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This is probably going where no blog has gone before, into the annals and depths of….BASEBALL….but I do think that this whole thing can relate to something that is much involved with our society.

Now for those of you who may not follow Baseball…you know who you are….the story is basically goes as follows. Barry Bonds, the rumor is, that he has taken steroids because he has hit a lot of Home Runs. He has done some amazing things. So Bob Costas has, repeatedly, come out and said, well he must have taken steroids! Look at what he has done. Look at all these amazing statistics that he has put up something HAS TO be up!

That is the general gist.

That Bob Costas has openly questioned the legitimacy of his stats, every single one of them.

That they are super human, no one in Baseball has done them before, and this is so far beyond and special than anything has ever done before.

So are we going to assume that anyone who does anything special is a steroid user and a cheater? So what about the greats like Ty Cobb and Hank Aaron.

And this idea, specifically about steroids, seems to be polluting the game despite the game beginning to move past it.

Why Kevin Youkilis is over angry, that is a sign of steroids, why Jose Bautista just hit his fiftieth home run, surely he is using steroids…after all he sucked before!….Oh Troy Troy Tulowitzki is doing things that no short stop has done in history! Why its common sense!

And on and on it goes.

Now Bob Costas can have any opinion that he chooses. I support him fully in that, in fact he could even be right! Barry Bonds’s stats are pretty awesome, you draw your own conclusions.

But at the moment this all remains nothing but opinion, allegations, and innuendo in regards to Barry Bonds. And this remains unproven about what happened, and when it happened.

The perfect solution to this would be to determine through the facts if he was taking steroids, when he was using steroids, and when he was not using steroids, was it an illegal substance at the time, and if it was then strike those specific stats from the record.

But with athletes this happens time and time again. They get accused and blamed for things when there is scant evidence.

The Duke rape case, accused, had their lives apparently ruined in some ways…at least especially at the time…based on evidence and accusations that proved to be false in the end.

Kobe Bryant was ACCUSED of rape and had a long case drawn out against him in Colorado, and was acquitted of all charges. But if you listen to people, and the people working the case, it was such a shame and he got away with it and that the victim had lost out.

We seem to have a rush to judgment in this country when it comes to people and things. And in cases time and time again, in sports, and beyond.

Yes Bob Costas can have his opinions….so does Glenn Beck, and still others.

Again the court of law is what is important here. The Court of what can be proven, and the court of public opinion too. But in so doing keeping in mind the actual facts to draw your opinions and conclusions from.

Because, as it seems to me, Costas did not pass this off as his speculation or Opinion. This is the way it happened, this is common sense, he must have done them look at the numbers!

What he took, and when he took it.

All I see is a Baseball player who hit a lot of home runs.

Yes he might have taken steroids, yes the allegations could be proven to be true, yes you can draw your own opinions from what you have seen and heard.

But it is not yet known.

So whether it is Barrack Obama, Glenn Beck, or Barry Bonds, we need to give each one a fair shake, and honestly look at the facts to draw our opinions from.

If we don’t we do ourselves a dangerous disservice.