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Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Occupy Movement that is spreading across the country and even across the world claims they represent ninety-nine percent. They represent the downtrodden, the common man trying to fight against evil corporations and then the Government that ‘colludes’ against them. They claim to represent a wide swath of the American values and the populace.

But the question is, do they? Do they truly represent ninety-nine percent of Americans? Or even the world?

After all they seem to be for things that I can even agree with, no tax cheats! Lets go after the crony capitalists! And lets not forget the Fed! Some of their demands even seem to make a small bit of sense and a lot of reasonable people can get onboard with this movement.

But do they or do they not represent the ninety-nine percent?

I cannot even think of one issue where ninety-nine percent of Americans agree on anything or will stand together on. Even something as simple as ‘murder is bad’ might be equivocated to death.

And ninety-nine percent of what? The poor against the rich? The youth against everyone? Representing different ethnicities over the bad ones? I do not get it.

So can these people represent ninety-nine percent of Americans when it is hard to define exactly what that means?

Does the Antisemitism that we have seen represent the ninety-nine percent of the Population? (Source) (Source),(Source), (Source), (Source),(Source)

Does the blatant disrespect for the law? And other behavior that could be considered Abnormal? (Source), (Source),

There have been allegations and arrests from everything from rape, (source), to trespassing (et all)

Have you seen this from the Tea Party? (source,) How many actual arrests can you point to within the tea party? Does any of this behavior sound like the worse you have seen from the tea party? I would love to know.

Do you hate cops? (Source,)

Are we supposed to hate anyone? Is hate not of the dark side?

Does marching to people’s homes and personally protesting by their personal property sound like a good idea? (source), (Source)

Is that moral? Can you not make the same point somewhere else? Do you have no respect and dignity for anything? I do not think I would protest outside of the house of the worse man in history.

Do you really represent the ninety-nine percent of Americans who are down trodden? What of the Buffet Plan? (source), that Wall Street Protestors apparently support? What of Warren’s son? (source,) Are they not rich? Are they not the one percent or do the one percent make more? Or are they somehow the good guys?

Would you support a movement supported by the Nazi Party of America? (Source) Or how about the Communists? (Same link)

What about oppressive and dictatorial Governments like Iran, (Source), (Source), or China? (Source),

Do you want their support?

What about the calls for transformation? What about the calls for radical Government action against certain individuals and corporations?

Do they represent the ninety-nine percent? Polls don’t think so, in fact they are about a third of that, (Source)

And even if they are furious, is it OK to channel that fury into racism and hate for groups be they the rich or the cops or the Government?

I know it is not fair to judge a group by its membership all the way, but on the other hand how many people and examples does it take? Where are the people crying out and trying to say ‘this is not us’? Who truly are not represented by the Communism, the fascism, or the racism? I know good people are there, reporters and the media have done reports. I know good people can be sucked into this, you are being encouraged to go to the events by your teachers. But what of the evil? Do we ignore it? Do we stand apart? I would not be apart of an organization that supported such vile racism or hate. Of anyone. So what does it say about these people?

Do they represent the ninety-nine percent?

I do not know.

But they do not represent me.