now currently. Jews remain one of the most persecuted people in world history. And when it is at its height, usually the globe is going through some sort of traumatic event.

And I care, and so should you, because the phrase ‘first they came for the Jew.’ Seems to apply.

Racism and Racial hate seem to know no boundaries of reason. Antisemitism joins it in that.

Because a threat to one race or one group, especially a threat of we will wipe you all out is going to be a threat to all of us. Every single one of us.

Because has it ever occurred to anyone that if and when they go and kill all the Jews that some people who if they look slightly Jewish might be under threat?

How about all those who stand with anyone who is Jewish? Heck or even have the perception there of? Do you think that any radical Islamist or a radical of any group who hates on the Jews is going to simply stop at that? And if anyone stands with the Jews and their lives they may even be under as much of a threat. It always starts with the Jews but, it is a threat to all religions.

And I do not think that individual ideological preferences by certain Jews are going to save you. I do not think that if you are Liberal, or Socialist yourself, or even agree with the Muslim and what they are trying to do is going to save you from the radicals in either one of those groups.

The response probably will be, well you just came into it only to save your life! And thus your head goes rolling away.

But then again maybe if you are a ‘good Jew’ maybe it will. I do not know for sure but I do not think I would call that bet in a Poker game. With such high stakes.

So I will stand with anyone, and I do mean anyone, who is Jewish and is under this threat, either religiously, spiritually, or ethnically. I will even stand with George Soros and Frances Fox Piven. As much as I may disagree, and vehemently on a wide variety of political issues religion and ethnicity is no basis to be used to kill someone.

Especially over the perceived sins of others in that group.

Because this is fundamental: No matter your sins you have a right to your life, and your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness. Unless you break the law and violate others in theirs.

And you have a right as an individual, and as a nation-state.

Egypt has a choice to make. It is the choice for the entire world and for this country to make. Quite simply between the darkness and the light.

It is the same choice for our country and the world.

No matter where in the world there is great tribulation. In the United States, the Middle East, Iran, Europe, China, almost everywhere you can think of we have the choice between these polar extremes.

Though…now that I think about this. Their choice is a lot simpler than ours and most of the world.

They only, right now, have a choice between two opposites. Most of the world has a choice between three choices.

But they have a choice between freedom and slavery. The Egyptian people right now have a choice between freedom, and further slavery, between the darkness and the light. Between love and building a better brighter future for their country, and indeed the world, or letting their hate and anger manipulate them and turn them into something…evil and dangerous.

It’s the same choice that we have to make each and every time, this decision has come up hundreds of times for history, and most of the most notable examples are the wrong choice.

Revolutions, rebellions, and great moments of strife and hardship people have had to make this very same choice.

And there are good and there are great and bad people always there trying to manipulate and point the way forward.

Teachers, guides, politicians, philosophers, pundits, and men of great peace.

Because there is no doubt that Mubarak is an evil man, he is banning things left and right and sending the military, there is no doubt that Egypt has legitimate gripes and that they have every right to try to reset their Government.

I wish they would not do it in this way but they have the right and I think I would be very peeved at them too if they were pulling this stuff on me.

But my fear is that they will make the wrong choice. My fear is they will have the option to seize their own destiny and become a shining beacon of hope for the world and for the Middle East and for Muslims and Jews, and that they will fail.

My fear is that they will be manipulated by outside forces who want their mark and the Egyptian Government to be their Government, and that they will fall to darkness.

My fear is that they will go down the same path like 9 out of ever ten people’s that go down this path, China (repeatedly), Russia, France, and a lot of other places around the world.

Egypt has a choice to make. And their choice may very well point the way for the rest of the world. Our own Government is considering internet Kill Switches (Story), Jordan is facing similar protests and we have many Governments around the world that are facing economic and social problems.

Or we could point to them and say, see, that is who we should be like. And then use that as an excuse to renew our freedom by being provided a real world modern example.

But my fear is they are making the wrong choice, the opposite choice of this. (Story)