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“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi.

I do not like absolutes. I do not like dealing with them, I do not like thinking about them, and I do not think we can deal with them. I do not like them for solutions, and I do not think that we live in a world that supports them, for good or evil.

We live in a world that seems to be quite hostile to absolutes, even absolutes that seem to be absolutely good.

But yet, I do not think that we strive for anything anymore. Not absolute evil, not absolute good. It certainly seems that way, and probably a lot of people do it, and a lot of people who I think might not do it, do it, so who knows? I could be blowing smoke.

Regardless of that though, who is striving and what we are doing life is about striving. Even if you are just milling about not striving you are striving, or letting others do so on your behalf.

That is the goal in life to often strive, and work, to something that you deem good. Or even letting someone do it on your behalf.

A Government that redistributes wealth, organized religions, almost anything.

But we cannot get to ultimate good, or ultimate evil, by ourselves. Often we need help.

From those around us in the temporal realm, and those entities behind the veil either tempting us or laying down a series of guides and principles that we can live our lives. Either God guiding us, or the other guy tempting us.

We just have to pick the ones that we believe and feel in our essence is right, and then strive for that.

Because those are principles and we often do not live up to them as much as we like to, all we can do is strive towards it.

All we can do is strive for what we believe is right and hope that we are striving in the right direction. Striving to emulate more closely the divine principles as laid down by our Creator.


You know there are a few powerful organized communities in our Civilization right now. The Government, Organized Religion, (Churches, synagogues, Mosques, Temples, etc.), Corporations, Unions, and the Scientific Community. All of these things have enormous power in our lives, and almost all of them have their detractors when it comes to power.

But I want to focus on Corporation, and Unions. Because they are the ones that currently seem to be the most entrenched, their issues seem to be the most related, and an idea of a union was for people to come together and be represented in a Corporation in order to work for better benefits and conditions.

Because it has occurred to me that a lot of the problems with this debate comes with a disconnect. Because it seems like a lot of proponents on the American Left, (Liberals/ Progressives), have a big disconnect between the idea on Unions, and corporations. That one is evil and one is so very good.

Because the idea is, often you hear this, or I have, that corporations are evil because they take money from the Government and get bailouts. That they give money to politicians who then turn around and give them subsidies, or bailouts, or special considerations and the political system is rife with corruption. That politicians are even in the pocket of corporate cronies and just serve their interests and not those of the people. And that they are evil multinationals who have a dangerous and un-American hand in our Government affairs and business. That they can influence our elected officials to act against the best interests of the United States.

And that they are big, and powerful, and very greedy. Looking out for their own special interests,or that of their rich buddies, powerful friends, and shareholders.

But what has never occurred to people is that the same can be said of the Union. Or many of the Unions.

Unions contribute greatly to political causes and individual politicians. (source ) (source)

Have powerful friends and a powerful relationship with the administration. And strong political connections. (Source) (Source) (Source) (Video)

And Unions are right now standing with people around the world to bring about their own political agenda. (Source)

And around the world.

And Andy Stearn has talked about a Global Organization, with offices around the world, and wanting the Workers of the World to Unite. (Video)

I was not sure if I should do this blog at first. I was not sure if I should do it because honestly I cannot read every single member of the left. This might be preaching to the choir and I hope it is. There might be those with the intellectual capacity to realize that their arguments are true for Unions as well.

But I see so many on the left, politicians and regular folk attacking the Corporations, the banks, and the Oil companies. Their profits, their business practices, and their ethics in serving the people with their product.

But almost none of this about unions? When every single thing that is true of one, is true of the other.

I hope I am preaching to the choir here, I hope that members of the left can realize that some unions are playing these games. But the mentality seems to be corporation bad, union good, and anything that MAY threaten the union or PERCEIVES to threaten the union is dangerous, evil, and a threat to all of our rights.

And I will stand with you when that happens and when their rights really are threatened.

But we need to get out of this mentality of Union good, Corporation bad.

There are good corporations, there are bad corporations, there are good unions, there are bad unions. Tragically there seems to be a shocking number of both bad unions and bad corporations.

Those that would seek to undermine our liberty, our freedom, and advocate leading us down a path…either through malice or stupidity…of economic union. Or worse to fundamentally transform the United States, into God only knows what at the end.

I do not think that all unions or their membership is bad, but you have to ask yourself, when they are doing the exact same things that Corporations are doing…and Corporations are bad for doing…then what does this mean?

All I want to do with this blog, and why I think it is important, is to say to anyone who thinks all Corporations are bad and all unions are good or whatever reason to do a double take and reexamine your position. And plant the seed in your head that may make one look at each, as an individual, case by case basis.