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You know there are a few powerful organized communities in our Civilization right now. The Government, Organized Religion, (Churches, synagogues, Mosques, Temples, etc.), Corporations, Unions, and the Scientific Community. All of these things have enormous power in our lives, and almost all of them have their detractors when it comes to power.

But I want to focus on Corporation, and Unions. Because they are the ones that currently seem to be the most entrenched, their issues seem to be the most related, and an idea of a union was for people to come together and be represented in a Corporation in order to work for better benefits and conditions.

Because it has occurred to me that a lot of the problems with this debate comes with a disconnect. Because it seems like a lot of proponents on the American Left, (Liberals/ Progressives), have a big disconnect between the idea on Unions, and corporations. That one is evil and one is so very good.

Because the idea is, often you hear this, or I have, that corporations are evil because they take money from the Government and get bailouts. That they give money to politicians who then turn around and give them subsidies, or bailouts, or special considerations and the political system is rife with corruption. That politicians are even in the pocket of corporate cronies and just serve their interests and not those of the people. And that they are evil multinationals who have a dangerous and un-American hand in our Government affairs and business. That they can influence our elected officials to act against the best interests of the United States.

And that they are big, and powerful, and very greedy. Looking out for their own special interests,or that of their rich buddies, powerful friends, and shareholders.

But what has never occurred to people is that the same can be said of the Union. Or many of the Unions.

Unions contribute greatly to political causes and individual politicians. (source ) (source)

Have powerful friends and a powerful relationship with the administration. And strong political connections. (Source) (Source) (Source) (Video)

And Unions are right now standing with people around the world to bring about their own political agenda. (Source)

And around the world.

And Andy Stearn has talked about a Global Organization, with offices around the world, and wanting the Workers of the World to Unite. (Video)

I was not sure if I should do this blog at first. I was not sure if I should do it because honestly I cannot read every single member of the left. This might be preaching to the choir and I hope it is. There might be those with the intellectual capacity to realize that their arguments are true for Unions as well.

But I see so many on the left, politicians and regular folk attacking the Corporations, the banks, and the Oil companies. Their profits, their business practices, and their ethics in serving the people with their product.

But almost none of this about unions? When every single thing that is true of one, is true of the other.

I hope I am preaching to the choir here, I hope that members of the left can realize that some unions are playing these games. But the mentality seems to be corporation bad, union good, and anything that MAY threaten the union or PERCEIVES to threaten the union is dangerous, evil, and a threat to all of our rights.

And I will stand with you when that happens and when their rights really are threatened.

But we need to get out of this mentality of Union good, Corporation bad.

There are good corporations, there are bad corporations, there are good unions, there are bad unions. Tragically there seems to be a shocking number of both bad unions and bad corporations.

Those that would seek to undermine our liberty, our freedom, and advocate leading us down a path…either through malice or stupidity…of economic union. Or worse to fundamentally transform the United States, into God only knows what at the end.

I do not think that all unions or their membership is bad, but you have to ask yourself, when they are doing the exact same things that Corporations are doing…and Corporations are bad for doing…then what does this mean?

All I want to do with this blog, and why I think it is important, is to say to anyone who thinks all Corporations are bad and all unions are good or whatever reason to do a double take and reexamine your position. And plant the seed in your head that may make one look at each, as an individual, case by case basis.


What do we do in the Middle East? Just what is the solution to the problems in the Middle East that is going on right now? What, if anything, should be the United States role in the Middle East?

With who and with what and where do we stand? Mubarak, Qaddafi, the Muslim Brotherhood? Or what?

How are we going to stand in the middle east, spiritually, morally, religiously, with our ideals, with our military might? Just what are our options? I have a few but lets just figure things out.

I think a military solution to the problem would be a nightmare, would do no good or limited good and with our budget problems that is kind of nightmare.

And a nightmare of biblical proportions. This is war we are talking about here, one that could easily spiral out of control.

One that could lead to an enormous of loss in American Blood, and treasure.

I would like to think that we could stand with people and have a dialogue and encourage people how to behave rightly…but a lot of people hate us right now over there and we do not have a lot of credibility.

I think that is part of the answer but I just do not know how exactly to do that. To have a dialogue, and to encourage a dialogue, and support those forces within those countries that do want to have a better dialogue like a voice of America or the voice of the Resistance or something of that nature.

I think the best thing right now that the United States to do is to stand with the Middle East spiritually and to provide the moral example.

They may not listen to us and our rhetoric and if we go all Martin Luther King on them, they may not listen and we may even need to engage them if they cannot be convinced through peaceful means. As much as I hate that option it still is one.

But the best that we can do is fix our own country and provide the example, the alternative, where people can point to and try to model themselves with.

And to be with, metaphysically, spiritually, with the people of the Middle East.

Like Israel and even the Moderate Islamic community.

We need to do this because one it is powerful, and two there is little we can do.

And also to combat this with knowledge and illumination. To educate people around the world on the danger they face on radical Islam, and how to combat it and to know it is there. That way hopefully they will go underground, and hide, or we can neutralize them.

The United States does have a fundamental role in determining what happens in the Middle East, but we must be careful and do it delicately in order to do it properly.

I am no racist and nor am I a bigot. I know that there are a lot of good people within the Islamic community around the world.

People that would make good friends, and neighbors, and spouses.

I, in fact, believe this to be true of a majority of people who are Arab or Muslim around the world. I make no real judgments about the group and know that there are good individuals out there, some of them even fighting for freedom and their rights against some of the most oppressive regimes on Earth.

A war is going on though, I believe, for the hearts and souls of the Islamic community. Not just in the Middle East, but in the United States and across the globe.

A war that could determine the outcome of our own war against radical Islam.

People who are scared, desperate, lonely, and in an economic rut can and who are having all their problems blamed on Israel and the West and the United States and the enemies of God.

These people can easily be manipulated, given their situation, and become the exact monsters and the exact evil we are fighting around the world.

And no matter the sins and the mistakes of the United States and Israel, believe me we have our share, we cannot allow ourselves to be destroyed for them.

And we do not deserve to let our entire society pay for our collective sins.

We must defend ourselves and provide a better way.

And right now there is mass murder going in the Middle East as dictators and Governments crack down on the protests and the people. There are people dying right now across the Middle East.

And the unfortunate fact of the matter is it is just as likely to be a member of the moderate community then of the radical community. Especially depending on the country where the killing is taking place.

Especially considering that many of the leaders of the radical community are safe in their palaces, and compounds, and mosques, and caves. Almost immune from death, as the people around them die for the holy cause of Allah.

Even so because of this situation there are many that can become radicalized into becoming a threat.

I do not forgive them for making the choice but I do recognize the threat that they pose if this does become a reality.

Because you know its like a political party, they have a more radical element within them, they launch an agenda that is contrary to the agenda of the people, and many of them get voted out.

But it ends up being the reasonable, more moderate, more willing to listen to the base of the people and all concerns, and respect their laws.

That way even though the party has taken many casualties and has diminished power, in effect, they are more radicalized.

Thus is the threat we face here. I have no doubt that there are wide swaths of people who do want legitimate freedom, why today I read an article about a bunch of women who were protesting their lot in the Muslim world.

But again chaos provides the perfect opportunity to create a more radicalized and more emboldened element.

And this is something that should not happen, and a solution needs to be found.

In my time of debating a lot of foreigners and people who are not US citizens through the internet something comes up again and again and again.

The idea that, well our laws are better, the foreign laws and that we should look to Europe for Cap and Trade, gun restrictions, or Health Care, are the three most popular.

That our laws are perfect and good and honest and descent, they can save you and that we have such a long life span, such a low murder rate, and why people do not go broke doing health care.

After all you love Israel so much, why can’t you follow their example and their good laws and Government this and that?

In thinking about these arguments and this argument in regards I have come up with four, relatively simple steps, to determine if a law that is foreign in nature or a law that does not originate inside the United States will work for our country.

These steps also work for any law in general and is a good rule of thumb, but they specifically are designed to work for laws that come from over seas and laws that we can mold for use here in the United States.

One: Does the program or law in question limit or stifle human freedom? Does the program make human liberty and freedom impractical?

Many people say that the Scandinavian, or the British or the Canadian health care system has a private option and provides private insurance.

Is it practical or viable?

Is it vibrant and free and truly a meaningful option that people can go to be truly free?

What laws and restrictions could exist where the Government encourages or forces people into the Socialist liberty stripping system?

Two: Is it Fiscally sane?

Will running this specific program break the bank?

Will it jeopardize the financial security of the United States and risk causing the country to collapse economically?

Three: Does it match the moral, societal, and cultural objectives and norms of the United States?

Scandinavia, and many other countries that spend large numbers of dollars on social programs, they do not have a large military.

I like having a large military, and how much I might want to shrink it we need one now.

So will these programs put other programs more acceptable to Americans at large in jeopardy? Or those of our defense obligations?

Four: Does it match the legal precedent, codes, or laws of the land of the United States. IE the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.

If the powers that these new laws will create violate established US precedent and the foundations of our moral code, and indeed our society, they should be rejected.

All four of them are equally as important in the long run to determining what laws should and should not get passed.

All four of these steps must be reached and checked off in order to have any law based on foreign legal precedent become law in the United States.

It is very difficult to pass these laws and pass the muster on all these guidelines.

But that is the point. No matter what we are dealing in the realm of Big Governments and tyranny. And any law, ANY law should be nearly impossible to pass.

And if they can match all four requirements, then you likely have a good law that can work in this country, and indeed any other…depending on how you relate to the steps of course. 😛

Egypt has a choice to make. It is the choice for the entire world and for this country to make. Quite simply between the darkness and the light.

It is the same choice for our country and the world.

No matter where in the world there is great tribulation. In the United States, the Middle East, Iran, Europe, China, almost everywhere you can think of we have the choice between these polar extremes.

Though…now that I think about this. Their choice is a lot simpler than ours and most of the world.

They only, right now, have a choice between two opposites. Most of the world has a choice between three choices.

But they have a choice between freedom and slavery. The Egyptian people right now have a choice between freedom, and further slavery, between the darkness and the light. Between love and building a better brighter future for their country, and indeed the world, or letting their hate and anger manipulate them and turn them into something…evil and dangerous.

It’s the same choice that we have to make each and every time, this decision has come up hundreds of times for history, and most of the most notable examples are the wrong choice.

Revolutions, rebellions, and great moments of strife and hardship people have had to make this very same choice.

And there are good and there are great and bad people always there trying to manipulate and point the way forward.

Teachers, guides, politicians, philosophers, pundits, and men of great peace.

Because there is no doubt that Mubarak is an evil man, he is banning things left and right and sending the military, there is no doubt that Egypt has legitimate gripes and that they have every right to try to reset their Government.

I wish they would not do it in this way but they have the right and I think I would be very peeved at them too if they were pulling this stuff on me.

But my fear is that they will make the wrong choice. My fear is they will have the option to seize their own destiny and become a shining beacon of hope for the world and for the Middle East and for Muslims and Jews, and that they will fail.

My fear is that they will be manipulated by outside forces who want their mark and the Egyptian Government to be their Government, and that they will fall to darkness.

My fear is that they will go down the same path like 9 out of ever ten people’s that go down this path, China (repeatedly), Russia, France, and a lot of other places around the world.

Egypt has a choice to make. And their choice may very well point the way for the rest of the world. Our own Government is considering internet Kill Switches (Story), Jordan is facing similar protests and we have many Governments around the world that are facing economic and social problems.

Or we could point to them and say, see, that is who we should be like. And then use that as an excuse to renew our freedom by being provided a real world modern example.

But my fear is they are making the wrong choice, the opposite choice of this. (Story)

I want to take a chance to leap off the safety tree for a second. And to talk about violent revolutions within the United States of America. *gasp*

First of all I would like to make something very very very clear. I am in no way condoning a violent revolution, a violent overthrow of the US or any Government or Government agency, and nor do I think it is a good idea. No matter what happens in this blog I do not think that revolutions are good things, especially the violent ones.

They are very dangerous things and there is only one result from the initiation of such a Revolution, like what we had in 1776, or 1917, or the French Revolution.

The Republic will fail and our way of life will be over.

But yet despite this very obvious fact and despite all the pain and the misery such a revolution would bring…a lot of people seem to be wanting to do one.

A lot of people seem to be advocating it and wanting it and considering the possibility in more than theoretical terms.

I think its simple.

A long time ago, a couple of weeks…well time is relative. :P…I was watching the Patriot.

And the thought occurred to me towards the end, I think as someones head was being blown apart by a cannon ball or a leg…do we want this to happen?

It was a very sobering feeling watching that movie.

War coming to these shores.

A war of American on American.

Do we really want this to happen?

With modern weapons?

The blood, the horror, the pain, the sacrifice, and the destruction?

Do we really want that?

Especially considering the enemies that this country has made won’t just sit on the sidelines for this theoretical war.

The carrion eaters will just be lying in wait to pick us and our allies dry.

I suppose though the Republic could theoretically survive after the fact.

We could rebuild and reform this nation based on the ideals of the founding or some facsimile.

But if a violent revolution happens it is game over.

It will mean the end of the Republic, and the end of the American experiment. It will mean we have failed as a people.

And when that happens our fate is up in the air. What will happen to the lands of this country and its people is any bodies guess.

One of a million things could happen.

And it is unlikely we will ever get the Republic back again once we go down that path, and many of us will not live to see the outcome.

As many people may have heard Israel has opened up another round of peace negotiations.

According to this story from the Blaze, (first time linking a story to the Blaze, the new opinion site from Glenn Beck, squuuuueeee), Israel is willing to divide up neighborhoods in Jerusalem in order to accommodate the Muslim population in the region, and form two separate states in the region.

Now, this is…a very bad idea.

I do not know exactly why it is such a bad idea but it is one.

They should be working on building a future together, as one nation, as one people. They may be able to accomplish so much together, as they can apart.

Plus the terrorists don’t want this, the bad guys do not want this, this is the albatross that they have held over the world.

In Facebook there was an article…an opinion thing…posted by the group “The Truth about Israel’s defensive actions against the flotilla.” posted an issue of what to do about Zionism in academia.

It has occurred to me, with this whole debate, really has a lot to do with the debate that has gone on with issues of divine providence and Manifest Destiny the issue really is the similar.

Does Israel have the fundamental right to survive? Of course it does.

The Prime Minister should do everything to encourage a debate but there is very little other that then he, or anyone else, can legitimately do.

But that is the issue, just what is Zionism?

And just what else can we do?

Should Israel divide itself into two separate nation states?

I think this is a fundamental question.

One that we have gone through in our history of this Nation.

I have been watching a lot of Glenn Beck recently, trying to catch up…I got…a little behind :P. Anyways about the Native Americans…I had no illusions that they were not barbaric but a different and advanced society. I just did not know how advanced, or the significance of it.

I suggest that you find Beck’s Civil Rights Special and watch it for yourself.

It occurred to me just how history would have been different had we united with the Native Americans instead of becoming two separate entities.

What would have happened had we become one?

I mean maybe I am having a slight fantasy or dream here but it would be something.

Granted America in many ways is the story of unification and trying to move beyond differences.

Can we not try the same thing in this instance?

Again this could be a dream and there are parties all across the world that are trying to ensure that this never happens, but I think that this is the key.

Politicians and people all over the world are going to try to tell us that this can never happen. And that what to do about Israel, the Middle East, and Iran is going to be an important issue in the upcoming elections.

We are going to be told various things and posturing from all sides.

I just think that we need to show solidarity. Israel and the Jews have a right to exist like anyone else. I think Sarah Palin has the right idea actually, or similar.

We need to show solidarity with our friends, and our allies.

People of all faiths, persuasions, must come together in support.

We do not need to send ships, missiles, planes, or soldiers there. We do not have to invade.

But we must show the world that any Nation has the fundamental right to survive, to make their own mistake, and their own way in the world.

Because we have made our own mistakes.