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Its interesting give some of the ‘coincidences’ that happen in day-to-day life that seemingly just prop up when they should not but you have no control or relation to them. It’s also interesting when you insist on broaching this topic than though I have been doing a lot of blogging of the insistence of the individual.

Never the less a case can be made.

I suppose I should make it clear right now for anyone of concern that may think I have lost my mind that it is still about the individual and the individual candidate running for small Government solutions.

No matter the party.

But it occurs to me that, again, we are living in pretty unique and historic times. Time that maybe, just maybe…this time, we can have a small Government revolution in one of the major political parties.

Now it is still about us and fixing our mess, especially if the Government goes away, but we are faced with an opportunity.

A historic opportunity we need now to work political change in one of the two major political parties in this country. This time the Republicans.

And if the roles were reversed, then in theory this could apply just as well to the Dems.

But right now the Republicans, if we want to do it in our current political system, almost have to be that agent of change. Republican and especially the candidates backed by the Tea Party.

And there are indications that groups in this country and people are moving in this direction.

This past week an ad for ‘Mourning in America’ has been released. And the GOP has released their pledge with America. Though I do not know if the people involved with the ad has anything to do with the GOP or not.

Now while it will remain to be seen if a majority of the members of the Republican Party will keep their words, or will have the political opportunity to do so, it is a good start.

From what I have heard and read and seen it is a good start. I have to digest it more in detail later, but its a good…start. Not agreeing with all of it, but it be good.

Now this is not to say that you cannot vote for a Libertarian or other Small Government candidate, in fact you should.

But we are presented with a unique opportunity that only comes up once a decade, but given the critical issues facing our country this just might be the right time and the most unusual of all.

A situation that has not existed since 1993, or 1979, or 1919, or maybe even in the formation of the Republican party in the first place.

A situation that is Reganesque, I know that may be unpopular with some of my fellow Libertarians but I am still a believer.

A situation where we can elect, put into, and encourage people who are, of a small Government Liberty and Freedom minded to go do the right thing.

Again to hopefully give us wiggle room as we address the problems of the nation.

Wow it has been a while since O’Donnell has won the primary and she roused the establishment out of their sleep and into a war of epic.

Well I guess this is the Blog of the week.

O’Donnell, she is the latest interesting political candidate that has come out of what has been a very long and….interesting…political election season. As she has come out of nowhere only days before the election and I go, oh ok, so who are you?

Candidates like Scott Brown (no I have not forgotten you), or Rand Paul, candidates galore.

Over the course of the last week though, mostly in the days immediately after the election, several important lessons and thoughts banged around in my head just waiting for a regurgitation onto a page.

You see I like her. Out of the things that I have heard, and read on her, I like her. She does seem to be a good candidate for her state and right now, if the election were today, I would vote for her.

And perhaps the principle lesson here is that the tea party is trying to do some good and is uprooting Establishment Republicans and putting in smaller Government people. Eight to date.

Despite this though she has done a few things that has caused me concern.

Now this is based on things that I have heard and read and listened to on her and about her, so I am not a personal expert on her or her character.

My two main concerns have to do with her actions, and the reaction to her candidacy by certain people.

Apparently in the past she has gone several years without paying her taxes, and she has called herself a college graduate over several years of not actually being a graduate because she did not complete all of her classes and she had outstanding debts.


You see even though I do not know of her personal life story and how these events unfolded they still leave me concerned.

The principle reason for this is has she learned? Has she grown and is she now following the law?

Because we, as a movement, complain when any Big Government progressive fails to pay their taxes or even has any debts, we make fun of them.

And rightfully so. Even though the law is ridiculous, moronic and evil, it is still the law.

So again has she learned? Has she grown? Has she moved past this?

And this question needs to…needs to…be asked of any other Republican right now.

Republicans like JD Hayworth, Sarah Palin, or John Boehner. If they have supported big Government Big Money, Big Spending programs like TARP, Cap and Trade, and No Child Left Behind and expanding Government control of health care.

And heck this can go for Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and John McCain.

Have they learned? Are they now willing to follow the Constitution and some semblance of the Will of the People? Are they willing to be for small Government, and for Liberty?

The other thing that has occurred to me is that we cannot get into a battle of the ‘Establishment’ versus the Small Government / Libertarian/ Tea Party/ Freedom Lover, ethos. We cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into this paradigm.

True this is where the battle is, but we cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into pure groups.

Here we are trying to break ourselves away from the Democrat and the Republican paradigm and we are so hell-bent into replacing it with this?

What I mean is that we cannot take everything that an ‘establishment’ person says as Gospel and we cannot go to any Tea Party Candidate can do no wrong.

Clearly they can, they both can.

You see Karl Rove, I think he is wrong about several of the things he has said. He was very unfair to O’Donnell and was mostly an idiot, which takes away from his little credibility.

But he did bring up several good points. He has concerns and he has opinions of her candidacy.

I do not think that any of this is crippling, but it is still something that concerns him.

And yet he is the devil for coming out against her. And she? While she can do no wrong and there is apparently absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

We cannot be drawn into this, no one is above scrutiny. This is my advice and my warning.

In this issue and with her candidacy we have to deal with them as individuals. Deal with her, not that she is a Tea Party member, or a Republican, but deal with her. What she has done, and what she will try to do.

And deal with Karl Rove and his issues and positions.

True he is a part of the ‘Establishment’ and was a key member of a very Progressive administration.

But we have to deal with him individually.

Disagree with him, agree with him. But we need this is what we need to do.

On a final note bits on her religion have come up where she will be unelectable because of her theology.

That she is against masturbation and created a group that tried to spread that specific message.

The key issue for me,and any Libertarian…where I think a lot of Libertarians get stuck when people strongly talk about social issues and have strong opinions on them…but the key is what will you do about it.

She said though, that she will follow the Constitution as her guiding star for her positions. That she will follow it rather than her own personal opinions.


Now at first I was like…yeah yeah, that’s not much…all politicians say that, right before twisting the knife.

But then I thought: No they don’t.

We have politicians that mock it, laugh at it, say it does not guide their decisions.

Did you know that Constitution day was last week? I did…but even then I did not ‘celebrate’ I did not do anything. And I did not see one single major conversation about the Constitution or the Founders outside of perhaps Facebook.

Here we are, in a day and age when we hardly talk about the Constitution. Not pillow talk, not between teenagers at lunch counters, we barely think about it. Here she is using it in determining political positions. Or at least she will say so.


I have heard that the Arizona tea party is considering voting for the Democrat over the Republican in the upcoming election. That they’re peeved that the big Progressive Repub John McCain won the primary.

Now I sympathise (I already wasted my vote once I do not think I shall be doing so again.) but I think that there is a different option.

Do not rush head first into the two party manifold. There are others out there.

One of them is David Nolan who is running under the Libertarian banner.

A small Government advocate, inventor of the Nolan Chart, chairman of the Libertarian party, and an advocate for small Government.

While I need to follow my own advice and look at him (and Glassman) closer right now he is the better candidate.

At least give him a look before giving the Democrats, or anyone else that much power.

David Nolan might not be perfect (who is) but you are more likely to get a smaller Government out of it then with either of the two other candidates.

Because if we really are a small Government, independently minded, and if we are to pride our selves on thinking about things and being the wave of the future then we must consider all of our options before we make our decision.

That is all I can say. Give Nolan a chance, I am not sure how many people know of him or know that he is running. I have talked about him before and his comments on Libertarianism was the final pitching point for me.

Let us work to elect people who will be striving to limit Government and get it off our backs wherever possible.

A case has been bought to federal court where two lawyers are representing couples who claim that their constitutional rights are being violated by California Proposition 8.

Marriage is not a right.

But that is hardly the point here, once again this represents something, something that will take blogs to cover, many.  Simply put we are fighting the wrong battle, we should focus our efforts on solving this problem another way.

One that can guarantee freedom because I do not care what you do in your bedroom, or what your deeply held beliefs on the matter are.  But this highlights a failure on our society to find solutions to our problems, now.

As for Harry Reid.

I do not like his comments.

They were certainly racial.

And there is an obvious double standard that exists here between a Democrat and a Republican.

But pointing this out is a dangerous road that we are  on, and unhelpful.

Especially on the part of all Republicans and Conservative commentators, coming out in unison and saying the same thing on this, or nearly so.

At such a crucial moment in this nations history with health care going and everyone having to bring their A game, one hundred percent, getting involved in a he said she said they said finger-pointing contest will not help anyone.  Especially since one day it is likely that the Liberals will find a way to use it against them in the future.

However, that is their right as they are separate and completely different personalities with their own voice and almost no affiliation or obligation to each other.

Finally Scott Brown.

Scott Brown represents a shift in politics.  People are tired and mistrustful of what is going on, and Scott Brown is representative of this fact.  Especially in the regards of the current health care bill that he is raging so much personally against.

I do not dispute that, but there is another angle to this.

It seems in all the, quite aptly named, attack ads run by the Democratic Campaign against Scott Brown, that they are appealing to imagery and just trying to rile up their base convincing them that Brown is evil.

They have shown the images of Republicans in Washington,

Rush Limbaugh,

Right Wing extremists, the tea party movement, that funds Sarah Palin.

And said he is against a woman’s right to choose.

This is the politics of 1984.  That is all I can say of this, all this does is appeal to a base and whip them up into a frenzy so that they fight against what they perceive as a threat.

Using Buzz words to win support of, well people they probably would have anyways.  That is if America really is changing.

They expect these people to represent the face of evil, Emanuel Goldstein to their Big Brother.

Refusing all the while to debate the issues and the facts, and just debate the character.

Though it amused me greatly that when they complained about the right wing extremists, the message was funded by SEIU.

Also, other than the blog I do have something to ask my regular readership.

Distributing these blogs on a day-to-day basis is getting a bit of a hassle for me.  I will still do them if that is what you want.

But I noticed when I was reading Aretoo’s last blog that you can subscribe to e-mail.

So I would like to know, on an individual basis, or by vote, whether you would like me to continue giving you updates, or to go to the e-mail alerts to when I get them.  I would greatly appreciate comments on this in the regular comments on this blog, and I hope to work this out with all of you.