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I know it is a bit on the late side, and I do not really want to open up war wounds, but something has occurred to me.

It can be summed up in one term that I told one of my friends: I wonder if that was Rauf’s intention.

It seems like this has been the worse nine eleven since the actual event itself.

You still have the whole truther angle, you have the people who are using this for cheap political points, you have the division and the bickering….

But more importantly we are letting one issue, by a Muslim no less, divide us.

Many in the international community, and in our own country, are quick to condemn any condemnation of the Mosque as being bigoted, evil, wrong…and the third one may be true.

But there is little to no bigotry actually being discussed in this debate.

But, it is proving to be a divisive issue, and for no good reason. The only interest that I have in this debate and in this issue right now is to prove that not everyone is a bigot for disagreeing with the guy and his intentions.

Not necessarily using the Government, not necessarily murdering them or kicking them out of NY, but just disagreeing with him.

I mean I have to wonder what Martin Luther King would do in this situation? A man who was a bridge builder and trying to make a difference.

Granted he had his own stiff opposition to anything he did, he got killed for his advocacy, but I must wonder what would he do in this situation?

Would he continue to move forward knowing that this issue was tearing a nation apart? Meh maybe.

But again, after all of this I have to wonder, was this the Imam’s intention?

I have heard about his peacefulness, of his Sufism, of how he has condemned Hamas…after not condemning Hamas… but I do have to wonder if we have been set up, again.

Because there are so many people out there who are bigoted enough to blame everyone else for Bigotry for not supporting their issues. For not supporting their causes.

Or worse condemning an entire group for the bigotry that is condemned by a few of its radical members.

But at the end, as with most of the divisive issues, this is a distraction.

Sure it is something to be concerned about if we are right about his back ground and if what we fear about his rhetoric is true, but right now there is little, legally, that we can do about it, and we have much more pressing issues from our own Government.

I will not even bother to list all the issues either, that is a long list. :P.

I guess my only advice right here and right now is that we have to remember who we are, as a people, as a nation.

We cannot let this Imam, any international politicos that thinks that we are all a bunch of hate mongers, or ourselves divide us.

You know in a way this is even more important that I am writing this on 9-12 in its own way.

We will be the Key.