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For a while now, for over six months I have been wondering just what is the greatest catch 22 of all time? What is the greatest catch 22 of our time?

Because I think figuring this out is important and bears practical real world necessity.

And I think I have found it. And it has to do with us, and our political opponents.

It has to do with the idea, my idea, of being bridge builders, guides, and teachers to others throughout the generations and through to each other. That we have to make a stand and hopefully lead others to the truth, or at the very least what we consider the truth, or at the very very least that they can consider a new perspective and find the truth on their own.

You see I want to build bridges. From all over the political and religious map. I want to look for the commonalities and the principles and the divine rights and God’s Law. I want to find the truth. We may disagree on the specifics, what rituals to follow, or anything else in the physical material world. And that is fine.

And I want to be a teacher and guide for people. And at least have them consider alternative options.

And no matter what I am, usually, quite willing to let by gons be by gons.

But yet the great catch 22 is that we have a large number of people in this country who do look at my and for many people reading this blog, our, ideology as being potentially dangerous.

Worse they are willing to force their political ideologies on you through the voting booth and through their Governmental preference.

And they do it, partially, because part of their ideology demands it of them.

That they must, they must put their ideology and their beliefs…despite most of them believing in Moral Relativism…into actual political action. Or through real power by voting for politicians who will enact their ideology on the country as a whole.

Whether it is on Abortion, Marriage, war, welfare. Whatever the issue, the Government must be there to regulate it, mandate it, control it, or condone it. As I have pointed out the modern progressive are very happy with the Government in your reproductive organs, or your bedroom, or in your most personal decisions. As long as the agenda is their own.

And if you disagree with them?

You are ignorant, a bandwagon person, willfully blind, or a racist bigot and any other number of things that you are. Often it is some combination of those but not all of them. If you dare to question you are some of those.

I do not think this is the way, I do not advocate or think anything of the kind of this way is the way to go.

But the best way to ‘defeat’ them and their ideology by our ideology, or at least mine, is to not defeat them in the first place.

That we do not use power and coercion, of education, the media, the press, or the Government, to defeat our enemies. That we do not demand that they be destroyed or that only our ideology works.

But their ideology demands of them and makes them deal with us in the collective.

And I have seen often enough that they in small and large ways advocate extreme sanction to use the Government to ensure that we no longer have our piece of Sky.


It has come to me while I have been thinking about various blogs that and things that were coming up and I came to the conclusion before I did my next blog I needed to do this one.

I have been pondering about Government, about the role of Government, and what role that they play. But mainly about the disconnect.

There is a big disconnect between Liberals and Conservatives, Socialists and Libertarians, yadda yadda versus oh my gosh.

The disconnect seems to be over precisely what the definition of Tyranny is.

Liberals and Progressives, those more on the left, are of the political opinion that the Government can do things for you. Can be there for you, can provide things for you and stuff and provide you with a living and to be there in case you should fail, or to actually benefit you.

Libertarians generally think that Government cannot do this for you, or at least should not.

It all comes down to a definition of tyranny and just what we think is a big intrusive Government.

Most people think of Tyranny in terms of red hatted, black booted pistol wielding tyrants.

They think of tyranny in terms of people being thrown into gas chambers, held without trial, or have dogs and fire hoses being turned on them. They think of tyranny in mass graves and firing squads directed because you are a political prisoner, or a different religion, sex, creed, or orientation.

But what it comes down to the Libertarian, and many Conservatives is what political philosophers have said from our founders all the way up to the modern-day.

From Ronald Regan:

“When Government Expands, Liberty Contracts.”

“The Nine Most Dangerous words in the English Language are I am from the Government and I am here to help.”

To Thomas Jefferson:

‎”I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. “

A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government. “

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.”

To Ben Franklin:

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

To John Adams:

“A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”

And I am sure I can find many thousands of others.

That is the essence of tyranny. That is the essence of a radical Government. That is the essence of slavery.

It has occurred to me over and over again something about Government.

Imagine if Jesus, or Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, or God, or John Sheridan ;), was in charge of our Government.

Someone who knows exactly how much everyone needs, that can fairly ‘give’ one persons things to another so it is all fair and balances.

Someone who is Godlike, who is so angelic that they can do anything correctly.

But they are human. They will decay, and in our Government systems force people out eventually.

The quote by Jefferson is the key. The key to all of this.

You see what will happen if someone else gets all that power? A Hitler a Mao or a Stalin? A Government that is big enough to do anything for you, can do anything to you.

I mean the difference is between someone like Jesus, and someone like Hitler. If Jesus did it, it would not be tyranny, Hitler, can use it for any purpose that he wants to put it to.

People see the obvious signs and pictures of Tyranny. The dogs and the gas chambers.

But they do not see the hidden things. The encroachments of our rights on page 432 of a bill. After all we are getting free education! Free health care!

We are being provided for.

In that situation you cannot provide for yourself. You have traded your freedom for your own personal security.

Before we begin let me start with a summary of the events of the last couple of weeks:

There has been a major ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  The stock market had an interesting hiccup to where it lost, and then regained, a thousand points in one day.  There have been riots in the country of Greece over their economic crisis.  The House was considering whether or not to pass a resolution that would make Puerto Rico a State  And in NY a terror plot was stopped and the person responsible was apprehended.

And then Senator Lieberman has, apparently, proposed a bill that will make it so your rights can be void under the suspicion that you are a terrorist.

America, we are in some deep crap.  We are in some serious trouble.  Anyone who reads these blogs I hope can know it, can feel it, there is something wrong.  Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, progressive…well at least the grass-roots kind.  We can all sense that there is something wrong, that Conservatives and Libertarians know…and the readership of this blog…know that there is something wrong, but the rest can just feel it.

The only thing that is different is the ideology, is exactly who is wrong, the eviillll George Bush or the eviiillll Banks or the evviiill Government.

I think if you have read this blog you know where I stand on who to blame, primarily, for most of our Nation’s ills.

And no it’s not just about Obama.

I propose that we have two big problems facing this country right in the here and now.

One is a massive growth in Government, and the ideology that only the Government can take care of you.

Such a massive growth of Government that not even some of the members inside the system can fully understand what is going on.  Wait, that was in the bill?  Well I did not know that.

The second problem is that no one is following their own rules and laws.

This has happened over and over again.

In the Gulf spill BP was given breaks by both the Bush and the Obama administration that led to the spill in the first place.  And then were not allowed to clean up the problem because they did not have the proper equipment in place.

Equipment that a law in 1994 the Government said the Government must use in order to fix this type of problem.

A fire boom to light the oil spill on fire.

They did not have it.

They will hide, and lie, and cheat, and fund the things only they deem to be important.  Though we do need to have serious budget reform.

And no wonder certain members of the rich, certain companies, and certain CEOs go and give money to the government.  Because they know that if you scratch my back I will scratch yours is running rampant.  Both parties do it, politicians from both parties do it.  No wonder we got too big to fail.

Which is another law that we seem to be gleefully violating.

If you are special, you got money, connections, you then can get special compensations.  From the Government.  Or your companies will be taken over and vilified when you do something wrong, regardless of it being your fault or not.

And then, and then, the Government is now removing their rights under the suspicion that you are a terrorist, so you do not have to extend someones Miranda rights, and your rights under the Constitution.

Now first is Mission Creep.  We already know what this Government calls terrorists and considers to be dangerous…tea parties…that’s what.  So if this law gets enacted, and they suspect because of the ‘violent rhetoric’ that is going on that all the tea parties can be held, without charge.  That is an extreme example.

Oh and there was an article of the New York times that says that Congress was wondering what to do with suspected terrorists with guns.

First of all if they are not here in this country legally, or are an enemy combatant then yeah…they should not have guns, and the threat should be neutralised.

But being an American citizen does come with certain privileges and responsibilities.  Certain rights, which while I wish the rest of the world recognized, they do not.

One is due process, and the other is the right to bear arms.  And the principal that is most under threat here is innocent until proven guilty.

I do not care what you are, as long as you are an American Citizen we cannot touch you, unless you got your citizenship under false pretenses.

Or until you are PROVEN to be guilty.  Whether this turns out to be false or not, or the Senate can say, eh we were just kidding, don’t mind us, or this is not what they mean, the mere suggestion of it should send shivers racing down your spine.

We must engage in equal justice under the law, not social justice.

Not, you have money we will take care of you, thanks for your generous campaign contribution.

Not, oh you are down on your luck so we will provide things for you and take from those evil people who are rich, keep you down, and remove your tonsils.

Not different rules for blacks, whites, mexicans, immigrants, men, and women.  That everyone is subject to the rule of law.

We are a Nation of Laws and not of Men.  We have seen the damage that can be done if we become a Nation of men.

Oh those all important questions, those questions that lead one to determine, pretty much everything about you. There are few that are more important than these with what is going on in the political climate as of right now.

If you have listened to the Glenn Beck show his big question is who are you, something he asks during certain shows often.  One of his themes is remembering who we are, as a people, and mentions that theme during the song for his radio show.

In fact he asks it so often that I feel like I am listening to the inquisitor from the show Babylon 5.

While I acknowledge the importance and the vitality of the question, for me the issue should be what do you want.

The reasoning for this is that often people hide what they believe behind ideological labels, whether they do so intentionally, or because they are ignorant of the true tenets of those labels.

Well I am a Progressive but I think the government should stay out of our lives, well I am a Libertarian but I want a universal government-run healthcare system, oh I am a Conservative but I love abortions, and feel the government should provide them, oh I am a liberal but I do not think gays should be allowed to marry.

I know these are generalizations and probably are not always true, but the point is still valid.  That often ideologies do cloud things and get in the way of…well most things.

The more important question to me is: What do you want,  or more specifically what do you want to do to me?

That is the main issue.  What are you, in your belief system, going to do to me, or what are you going to do, on my behalf?

Oh I am a Conservative and I am for a National ID card.  ( 😉 )

Because other than that it does not matter who you are if your ideology does not match, and then you do something contrary to it.

Time and time again politicians have claimed that they are one thing on a campaign trail and then when they get elected change colors and bring out their true ideology.

Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, it does not matter, from a political perspective, at least so it seems for me.

Which is why at the end of the day we must constantly ask the question of what the politicians really want.  What are their real objectives, their real motivations, and what they want to do to us, no matter what they claim they are doing for us.

Otherwise we will be constantly disappointed, and worse.

We must constantly look at the facts as they are put before us.

Over the last week or so I have been hinting at, even going so far to say as I have flipped my political philosophy, that I can no longer consider myself a Conservative one hundred percent.

That is not to say that my ideals are not Conservative, and socially they still are.  That is not to say that any of my opinions have changed, simply because I switched.  And that is not to say that I am now a big government progressive that wants to eat babies and force you to give money to the poor, although charitable donations are part of the backbone of this country.

Recently I have been taking various political quizzes.  Now I do not hold one hundred percent stock in them, as ideology is from the heart and your own observations of the world order, and the results of ideologies that you believe have resulted from them,  yet when something like 6, 7, 8…12, of them say you are one thing, well that tends to indicate that you may in fact lean toward that specific ideology.

Then I did research for this blog, and whether or not I should write this blog the way I want to.   I did some research at, and the Advocates for Self Government.

While I do not agree with all of the positions espoused on the site, and while others make me uncomfortable, there are two things that really attract me to the movement.

That government (especially federal government) should provide for the common defense and ensure that no other citizen, or nation-state, violates our rights.  In its most basic that is all the federal government should do.

Secondly is the conversation about freedom, and liberty, and even though their positions on a variety of issues I consider to be wrong-headed and radical, and needing a lot more thought about them from me, I still admire them that they are willing to discuss about the liberty of individual people.

Also, that they trust people to live their own lives, and do anything with them that they will, without harming other people, to be refreshing.

Now that is not saying that other philosophies do not have this conversation, and do not have valid points to bring to the table.  That is not to say that conservatives lie about wanting a drastically smaller government.

I in fact believe that Conservatives and Libertarians, despite difference on policy, are natural allies.

I used to call myself a ‘Conservative that leaned libertarian’ and joked that ‘I am so Conservative that I am libertarian’.  But that no longer works for me.

On one of those political quizzes, the ‘Enhanced Political Precision Quiz…in 2D’ my dot was well into the libertarian corner, but I got the answer ‘Right leaning freedom lover’.

Never before has an answer on a political quiz made that much sense, or cleared thins up for me.  I am a Libertarian with Conservative leanings, I am pro life, I am against gays marrying, and I have a deep love and respect for local government and the free markets.  But on these opinions I recognize that other people do not share those views and we should allow for their freedom.

So the question boils down to what your individual priorities are, do you believe in the freedom of all to make their own choices, or do you think that their need to be government safe guards?

My answer is, and has always been, to err on the side of freedom.

Now this is a new experience for me.  And there are several positions I will need to take a long hard look at.  Keeping in mind the respect for others freedoms, and respect for other opinions.

I look forward to any help, any debate, or any conversation, from anyone on any political spectrum.

Over the past year…really over the past eight…there has been a growing feeling of unease and discontent with our ruling political elites, and most people believe that change is needed,  no matter who you talk with, no matter what their political stripes.

I think it is time to do something about this.  Because I for one am sick of not doing anything about it.  This blog was step one, and I still believe a good step that I will continue.

But now it seems as though this is no longer enough.

I think in the end what is required is to form a group.  it will be open to anyone who wants to join.

Because I cannot change anything by myself, no man can.

For my generation and future generations.  That we can no longer afford to let the world pass us by.

I invite and urge anyone to join me in this, anyone who has a concern about the future because of what our government and what our power elites are doing to us now.

That we need to think outside of the box to find the right solution.

To this end, on my fiftieth blog posting on WordPress, I am announcing the creation of a political group.

Its name; the game changers.

While this group is tailored especially for the younger generation, and while I consider myself a Conservative, this group is still open to all people from all political stripes and all countries, and all ages to join. Because while this is an American group, and American problems, people from all countries may have similar concerns.

Its goals will be two-fold:

For those of us who are conservative to find ways of explaining our beliefs and our positions and trying to battle the templates and clichés of what the big government elites claim we are.

And for those of us who are not conservative to approach with an open mind, and maybe learn something about a different perspective.

To try to change the debate and make it about issues, and not one’s templates of individuals.

Secondly, its purpose is to debate.  Any issue, any thing, any topic.

If you want a place where you can debate fellow Conservatives or Interested Parties, this will be the place for you.

As long as you approach it with a willingness to learn, and to approach every debate in a civil way.

To find the solutions to our common problems, and find ways to enact these solutions.

Solutions rooted in the Constitution, the American way, and above all freedom.