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Big Government Liberals, statists, progressives, and almost any of the ideologies on the Big Government Left deals in collective terms. In the enlightened and the groups of ideology, and the herd, the dumb people, the people who just do not know better and cannot take care of themselves anyways.

Ideas expressed from Margret Sanger and Edward Bernays to most of our current crop of politicians and academia.

Now, in dealing on individual terms, they do have a point. We all have a little bit of animal in us.

But because of our sentience, because of that divine spark, because of our humanity…or what have you, we can rise past that. We can be higher selves that is capable of doing…great things on many levels. And bad things.

To even sacrifice ourselves for our cause and our agenda, what ever that has to be.

Its like the story that I mentioned in Becoming a Crusader, about us being slaves to our hormones and our instincts.

Well just imagine if we could rise past our instincts, and our hormones, imagine if we can move past our base animal instincts and create a better world and one of freedom and dignity? awesomeness baby!

Because if you treat people like animals, if you treat people like dirt…except for the few college ‘educated’ people that you can ‘save’….then they will act like it. If you divide everyone into their own groups and have one group that is smarter and wiser, well sometimes people believe the negative rhetoric.

If you divide all people into the ‘educated’ and the ‘herd’ the ‘enlightened’ and the ‘unenlightened’ the ranchers and the herd then that is what you will get out of people.

You will get people who do believe in these artificial groups, which may lead to a bigotry hitherto unseen in human history, bigotry based on intelligence. My educated group versus your ignorance.

And you will get people who will believe this. Besides it is easier to act like an animals sometimes. Living by desire and temptation alone, living by getting fed and coddled by our ‘betters’.

But on the other hand if you treat people like divinely gifted humans and with respect and dignity, you may in the end get a better result.


A little while back I had a conversation with someone on one of the sites that I frequent about freedom and how utility prices have gone up markedly when his country tried to privatize them.

I have made reference to this conversation in a previous blog. And he continued on by saying that anyone who wants to cast out the Government want people to starve and die and not get the care they need. That apparently only the Government can do these things.

Now I disagree with this. I do not automatically assume things of those who want to make the Government Smaller, that they are evil and hate mongers and want to see all people die, heck I do not even do this for everyone who wants big Government.

Some of them have legitimate reasons for having the ideology that they have.

The answer to this quandary is, as I have mentioned in the past, that you cannot be Given Freedom.

No power, force, or man, in the universe can give yourself freedom. Only you can do it.

So the alternative to being just simply being handed freedom by others is to restore the individual.

Restore yourself and your thinking.

You see what people do not seem to realize, I will touch upon this much later, is that people just cannot handle freedom after years of slavery.

People, on the left, point to all the time every time a freedom granting measure fails, whether it is tax cuts or any other freedom granting thing, like getting the Government off your back.

And the prices go up and there is much angst and then people just come out of the wood work and says, ah ha! Freedom has failed. It cannot work let’s go back to the Government.

You see it has struck me as very interesting in what is going on right now, and the main difference between our two movements.

Progressives…well they progress. They grow Government slowly through centuries and decades and convince us that we need to join them in a…Big Government dream.

But it seems to me that far too many people on the Freedom side of the scale just expect everyone to be ‘granted’ freedom and then everything to be hunky dorey.

That it is like some sort of weird Greek myth where Gods can be born out of heads of other Gods fully clothed and in battle armor. It’s like John Adams Comments about George Washington in 1776.

People just expect for Freedom to come out fully formed and for us to go on our merry way.

I am sorry but its a gradual process.

We have to teach ourselves and our society how to be free again.

We have to come into freedom again and take responsibility for ourselves.

Because if we expect to have Freedom for ourselves we have to take the responsibility for ourselves to have it. Because personal Freedom comes hand in hand with personal responsibility. I mean its ironic in some ways and in some cases you get more liberty when the Government has enslaved you then in other ways.

Because you do not have to take responsibility for anything. It’s all the Government.

And once we learn how to restore ourselves, if we learn how to take responsibility for ourselves, if we learn how to help one another out then we can make it. It will be for good.

And once we learn how to be individuals then we can deal with ourselves as individuals. We can learn to think in individual terms.

Not in terms of Government or groups or people.

But individuals, one on one.

Our Character, our beliefs, and our ideologies as individuals.

If we can do that, then we might be able to do anything.

If we can learn to do this, then we can restore our community, our society, our culture, our schools, our Government, our Country, and then our World.

We can do it from the bottom up. Not with anyone giving us freedom, but for us to fix it for ourselves that we will not need anything from anyone.

Well at least no faceless Government, no party, or no agency.

That we can do these things for ourselves and then we can help each other.

They will not have to take responsibility for us. They will not have to take power over us. For we will have our freedoms and our responsibility and our power to strive for a better world.

That we can serve our humanity.

We must restore the individual.

I would like to start this Blog off with a note.  I disagree with Glenn Beck.

As with many things it’s a matter of personal taste, I see his basic point on the disagreement.  That there is a new Anarchy versus a new Big Government scale with the Anarchists and the Big Government being in the same basic boat.

I agree with the basic point but in a political climate and a left right spectrum that is so muddied, there is little reason to make it more complicated.

Instead it is one of big Government vs and aligned with the Revolutionaries.  Forces of chaos that still believe their ideology is the best.

Which gives an interesting segue to the actual subject of this blog.

It occurred to me that this debate, one between Agents of Chaos and Agents of Order, should be one that is familiar to any fan of the show Babylon 5.

The Vorlons and the Shadows were two races in that show.  They were assigned to watch over and help guide the younger races.  But they had two diametrically opposed ideologies.  One believed that Chaos was the way to go, through evolution and war was the way to go and the best way to help the universe.  The Vorlons believed in an ordered universe and obedience was the best way to go.

However they both only wanted to see their ideologies prevail in the younger races.

Just like with us right now.

The difference between the Big Government Progressive politicians, and the Revolutionaries is one of style and of how to get there.

One through patience and nudging, and the other through societal shifts, and sometimes violence.  That we need to be dragged to it.

They are both the same, the ends are the same, the goals are the same but in the end their means that they will use are ideologically different.

And as we have seen throughout history sometimes vehemently opposed to one another.

But they all want power, they all want security, they all want to see their way prevail.  And will get there through any means that they will feel will be acceptable.

Meanwhile anyone else who gets in the way, is different, or is a ‘reactionary’ will be pushed to the side and told to get in line and obey.

Even if that means each other.

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” — Ronald Reagan

Something has been bugging me for a while now that I think the above quote by Ronald Reagan explains it.  In this quote Ronald Reagan is talking about politics, how children, or their parents, must get down at the dinner table and talk about relevant issues of the day.

Now, in today’s worlds you have the Progressives, the Liberals, the Socialists, the Statists, and the big Government types trying to make the world a more complicated place.  To confuse and divide the issue.  This might be intentional, or merely a natural by-product from an ever-growing and more insane Government.

Now often, in regards to spending and the economy, radio host Glenn Beck asks does this make sense to you?  Would you do this for your own family?

That is more the point of this blog.

Because in an ever-growing, ever complicated world, we need simplicity in our lives.  In all the moral, political, or philosophical debates that you can have, my goal is to constantly make things simple.  In a world that is more complicated simplicity is what is required.

And I have found the answer.

In order to make things more simple we have to ask what is the best for me?  What would I do?  What would be best for my family and my group?

This can explain everything from Macro Economics, to issues of foreign and international war.  Because it is easy to get lost in the muck and the mire and get confused.  Simply if it works for me, my life, and my family, then why can’t it work for Governments and political institutions?

There are two examples that make this point.

One is the market, the economies.  You only have a set income, no more, no less, to spend on your luxury items and the things you ‘need’ and then one makes choices.

Our Government’s solution is to just keep on spending money, beyond what the tax payers, their income, can provide, beyond what they can make on their own, raising the debt.

But if you did the same, took out and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars for PS3s, a New Car, an RV, and a Big Screen TV, what would be the result?  What would happen to you? Would that be the moral and right thing to do?  Would you even attempt it? How would you do it?  Would you borrow money?  What would be the consequences of these actions?

Then with the Israeli situation, the Israeli intercepting the ‘aid’ flotilla’s’.  Now people have said, well they were in international waters, well the Israeli’s did not have the authority to come and take those ships, that it was an illegal blockade.

All that may be true, and it is easy to get lost in the legality and the complexity of international politics, and if you pay attention at the least the blockade was not illegal.  But that is beside the point.

Imagine if someone was coming up to your house, mysterious package, maybe yelling insults and carrying a pipe?   What would you do in that situation?

Better yet, this is assuming that the person in question is outside their jurisdiction, and you are a peaceful person.  Imagine that you are being pulled over by a cop, you see that its markings are for the next question, but he comes over and says, ma’am, you have been speeding.  What would you do?  Would you pull out a pipe and beat the cop to death who may or may not be there legally, or would you be cooperative, and be peaceful to the officer?  What would you do?  Would you resist?  Or would you say sorry officer, it will not happen again.  All of this presupposes that you have the best intentions and are a peaceful person.

Then it starts at home.  Because once you start asking yourself, how would I react in this situation, what would I do for my own life and my family, then you can know how to react, then you will know what to do, then you will know the proper action to take.

Because it does start at home, if you can teach the proper morality and the proper way to react, then you can begin to fix things.  By teaching proper principles.

Use truth as your anvil and non violence as your hammer.     And anything that does not stand the test when it is brought to the anvil of truth and hammered with non-violence, REJECT IT.


That quote by Gandhi summarizes what I think is needed to take the country back and to win.

Our anvil, much like our Constitution, has had layers and layers built upon it.

Layers of lies, corruption, untruths.  Layers of shouting at one another.  Layers of labels and facts and so much information out there that we really do not know what to spend.  Layers of, in a lot of cases, that really do not matter.  Like labels.

All of these things are keeping us from our understanding of the truth, are keeping us from clearly seeing the truth, there is just so much junk in the way that are obscuring things until sometimes you just feel like screaming.

Or committing acts of brazen violence to ‘fix’ the problem.

That is not what we have to do though, we need non violence.  Of the heart of the mind of the deed and of the action.  I know it is hard.

But, we must not hate the other side no matter what they do to us, just have a constant drum beat, a constant hammering against them, and a constant ability to say that we will stand.  That we are here and we are not going away.

No matter what they do to us.

No matter what they do to us we must hammer away.  We must chip away from all the crap, all the crud, and all the mud on the anvil of truth and on our Constitution.  And the more they complain, and the more they try to stop us, the louder and furious will be our hammering in response.

Until we get to the truth.

“Oh I am going to decrease the deficits this year and their will be no new spending”


“Oh the people should be thanking me for all the good that I have been doing”


“Oh we are going to get serious on immigration reform.”


“Oh this is just astro turf and not really legitimate”


We must prove them wrong constantly in the arena of public opinion, or gang, we will lose.  We must make them force the issue and clearly and articulately discuss issues based on freedom, small government, and liberty.

Because the debate is, I believe, two-fold.

To divide and conquer.

And to make it so anyone in the middle that would think about joining us, would not because of our perception.

Oh we cannot go to these racist tea baggers, just look at them they are fascist and evil, why look they support the Arizona Immigration Law.


They hate blacks, Mexicans, progressives and anyone who is different than them.


Their only way is violence and they will kill or drive out anyone who is different. (Ed. note: How many tea party members have been arrested for violence as opposed to the anti illegal immigration riots, or for that matter property damage.)


Of course they are ecstatic when any Conservative threatens to leave or actually does leave their states or the country….but I digress.

Only with the banging of the hammer and the swinging away of the hammer (and probably some good disinfectant too) can we clear off the anvil of truth, restore it again to its previous form and place of honor, and then with a restored Constitution can we restore the promise of America between her Government and her people.

And if we do not initiate, do not engage in the violent behavior the conservatives are constantly accused of, they will expose themselves.  The Mask will come off and they will take the power once and for all for all the country to see.  And then we have them.

Let violence not be our way, and let us make it clear that anyone who chooses to engage in violence to ‘defend’ in liberty is not on our side but is a threat to our liberty and our very national fabric.

And if there is to be mass violence against us then let it be by a power mad and a power-hungry government who is on its last legs of desperation.

That we have exposed them and this is their last-ditch effort.

Not saying that this will inherently happen but that if it does happen I would much rather the forces of Big Government to be the ones to do it then the forces of liberty.

Because the American People, those still not engaged, and many of those who are, will reject violence.

If we use it we discredit ourselves and our movement, even from the very allies that we will be fighting for and should be fighting with!

And that is the last thing we need is to have a divided front.

We must be strong and we must stand, as one, no matter what they do to us and no matter what the cost.

We all have to be 10, 50, 100 times the people we are now, and go way above and beyond the call of duty because such extraordinary sacrifice have not been asked for its service in a long time.  Except for perhaps by the Military, and not the common citizen.  From all stripes and all walks of life.

Far gone is the time when the average American citizen can sit on the sideline, disengaged, and lament that he or she does not have time, the problem is too big, or how can my one voice matter. If you think like this and do nothing, I fear the country is already lost.

Ed. Note (If you are over 40 you can remember a time when the system worked as intended, although the erosion had begun. If under 40 talk to someone that is to learn what we have lost. The current erosion of freedom and our way of life is much more important to you under 40’s. It is your future that is being stolen, your future being buried under a mountain of debt, that your grandchildren will be paying for.)

Which is why I am announcing my first quasi contest for this blog post.

For all you people out there that are You-tubers, Beck fans, or can watch his show to find this out.

I want a video made.  A video made of just the sound that he makes every time he whacks the anvil of truth with the hammer of non violence.

It can be with clips, or just blank, I do not especially care.  Clips can be of modern politicians, past philosophers, heroes, or great men, news clippings, anything that can do with the anvil of truth, or things that really need some hammering.

Post any questions or the video themselves to the comments section, I will choose the best one at the end of the month.  Well try my best lol.

I do hope to see them.

Mission Creep:  Its one of the most destructive ideas known to Modern Government.  It has been what has taken a simple health care plan and turned it into a boondoggle, what transforms small governments into large ones, and what has turned a card used to get benefits that you ‘deserve’ at the end of your retirement into one that is used for almost everything in this country.

It is what takes away our rights, slowly and surely, after the paradigm changes, and then they come out in great leaps and bounds, taking more of our rights away, and then slowly, surely, coming up with new ways to add onto what they have done.

Liberals and Progressives, over the last century or so, have done this.

We keep on ‘defeating’ them, but their legacies remain.  The fed, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the expansion of some of these programs.  And then the UN.

Each time, we fight, we shout out in one loud voice, we defeat them in part, and drive them back.

But they ram more things down us, things to keep us busy, just things, and unjust things.  Whether it is war, economic woes, jobs, or immigration.  And then we get used to it.

Ronald Regan once said:

No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!

This strikes to the heart of the matter.  For no matter what, even if we defeat them, their programs tend to last long after they are dead.

And we cannot fight them because we have, in the past, always gone back to bed until they try it again and the next wave of corruption and take over of liberty begins.

Then we wake up, and fight, but it gets through anyways, and then we get distracted, and then used to it.

At least this is the way it has been in the past.

Enough I say.

We need to make a stand, and then we need to restore the Republic, to regain our rights and our liberties from this Government.

Examining everything, and questioning with boldness.

First we need to defeat them and their legislation, and then we need to start repealing and pushing back on it.

And we must not let something pass, something that is good, and whole, and pure.  We must not let it pass with a greater evil.  For if it is good it can stand up on its own without being thrown in the muck.  And if it if being passed apart of corrupt legislation with corrupt politicians then the whole thing must be suspect.

If they pass a carrot then we must repeal that too, the whole thing, and then we can start over and having the debate on just what is good for this country.

I love libertarian philosophy, as I have stated in blogs previous, but I think there is a huge problem.

I was on the Nolan Chart ( site earlier today, not in relation to this, but based on some of the comments there is a need for this, and there and the conversation that this blog is a topic, is happening.

It has to do with the insistence on putting everyone else, into groups.

Oh you said something wrong, you are not a libertarian! You do not believe exactly what I do on this issue, oh you are not a libertarian!

This is not helpful, and this strikes me as something that Progressives do.  To worry about what everyone else is believing and not tending to yourself.

With regards to Libertarians and Libertarianism this issue really comes out in foreign policy, and foreign ‘adventures.’

It is almost line by line, on many sites that I have looked at, that the attitude is if you are for a foreign ‘intervention’ then you are not a libertarian.

I believe that there is a right way to fight a war for helping nations to achieve democracy and a wrong way.

It is a valuable conversation to have, in fact there are few more important for this country given the political climate.

But for a segment of the people to not allow anyone in their ‘club’ just because they do not see eye to eye with you one hundred percent is not the right way to go.

Especially when according to the Advocates for Self Government, and the founder of the Libertarian Party itself, David Nolan, the essentials of the Libertarian Movement have nothing to do with foreign policy or wars in foreign lands.

They are:

1. You own yourself.

2. The Right to Self Defense.

3. No ‘criminal possession’ laws.

4. No taxes on Productivity.

5.  A Sound Money System.


So Libertarianism if it had a litmus test this would be it, and it has nothing to do with foreign policy.

In fact that is one of the things that is so beautiful, I think, on Libertarian philosophy;  that it focuses so much on freedom and domestic policy.  Not on Foreign policy.  Domestically is where the Libertarian movement strikes gold.

Because I supported and still support the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but that does not make me any less of a libertarian on domestic issues than anyone else.

Now, there is a conversation to be had for how Foreign Adventures effect domestic policy, spending, deficits, and our standing in the world.

Here  again, that is not the end all be all of Libertarians.

Lets respect others opinions and engage in a conversation of liberty loving people everywhere and come up with the solutions to the problems we face as a people, no matter label, or nit-picking ideology.