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I know it is a bit on the late side, and I do not really want to open up war wounds, but something has occurred to me.

It can be summed up in one term that I told one of my friends: I wonder if that was Rauf’s intention.

It seems like this has been the worse nine eleven since the actual event itself.

You still have the whole truther angle, you have the people who are using this for cheap political points, you have the division and the bickering….

But more importantly we are letting one issue, by a Muslim no less, divide us.

Many in the international community, and in our own country, are quick to condemn any condemnation of the Mosque as being bigoted, evil, wrong…and the third one may be true.

But there is little to no bigotry actually being discussed in this debate.

But, it is proving to be a divisive issue, and for no good reason. The only interest that I have in this debate and in this issue right now is to prove that not everyone is a bigot for disagreeing with the guy and his intentions.

Not necessarily using the Government, not necessarily murdering them or kicking them out of NY, but just disagreeing with him.

I mean I have to wonder what Martin Luther King would do in this situation? A man who was a bridge builder and trying to make a difference.

Granted he had his own stiff opposition to anything he did, he got killed for his advocacy, but I must wonder what would he do in this situation?

Would he continue to move forward knowing that this issue was tearing a nation apart? Meh maybe.

But again, after all of this I have to wonder, was this the Imam’s intention?

I have heard about his peacefulness, of his Sufism, of how he has condemned Hamas…after not condemning Hamas… but I do have to wonder if we have been set up, again.

Because there are so many people out there who are bigoted enough to blame everyone else for Bigotry for not supporting their issues. For not supporting their causes.

Or worse condemning an entire group for the bigotry that is condemned by a few of its radical members.

But at the end, as with most of the divisive issues, this is a distraction.

Sure it is something to be concerned about if we are right about his back ground and if what we fear about his rhetoric is true, but right now there is little, legally, that we can do about it, and we have much more pressing issues from our own Government.

I will not even bother to list all the issues either, that is a long list. :P.

I guess my only advice right here and right now is that we have to remember who we are, as a people, as a nation.

We cannot let this Imam, any international politicos that thinks that we are all a bunch of hate mongers, or ourselves divide us.

You know in a way this is even more important that I am writing this on 9-12 in its own way.

We will be the Key.

I promised way back at the beginning of the year that I would do this, well now I am.

It occurred to me recently that with the push to 8/28 coming up and the time to Restore Honor in this country that this would be the perfect time for this.

Especially since it is also the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech.

I have talked with several people on this subject all year and I have been thinking about this blog, and I realized that I have to do a variation of my previous idea of this blog. Same basic principles and ideas in the blog. But slightly different.

The attitude that seems to be prevalent, at least with the friend that I have talked to most about this subject, is that people get turned off by Racism. That they do not want to participate and how can we assimilate into the American populace when we are all being smeared? Why be loyal to a population that just lumps you in with criminals and hates your guts?

While I understand and sympathize with that position, and it does seem to be the norm (especially for first generation immigrants) there are other ways, better ways.

Especially since when I said as I was younger that I wanted to see all illegal immigrants out of the country, someone said, a friend, does he want us gone?

So part of the problem is perception you see.

I suppose that the best way and the best example to give of the point I am trying to make is in a television show that I watch called the Unit.

One of the main characters in the show related a story about him and his Father, and how they were in the deep south.

His father tried to get him a soda, but it was a Whites Only restaurant. So he had to pay a white woman to do it for him, for his son.

Some white men objected to it, cornered him, had a bus driver close a door on them, and then cornered him with chains and knives.

And as the story goes he gave a good speech to them, about brotherhood and peace and how they are not better than him for what he did, and the whites relented.

But in the end that this was just a story, and the character’s father ended up having to defend him and his son, to the death.

You see you have to provide an example, you have to be better than the people who would perpetrate acts of violence and prejudice of other people if you want to make positive change.

It is only going to escalate the situation, and make you look like the bad guys for any third person viewer, if you get down into the muck with them. But even if you do not and if you are proved right in the end it is still the wrong thing to do. To meet hate with hate and violence with violence.

Given an example of a better future for people. Reclaim the higher ideals of this Republic.

I am not saying to assimilate completely and abandon your entire culture. I am saying that there is a better way.

That even sometimes you have to put up with others racism to be better.

That it is their prejudice and not yours. Just go along with it, if you do nothing wrong you will survive and there is nothing they can do to you. The guilty will be punished.

I mean think of it if Jackie Robinson had struck back what would have been the result? If he got down into the muck and said, well I hate you because you hate me, or that I am better than you. That I am better and I am elite. He provided an example for others to follow.

Same thing with Martin Luther King. He preached a message of peace and tolerance for all man kind. Not just for blacks. But messages on the Republic and its ideals, he gave an example for all people’s of all races to follow.

That it was about the content of the character, that he provided the example, that he would follow the better morals of God and of the Republic.

That is what is required to restore honor because if we must restore honor then we must restore honor within ourselves and give ourselves a chance to breathe.

This has been on my mind a lot lately, with 8/28 coming up…with something that I have been thinking about, and Martin Luther King, and how to fight with love.

On these musings I have thought about a blog and then discounted it and changed it to something that is more blogey and to the point (lets see how that goes 😛 )

Over this past week I saw the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. A great movie about love and loyalty, and believing in yourself to achieve a goal.

It got me thinking about what we are up against, what love does to people.

In Star Wars Love is frowned upon, by the Jedi, and causes people to fall to the Darkside. But in other circles it is looked upon with much regard, by other Jedi, as a liberating and worthwhile endeavor. That you are better for it and you know what you are fighting for.

And then in the television Show Farscape one of the characters proudly declares to the other, You can be more. They would end up being in love.

It causes you to believe in yourself, to push yourself, to know what you are fighting for exactly, and to fight it justly.

It is different than unbridled passion or a love of power.

Because you would not want to see the other person come to harm.

Whether it is a love of country, an ideal, or a woman.

You know exactly what you are fighting for. And if they love you they can complete you, they can push you, and then you can be more complete than you can ever be separately.

And I think that is part of the problem. Too few people actually love these days. They are not for anything, only against them.

Of course most people love but that is not why people fight.

We are suspicious, hateful, fighting against things, and this is a sad fact of life for far too many people.

Lets work to change that, lets work to change the equation and restore honor.

Yes, boycotts.  They tend to be important tools of protest.  Saying that we do not like what your company, your organization, your Government, is doing, so we will take away our business from you and limit our activity.  They are an extreme form of protest.

SB-1070 has been passed recently in Arizona, and with it, have been a slew of Protests and…yes…boycotts.  Boycotts by certain Cities of all economic activities in Arizona, Governors not coming, companies like Arizona Iced Tea….made in New York…are called on as being the tea of fascists.

Now boycotts can be perfectly legitimate forms of protest, and several of them have been pulled off successfully…and for good reason.  The most famous of these is the Montgomery Bus boycott that MLK and Rosa Parks did to combat the policy of a target company, and a specific policy.

Not through Government force, but normal people.

Now the hallmark of a good boycott is two-fold, you need to have a clear target, and a clear reason for going after the target.

That is just not happening here.  I mean sure, if you believe that the bill is a fascist bill then that is a pretty good reason to boycott something and to try to not spend any money in Arizona.

But lets consider that for a second.

The motivation is specific, but the target is not.

The boycotters are willing to protest anything, the Arizona Diamond Backs, any local business, and the tea of fascists.

When none of these people are to be held responsible.  Your quibble is with the Government of Arizona and not its citizenry, though many citizens do support this bill.    (70% in Arizona, and 60% nationally currently.)

But yet you are willing to economically strangle a state for not agreeing with your specific position.  You are willing to completely freeze, and isolate a state, for trying to solve an insane problem.

Gee, California, I hope that Arizona does not return the favor or you could get real thirsty…real fast.

How about instead of trying to coerce someone, through force, that you try to help them out?  Help us to come see the light and lets come to a reasonable solution together.  Boycotts should be the protest of last resort.

I have a friend, a good friend.  He does not agree with me on this issue, we do not quite see eye to eye on education and other issues.  But, he is a friend, I welcome his input and he has made some very good points about the bill.

I still support the bill, that has not wavered, but I do see his points and it is some of the most logical criticisms I have heard against the bill.  And I have problems with the bill, there is room for improvement.

Instead of trying to destroy us, work with us, that is all we beg of you.  That is all I beg of you.

Instead of saying, I will not drink the tea of fascists…from New York, make a commitment to help change, and then if we poor obstinate Arizonans do become a threat, and the bill is not good, then you can boycott all the things you want to boycott.

But there is another thing that I want to bring up to.

Could you imagine the wailing, the moaning, the caterwauling, and the ‘oh how dare they’ if people threatened to boycott the federal Government for the passage of a controversial bill that many have called fascist or Communist.

What if, you know, people started to…secede…over the passage of a simple bill.

What would the people who are boycotting us be saying now?

Last Week,well maybe a little longer.  I came across two points of interest on Facebook.

First was a Facebook post.  Now I do not know if she was doing this, advocated doing this, or was just reporting something she had heard but basically she wanted to tell a specific guy that she was pregnant so she could get abortion money, and then to use it for something totally unrelated.

She was going to lie, maybe, and game the system and do something that is quite probably illegal.  Not to mention immoral.

Have we come so far?

And then on another Facebook page I saw a video, a comedy video, from I think the Jon Stewart show.  But they were likening, and parodying, ‘open carry’ people.   Now they were likening it to the oppression felt by gay people, and that they were oppressed by others who would feel the behavior to be odd.

Now it was funny but I paused to think in the middle of it.  Now towards the end the guy who was doing the parody went into a coffee shop, one or two guns holstered, what I hope was an AR-15, slung over his back.  The people looked at him oddly and he yelled at them, something about him having the right to carry weapons and he was still a person too.

Now this was just a comedy sketch on a comedy show but it still got me thinking because there is an element of truth to this.

We live in the United States of America.  A Country born on the philosophy of being able to defend yourself from invasion, attack, or an over reaching government.  A Nation with that enshrined in its founding documents that we have the right to ‘bear arms.’  That right is now under attack.

The fact of the matter is that if we have the right to do so, then it should hardly be a surprise when people go out into public armed.

Now you can be nervous about it, I sure am…or was when I saw a cop with a firearm, at the same time I found it really neat.  But, that does not change the fact that we have the right, and the responsibility to bear our arms and defend ourselves.

In so much that a Gun Rally in Washington DC was carried out.  People with weapons, some of them loaded, gathered around Washington and Virginia.  No shots were fired and they even wore yellow stickers to proclaim that their guns were safe, and had legal ammunition compliant with the law.  And this is according to the LA Times.

A gun rally, no shots fired.

I will state this, again, Guns being showed out in the open is not a real danger to anyone like the President or anyone else, it is those who try to hide their weapons or sneak around with them concealed are the ones that we should be worried about.   At least more so then the ones in the open.

If this is odd behavior then there is something wrong, and it is not with the people doing it, they are exercising their rights and as far as I know own their weapons.

But this can go out to many areas of our rights, everything from our right to a fair trial, to our right to speech, to almost anything.

Cass Sunstein has advocated that we ban ‘conspiracy theories’.  What is a conspiracy theory? Anything that the Government defines as one?

Conspiracies are speech aren’t they?

And meanwhile we are called racist, violent, homophobic, haters of minorities and children, that we do not want the disabled to have their rights, this that and the other thing.  All for speaking out against a Government that we believe to be out of control.

We are attacked by our Government, said we should thank them, and have boycotts led against people that they perceive as our public figure-head.

Where will this end?  All this has happened before.

Woodrow Wilson threw people in jail for speaking out against his government, the Japanese were interned in Camps during World War 2, McCarthy led a crusade against supposed enemies of the state, and MLK was called crazy for speaking out and his actions caused some in the press to wonder if we were heading for violence.

We all know because of history that did not happen, now MLK is called a hero of peace, and rightfully so.

But the fact remains if we do not use our rights, if we do not constantly excercise them when we think there is something wrong…or just because we can.  Then we will lose them.

Rights are like this nation’s muscles.  Without them we would be nothing and without them being constantly strengthened and improved they will disappear.

And then the people who have let their rights atrophy will be like, oh my gosh where did this happen.  And then they will engage in acts of violence.

Remember, we are not racists, we are not violent,  but we are no longer silent.

We are exercising our rights and giving it all for our freedoms.

On a wide variety of issues.

We must continue to use these rights lest the government decree they are not needed anymore.