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I want to take a chance to leap off the safety tree for a second. And to talk about violent revolutions within the United States of America. *gasp*

First of all I would like to make something very very very clear. I am in no way condoning a violent revolution, a violent overthrow of the US or any Government or Government agency, and nor do I think it is a good idea. No matter what happens in this blog I do not think that revolutions are good things, especially the violent ones.

They are very dangerous things and there is only one result from the initiation of such a Revolution, like what we had in 1776, or 1917, or the French Revolution.

The Republic will fail and our way of life will be over.

But yet despite this very obvious fact and despite all the pain and the misery such a revolution would bring…a lot of people seem to be wanting to do one.

A lot of people seem to be advocating it and wanting it and considering the possibility in more than theoretical terms.

I think its simple.

A long time ago, a couple of weeks…well time is relative. :P…I was watching the Patriot.

And the thought occurred to me towards the end, I think as someones head was being blown apart by a cannon ball or a leg…do we want this to happen?

It was a very sobering feeling watching that movie.

War coming to these shores.

A war of American on American.

Do we really want this to happen?

With modern weapons?

The blood, the horror, the pain, the sacrifice, and the destruction?

Do we really want that?

Especially considering the enemies that this country has made won’t just sit on the sidelines for this theoretical war.

The carrion eaters will just be lying in wait to pick us and our allies dry.

I suppose though the Republic could theoretically survive after the fact.

We could rebuild and reform this nation based on the ideals of the founding or some facsimile.

But if a violent revolution happens it is game over.

It will mean the end of the Republic, and the end of the American experiment. It will mean we have failed as a people.

And when that happens our fate is up in the air. What will happen to the lands of this country and its people is any bodies guess.

One of a million things could happen.

And it is unlikely we will ever get the Republic back again once we go down that path, and many of us will not live to see the outcome.


I have talked about this before in the blogs You Cannot Force Someone to Evolve (Read it here) And in Chaos Versus Order and this is something that Glenn Beck touches on, sort of.

It’s a bit of a running theme.

Something hit me about this though recently, I was having a conversation with my Dad on the couch, about something based on Government. I forget the exact conversation.

But it occurred to me because of what I previously said, and because of what the Weathermen seem to believe and have said in the past.

And it ties into the how the Anarchy can be for a big and different Government.

Throughout history most of the revolutions, rebellions, and political upheavals have just led to another Government. That ‘their’ side has taken over once you have erased the previous structure and replaced.

That they usually want their own version of big Government to come in over the last one and fit the views of the world that they want, to take care of the poor properly and justly, to exercise the right amount of justice for all the people.

That makes the revolution that started this country so unique.

But there in lies the danger. Because there are agents of chaos, and agents of order, agents of anarchy opposed to a system, and agents of order…that sometimes might be for the destruction of the country.

But the problem here is that the political cycle in this light can be viewed as a sphere or a circle, it bends back on itself.

Because if you move the society, the Government, or the Overton Window to where there is no Government, then something must fill that void.

And usually it would have to be the people who just kicked out the last one. And more often than not it is a Government that is just as bad as the one they replaced, there is just no telling when you set down this path.

Which brings us to today. Which brings us to our movement, the tea party, and the current movement over this Government.

Now I do not believe that Conservatives, the Tea Party, and certainly not Libertarians are fascist and evil or are the next Stalin or big Government Nightmare.

And I highly doubt that we will turn into that and we are more in the mold of the founding father’s revolution.

But there is a danger.

And for the regular readership of this blog for those who actually bother to read this blog and comment this is probably preaching to the choir.

You see I have read comments by self-proclaimed people on the right (I say this not to doubt them but just keeping in mind Cass Sunstein.) who said that ‘well too bad he could not have hit you with a car on the way to where he was going, that would have been a connection.’

Now I do not know the context, I do not know if he was joking or not, I do not know him.

But there seems to be a lot of hate in this world, a lot of impure emotions directed at the left, at Progressives, at Liberals, at Socialists, etc.

And while some of it is justified, we cannot go down that path.

We must not become them.

Because if we acknowledge that part of this is cyclical, part of it is a circle that bends on itself we could wake up one day with all the power in the world and a seething hate of those who got us there and then…we will become what we have fought against and it will just go bad.

We need to keep in mind just what we are fighting for. We need to keep our emotions in check and not let them consume them for if we do become the power brokers in this country the last thing we need is another insane policy that just continues on from where the last ones left off.

We must break with the politics of the past and the revolutions and really challenge ourselves to see if this is the right thing to do as we move forward and rebuild our Government. Remembering the hammer of truth.

And the anvil of non violence.

This week I discovered, through the Glenn Beck program, a new movement.  A movement that has the name of a generation.  Specifically the generation leading up to the millennium.

Its called: Generation We.

Now I cannot call myself a member of this movement since I do not support many of it’s  objectives, and a lot of the language.

I am a conservative and a libertarian and cannot consider myself a part of this movement.

However, certain aspects of it require praise, while others deserve my condemnation.

Now in the end I do not care what your issues are.  If you care about the environment and think we are heading for an environmental catastrophe, then all the more power to you.

Go out and invent something clean and efficient that we can all use, and there will be a market for it.

And getting the debt down, restoring America and the American dream, these are noble causes and should be explored to the fullest extent.

But it cannot be a us versus them battle, let us all work together, as Americans, to solve the problems that we face.

And there are right ways and wrong ways of attempting to solve these problems.  If we go in the wrong direction then we will create larger problems than what we have ‘inherited’.

We cannot keep on doing what past generations have done and keep on handing control over to people whose only interest is their own power.

We cannot keep on doing what humanity does during countless generations and revolutions in the past.  We cannot keep on handing power over to people with little difference then the ones they are replacing promising us one thing, and delivering something different than what they have promised.

Just using any crisis to gain more power.

And we cannot take control for ourselves.  We cannot take control over the political landscape and seize power.  That is not the way out.

We cannot allow ourselves to think that taking control is our birthright, that we deserve it, that we are entitled because of what we think we have inherited from previous generations.

We must take responsibility for ourselves, our fortunes, and our lives before we can help anyone else.

Even if we could seize power, we should not.

I do not want that kind of power.

But for us to continue on our path, if we really want to make lasting change for the future, if we as a people want to continue to exist and solve our problems, then we must answer some questions.

And let me say, that Progressivism is not the answer, going back to our founding principles is.

We must decide what we want.

Do we give solutions based in freedom, or oppression?

Do we have financial well-being, or spend  money on everything expedient?   Can we have  our cake and eat it too?

Do we demand what we are ‘owed’ because we have suffered and we have inherited a ‘declining’ society, or do we come together with freedom in mind, ready and willing to do the hard work before us?

Do we fight tooth and nail for what we believe in, for what we believe to be right under the principles of this nations founding, and under the belief in hard work, or do we give in and let other masters tell us what we can and cannot do?

And in light of the events in Texas this past week, in light of everything about Joe Stack and his manifesto:

Do we give into our emotions, do we fall?

Do we say we are owed it, and we are entitled to certain things and we MUST have them?

Do we give into our hate, and decide the only way to solve our problems is with a body count?

Can we find a better way,  can we let go of the things we feel we are entitled to?

Can we begin to strive to repair this great nation peacefully, with respect and solidarity?

Can we fight for the rights of freedom for all, and not just our selfish interests and power?

Can we join the great philosophers of the past, like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Jesus to say, no matter the challenges we face, we can overcome, for this is what we believe?

Can we respect everyone’s belief system, while clearly articulating and living up to our own?

Do we continue to sacrifice our future generations financial stability, and way of life on the altar of political expediency, or do we rise up as americans in one voice and say, enough is enough?

These are only a few of the questions that I believe we must answer.  For this generation, and generations yet to come.

Because our answers to  these questions, and all of the other questions facing us, will determine the fate of generations yet to come.

The choices that we make now, between liberty and tyranny, between prosperity and debt, between freedom and death,  will resonate, far into the future.

As our history,  our mistakes, and our greatness affect our lives today, we need answers to these and other questions as they come up. For if we are to continue as a free people we can no longer to be silent.

And when people look back from a hundred years in the future, we want them to be grateful, grateful that we held the line and kept this country prosperous and free.

There are two forms of really radical tyrannical governments that have shown up throughout human history.

The first one is a more conservative one.  Having nothing to do with the conservatism that I am proudly a part of.  Instead it is a radical, big government conservatism whose objective is to constantly maintain the ‘status quo.’

To use their power for their own ends, needs, and continuing to gain more power, or to maintain their power over the people.

And there are the Progressives tyrannical government.

And this is the one that this blog will be talking about.

This is not a new thing, it has been happening throughout much of the course of human history.

Through the rise of empires, kingdoms, and revolutions.

One group usually is trying to keep its power no matter the cost, and then the peasantry comes along and over throws that government and replaces it with one that is usually just as bad.

The peasants want their change, dammit, and they are willing to give that power to almost anyone just because it is ‘different’ then what came before.

That brings us to today, and what is going on in governments throughout the world.  Remember this struggle is in its latest incarnation.

The progressives of today instead of simply fighting for their rights over the evil king that is keeping them down, they are fighting for their ‘rights’, and all the other people’s rights around the world, then wonder why everyone else does not see the wisdom of their logic.

That if we do not agree with their vision of human rights, we are stupid, wrong, maybe even genetically defective? But at the least backwards and a threat to society.

That the government, in this incarnation of the ideology, is the holder and decider of our rights.  That they think they know what is right and wrong for the people that they represent.

And that the government is an agent of change.

That if there are ‘dissenters’, then they do not matter because they will force their idea of freedom down on us.

You cannot do this, you cannot force freedom or your ideas of freedom on anyone.

Only the people can, and when a majority of people are ready to accept a change, then either through policy or economically it will happen.

However, this could lead to the tyranny of the majority.

So that leaves the only option that people to take is to give people the most controls, and the least government control or interference in our lives.

To have the option to live your life and associate with whoever you wish without interference, as long as it is legal and you are not violating someone else’s freedom.

That even if there is one person that disagrees with the other Three Hundred Million, then that’s alright, his freedoms deserve protecting as much as yours do.

And in the end all Progressive governments are destined to become Evil Conservative tyrannies in the end.