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Two events happened to me this past week that led to this. One was a speech by Glenn Beck, the other one was an Anti Islam rant that I saw

I suppose this is just about the Glenn Beck speech really then anything else. (Link)

Because it hit me, as I was listening to it. Hit me so hard that I wept for most of the rest of it. So hard. I think this is one of those things where I have been circling it for a while, but maybe I was focusing on the wrong thing. (More on that in a bit.)

For those of you who do not know your history. The Righteous Among the Nations was a term coined by the Israeli Government slightly after World War 2 given to those brave souls that helped Jews out during the Holocaust. Fed them, clothed them, or provided some small manner of assistance during their time of need.

It has its roots in the term Righteous Gentile who are non Jews who nevertheless ascribe to and follow the Seven Laws of Noah.

(More information here)

It is my intention to create a Modern 21st century version of this to match the current and grave threats that the Jewish people face. In Israel, and around the world.

It is my intention to start off with a Facebook group at first, but I hope that this grows into something much greater.

Whether we are Muslims or Christians or Jews or Atheists we need to gather. For Jews everywhere. Gather to try to encourage a better way.

And not just for the Jews because they are Jews, that is a trap of those who would hate the Jews, but because it is the right thing to do. Because it is necessary for our common humanity.

We should do this no matter if someone is a Muslim, or a Christian, or an Atheist, we should be willing to stand up for them against bigotry and hate no matter what and encourage a better way. God demands it, our common humanity demands it.

But the Jews are under threat by those who want to see them all wiped out for being Jewish.

And this cannot just be about Israel this has to be about Jews everywhere. Because a friend of mine was right, we all have our own problems in our nations and our systems and we cannot constantly be worried about Israel. We have to stand up against evil in our own nations. That is the beauty of this, it’s not about Israel the nation, it’s about the group no matter where they live.

And nor are we supposed to be an attack group. This is not being against something but rather a protection group for something. To be counted and to let people know that we will stand with people. Not attack, not go against and not turn into the very thing that we are trying to fight. Collectivism, bigotry, and evil.

Because this is very important.

This is more important than College, or our own annoyances in our lives, sure we must make our lives secure but we can also strive for this.

Because in the 1930s, I think humanity missed its calling as the Nazis were on the rise. No one was gathering, or they were in small gatherings, you had a few isolated incidents. Like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his gang. But Antisemitism continued to spread and it led to one of the greatest mass butchering of a people in human history.

And then the Righteous Among the Nations came, when they gathered, it was already too late. Sure they saved people, sure they did what they could which under the circumstances was extraordinary, but the darkness had already fallen.

And I don’t think we can afford to wait this time. We must make our stand now, while we still can.

Now this might be presumptuous of me. What can a 21-year-old Kid who barely is getting started in life do?

I am not a dignitary, or a powerful commentator, and I am certainly not a member of the Israeli Government. Who created this honor in the first place and whose honor is rightfully bestowed by them upon…well the Righteous…

And after all there is already Christians United for Israel and Stand with Israel and probably a whole slew of other organizations devoted to the defense of Israel, and hopefully the Jews.

But this is way beyond Israel, yes we must stand with them, but Antisemitism is spreading across the globe.

In Europe, and America, and the Middle East. You have laws being passed against the Jews, or them being under threat, or political cartoons made up against them that are obviously Anti Semitic.

In France you have people moving out of France who are Jewish and heading for Israel to escape what they believe is coming again.

You have politicians pushing for the dividing up of Israel, and then you have others who will use that as an excuse to wipe Israel and the Jews off the map. Wherever they may be. This is my belief anyways.

(Story )

Which is why, my hope anyways, that people will gather and be apart of this group in the many nations. Address the Antisemitism in your own Nations and then try to gather and organize others.

We must be willing to stand for our Jewish neighbors and Friends and Lovers.

Because if we don’t then no one else will. And if we do not now then it will be a lot harder in the future when the darkness is at our doorstep.

And on a final note for those of you who play Mass Effect 2 know that during one of the scenes a character asks Commander Shepard why he is fighting, ‘whether it is for humanity as evidenced by the perfect Ms. Lawson?’

Now you can answer yes, yes you are fighting for her, that she is important to you.

Now on the surface of it this seems like a very selfish answer to the question. That you should be interested in saving all of humanity, you should be selfless right?

People who know me or have read this blog know that this is a very personal issue for me. Some people even know the specifics.

We need to make this issue personal for us. Personal, but not to where we are suffering from a persecution complex. This is about defense of the Jews and we cannot allow our emotions overcome us to where we attack others.

This is not a matter of statistics or numbers, if we deal with this in the millions of people then we will lose perspective. It becomes impersonal, cold, dry, meaningless detached.

We must do this for the people in our lives who we do not want to be killed over their ethnicity, or by what names they call God.