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We need political solutions, we need Government to help us distribute our Food and Our Health Care and provide for it because it is the right thing to do, we need Government to save us from ourselves and the insurance companies because we just cannot do these things for ourselves.


We have been abdicating our responsibilities.  Our responsibilities and our freedom.  We have given our power to the Federal Government.

Now why do people take power?

I believe that people’s primary interest is to have power over their own lives, control of their own lives, and the feeling that they can do things on their own.  That is what motivates most people, I believe, to succeed.

That the only way to have power over your own life is to be stronger and more secure in the things that you can do.

Most people are not interested in being an ABUSIVE cop or Military figure, most people are not interested in being a dictator.  People are just interested in being left alone from tyranny and oppression and just running their own lives.

And then when they are strong enough, or as a means of getting strong enough, going out getting a job participating in the economy.  Becoming stronger and stronger until you can do the job.  Then if you are lucky you can become a person who protects, serves, defends, or teaches.  That you are strong enough that you can take responsibility and lead others.

But there is a difference between leadership and control, strength and power.

In elected office or in anything else there comes a tremendous responsibility with it, to lead people.

But it seems like our politicians are using it, not even strong characters in their own right, and then take power over the people.

We have abdicated our responsibilities, whether we have wanted to or not, to this Government.  A little bit here, and a little bit there.  Because we do not think that we are strong enough or what not.

And they keep on taking more and more power and more and more control.  They are not encouraging  us to have any freedom and to be strong in our own right, just rely on them, and they can make all the decisions for us and we can go off and do…I don’t really know what.

Restoring the Republic, restoring our society, and restoring ourselves should be about restoring our strength, restoring our responsibilities, and then exercising our freedoms.


Progressives have a huge problem, at least the ones in our government and the people who support their agenda.  It is a problem about power and the acquisition of it.

It’s primary focus is against the ‘grass roots’ movement of Progressivism, the ground troops, the members of the elite and the Media who want to bring about this change through government, and they are so close to achieving it that they feel that they can feel it.

No matter what anyone else says.

But there is something that the politician knows, the members of our government know, about the situation that is beginning to take shape.

In basic we are at the tipping point, but we have not tipped there yet.

They know that this is still basically the beginning, that they need to not make too many people mad and maintain power until they are fully ready to transform this country.

But yet the ground troops cannot accept that, and they are anxious, and waiting for the government to take ultimate power to help the people.  But many people do not share that opinion.

So, the politicians have promised to go forward with their plans, but they are still trying to please…everyone.

Because not only is it about the grand try to bring about Progressive change and transform the United States, but it is also about their own power.

Because they know that there is no guarantee that any replacement in this political climate will be there and step in line.

And they also think that they are the only ones that can lead us in this future, that it is their way, and no other.

Meanwhile no one understands the resistance to this either.  The Republicans cannot stop this, and no one of our ‘side’ can do it either.  This was their time to shine.  And this frustrates them, they had the greatest chance in 40 years to see this agenda happen, and it’s not being done.

Because of power, and because of the struggles that are going on.

But in the end they know that if they pass healthcare it will be such a victory as to make sure progressive change for the next generation of big government people.  And that is why they are willing to sacrifice their own power to see this passed.

Especially considering there is some other federal job out there waiting for them when they do get thrown out of congress.

Last year, in Honors English, we watched the movie Lagan (Sp?).  And, as a result months later, and during the movie, I realized something.  Something about governments and tyrants and racism, and how there are differences between people.

Now the movie is about a region in India is suffering from a drought, and the local British rulers collect a tax based on an agriculture product that the Indian village is producing.  As a result of this drought, they may not have enough of this ‘Lagan’ in order to successfully pay the tax, so the British ruler of the piece (the antagonist) makes a deal with a local Indian, that if the locals beat the British in a game of cricket, they do not have to pay the tax for three years.  If the Indians lose, then they have to pay triple the tax, and this agreement is on the entire region.  So an increidbly cliched scenario if you ask me.   Well they play their game of Cricket, all the while dancing, and singing, and loving their way to victory.

I realized something about power that day, about what it can do, and how that aspect of it can be used to gain ever-increasing power over societies and people in general.

There is another old saying, I seem to be full of them lately, that you can divide and conquer.  This has everything to do with power, and the gaining of it as far as nation states and societies are concerned.

Dividing and Conquering, by placing everyone in their own individual groups.

Now in this movie there was a strong sense of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ or at least the mentality of that.  That there were British, and there were local Indians, masters and slaves, privileged and those struggling to get by.

This can only be done, in general, for those who take power over others.  By setting up differences; that I am special, you are not, you are my slave.  And that breads racism and sexism and tyranny all around, because we get it in our heads that you are different, unclean, and you resent what we are in the middle of doing.

Only power has the power to divide people up like this.  It has been shown, if everyone could treat each other like equals then there just might not be a lot of this going on at the societal levels.  Maybe at the individual level as well.

Because if we just let one another be there would be no need for this, we could all just go on our merry way without realizing any of the crucial difference.  But when you draw attention to it, and then use it to control people, either that I am different for I am better, or you are different because you are bad, that breads all of these feelings.  Hate, anger, violence, mistrust.

When this is coupled with people who are using this situation to their advantage, it can be used to separate and divide people even more, and to further widen that divide.

By pointing out those differences, constantly, then telling you that the ‘majority’ is against you, be it race or by class, and then saying that I am the only one that can help you.  I can get you what you are owed.

Thus they highlight those difference, and flesh them out into the open, dividing society only into a lot of diverse groups, when our differences should not matter in the least.  And then they use it for ‘vote for me’ and things of that nature, in order to convince the people that they are trying to represent that ‘I am one of you, I can get you what you need’.  Thus, society is drawn into a bunch of groups, no matter who they are, looking for their cut from other groups that they deem to be in charge, that they deem to have power.