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A while ago I was doing a blog about true wealth and just what it means for humans in general to have wealth and to make it.

I want to expand on that and talk about value, the value of things. What it means for something to be valuable, in general, and especially in relation to our dollar.

Our dollar is inflating, our economy is collapsing, we are having to work harder, and longer, or get more money to pay for less things. Why is this? What does it mean? Why is our dollar and our economy getting weaker even though we have a capacity to spend more and more?

Well lets take it back for a second, all the way back. Back to the most simplest of this debate.

Imagine if there was only one dollar in the entire world.

Would that not be valuable? Would that not be a highly sought over commodity? Would it not have a lot of purchasing power? If that was the only dollar in existence, that needed to be used to buy anything, the only currency in the world, why wars would be fought over it, to try to get it and trade it for something of value.

Now multiply that by a hundred, a thousand, a million. Each time you do, the less that one thing can get you. Where now there are more of those things in order to get you stuff so the dollar becomes less and less valuable, and can do less and less with it.

OK that does not work? How about food?

Imagine if there was one apple, and that was the only apple in the world.

It would be worth a lot of money. It would be worth a lot of effort.

It may even be a collectible. Something to put in a cage and admired instead of eating. Something to be revered, a weird fluke, whose value to the owner is immense.

Now you gamers, imagine if there was one XBox, one Wii, and one Play Station 3.

If you liked games and the only way you could play them was to own one of these systems, what would you do to get them? If you were one of the owners what would you accept in trade? How many dollars if you KNEW you had a Wii and someone else wanted one?

And for all those lovers out there.

You love someone, they are unique and special. You value, or mesh in your core personality and your values.

They are valuable, precious, there is not another like them in the entire universe. They are completely individual and completely valuable to you. A treasure. Not to be repeated.

But what if they were to be cloned? In every way?

Would they maybe not lose value to you if there were two of them? Four? Ten? If they lose their uniqueness would you not lose interest? Or would you stay, mine is the genuine article, etc etc?

But what if you did want them both? I mean this is a pretty sweet deal! The woman who I love and treasure was just cloned! Two for the price of one.

Not so fast.

In fact, you would have to work harder for the two of them. To keep them satisfied and happy. You would have to put in more effort to make each of them feel loved, and appreciated, more work, more resources, more effort, less you can do in other areas.

And that is what true value is. It is not the accumulation of stuff, but it is finding the right and proper balance to make the best use of that stuff, and create the wealth.


“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi.

I do not like absolutes. I do not like dealing with them, I do not like thinking about them, and I do not think we can deal with them. I do not like them for solutions, and I do not think that we live in a world that supports them, for good or evil.

We live in a world that seems to be quite hostile to absolutes, even absolutes that seem to be absolutely good.

But yet, I do not think that we strive for anything anymore. Not absolute evil, not absolute good. It certainly seems that way, and probably a lot of people do it, and a lot of people who I think might not do it, do it, so who knows? I could be blowing smoke.

Regardless of that though, who is striving and what we are doing life is about striving. Even if you are just milling about not striving you are striving, or letting others do so on your behalf.

That is the goal in life to often strive, and work, to something that you deem good. Or even letting someone do it on your behalf.

A Government that redistributes wealth, organized religions, almost anything.

But we cannot get to ultimate good, or ultimate evil, by ourselves. Often we need help.

From those around us in the temporal realm, and those entities behind the veil either tempting us or laying down a series of guides and principles that we can live our lives. Either God guiding us, or the other guy tempting us.

We just have to pick the ones that we believe and feel in our essence is right, and then strive for that.

Because those are principles and we often do not live up to them as much as we like to, all we can do is strive towards it.

All we can do is strive for what we believe is right and hope that we are striving in the right direction. Striving to emulate more closely the divine principles as laid down by our Creator.

With conversations on our debt and fiscal responsibility and economic policies I think it is a good time to reflect on exactly what our wealth is.

What is it? What is our wealth? Is it simply the sum of our dollars and the number of money and stuff that we have?

I…really do not think so. I mean sure it is in some way, but I think there is something more, something more philosophical.

I believe our wealth, our true wealth, is what we make and what we do and how we spend our money. It is what we build and what we create and what we want.

It is how we balance out our needs and our wants and help to create something for another person. So that we can get something in return.

Our money, our dollar, is merely a pale reflection a pale shadow of what our true wealth is. What we can do and what we can build and the materials we have.

Long past, I believe, that the days are long past that we must measure our wealth by our dollars and by our ability to go out and get stuff.

It is not about the minimum wages and the amount of money that you get and the amount of stuff you have it is what you do with it. What are you going to do it to satisfy your needs and help build the future?

Because we, and our politicians, are in an ever gathering race to spend more money and we believe that the more money that we have is an inherent good. It is not. That just because we can spend more money or receive more money, through minimum wage, that we are doing something.

But this is a self fulfilling cycle, this is a self feeding cycle that can get so easily get out of control.

We have seen it over and over again with increasing prices and increasing need for the next thing.

Well if that is what you want…

But long past are the days when we must be giving more and more wealth to people.

I have heard it said that the dollar has lost 95% of its value since the Federal Reserve went into effect.

Well instead of doing things in our own lives, and with our politicians, that weaken the dollar we need it to be strengthened.

Instead of 100 dollars can’t something be worth 20 or 30?

If we can do more things with fewer dollars isn’t it worth it?

Will it not be worth it to shift our wealth into what we create instead of the number of these pretty green things we get?

I don’t know, each of us has to make this decision on our own as the individual. But it makes sense to me the more create with the fewer things and the better ideas we have, the better we are as a people.