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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Running up to the election Barrack Obama and the Democrats have resurrected the car in the ditch metaphor.

Basically saying that the US is a car, we dropped it into a ditch…well the last administration…and now the Republicans, slurping slushees and just sitting by the side of the road and not being constructive…are now wanting the keys back.

I first heard this metaphor late night on the Michael Savage program…months and months and months and months back. And months.

And that was it, I meant to do a blog about it…but did not obviously for whatever reason. Basically I thought it was absurd and I do not know my points on it.

So that leaves me here attempting to put it back together and make a blog out of it.

I have decided to make this a funny blog since this is near the end of the election season. Make it funny, probably fail, but light-hearted.

I see the whole metaphor as just being a whole mess. Everyone running around the car trying to solve the mess.

You have people who are pushing it, no driving it, into the ditch, you have people trying to pull it or push it out of the ditch…arguing over it. You have a group of people off to the side arguing about inventing a pulley system trying to get the car out of the ditch, but cannot decide on anything, not to mention the group that sees the car nose down in the ditch, and thinks the only way out is to dig a big hole under the front of the car.

You have people who are saying to not read the bill…oops I mean the emergency release car escape instruction manual. And you have people trying to write a new one. Then there are the people who are removing parts from the car and are trying to sell it off for scrap.

Then you have people who are off to the side, saying the ship of state has failed and we need to completely redo the system and abandon the car and find a new car.

Which all this does is create a mess, a noise of communication. Because we are all in the ditch, we are all in the ditch trying to figure out what to do.

But there is just too much confusion.

And we are all in the ditch, the only one that are not are the people who do not think the car was good in the first place and we need a new car!

It’s a mess in other words.

Meh probably not that funny…epic fail in fact.

Happy Halloween everyone, happy election day…. may the Force Be With You.

I have been puzzling about this for a while. Just what should I do to send people off to the polls with.

To tell the complete and honest truth it has been tough staying focused in this election season, because of the things I have done, not done, and just over all. I want to stay focused on the fundamental principles.

But I still wanted to do something.

Now I could give you a long list of regional and local issues and even national issues. Vote for this guy, vote for that guy, go stand over there! But I could also write a novel and make a buck from this…tempting idea but I do not feel like writing a novel…. on this topic.

But it occurs to me to be general, what I need to do is just trust the people but give you the signs, and the principles to go forth and vote. How I see them anyways. Quite presumptuous of me. As they did in the Constitution, the Constitution was a document of principles, not hundred of pages of specifics.

Before we start I think we need to put this election in its proper context. We need context people.

This election is just going to be the start, or a start, of something, of the future.

So that is what you should keep in mind for as you vote. Acknowledging that this is the beginning of a new future. We are not going to change overnight, but we must vote for people who will start the process.

Who cares about the Constitution, cares about making the Government smaller and fitting into a more Constitutional mode. And getting out-of-the-way of the American people as we attempt to fix things.

We must make this a legacy vote. We must begin to work to pass down a better world to our descendants and their descendants.

A world of more freedom, more personal choice, more liberty, more strength, and a world with a greatly reduced debt. One where America is able to trade equally with our allies and friends in both of our mutual interests, and defend ourselves from our enemies.

We need to begin to hand down to our descendants what we were given. It is as I said, we have been given a great legacy and one of the most crucial duties as an American, perhaps the most crucial duty in America, is to give them what we were given.

And a chance to make it better.

And a chance to be strong from their enemies, and their challenges, to be stronger so they can deal with their challenges.

When you go to the ballot box you are not voting for a moment in time, or a light and transient cause, or a quick fix so we can just generally go about our lives.

We are voting for the future. We are voting for our future. We are voting to make a statement and to begin to heal the wounds and smooth out this nation.

Because, as pointed out in their ridiculous ad, they will judge us. And what we do here will ripple into the future for time untold.

And long after we are dead people will sit and wonder what we did, and they will sit in judgment.

The judgment of the choices that we make here. Not just at the ballot box, but through to the future.


Recently Christine O’Donnell was grilled over the separation of Church and State (and other topics but lets just focus on that one.) In a debate with her opponent in her local race.

Now first off, because I was going to do a blog on this subject but alas I am unable to…I like her. A lot. Which is saying something in today’s political climate and how often we have burned. But right now she seems to be a straight shooter and someone who is very brave.

Challenging someone in what is in essence, their home turf, being mocked and ridiculed but yet sticking to her guns.

Now from the video there are two ways you can look at her reactions.

One…that she was stupid and did not know what she was talking about, and was ‘surprised’ that the separation of Church and State even existed in the Constitution.

This is the obvious opinion of the students, mocking and ridiculing, laughing, saying OMG and things like that.

The other interpretation was that she was challenging him, forcing him to defend his position, come up with the exact quote, and come up with the proper answer.

And as we found out the phrase does not exist in the Constitution but it has been misquoted as in the document.
The proper reference can be found in the establishment clause of the US constitution.

But, in my opinion, the guy lost the debate. He did not do himself any favors.

He went on and on about things that he thought were important to Delaware, the jobs and the economy and did not touch upon the actual question until much later, at which point is when she asked him.

And then he went onto state the importance of interpreting the Constitution in today’s context, and then went on to cite Roe Vs. Wade and the right to choose.

Now, if I may be blunt, that is not how you should interpret the Constitution. You should interpret the Constitution as it was written, as it was intended, and not for a different context, and not how groping through the Constitution in order to justify the decisions and your interpretations that does not make sense.

It is true that the separation of Church and State is a good idea, it is true that there are documents and letters making a case for it.

But it does not show up in our Constitution, it does not show up in the first amendment, and to add onto that it was originally meant to protect religion from excesses of the Government, and not the Government from religion.

Though it sort of also does that by protecting religion.

It protects Government and religion coming together and forcing religious belief on people.

It was not meant to stifle religion in any way, in fact the clause supports religion, or freedom of in any case.

It was not meant to stop religious freedom in the school yard in the public square, it was not meant to stop people from making decisions based on what they believe God would want.

It was meant to protect all of our searches for the divine in our own way.

And I would have no problem with someone praying in a classroom, after all I would have no problem with teachers or coaches praying and asking for Gods guidance. There is a time and a place for that.

Every school has lunch, breaks, before school, and times for Students to purely be students, alone and rest time.

And no student should be forced to limit their behavior during that time in any way. Except for the obvious illegal ones.

If they want to pray to God well that is up to them.

After all we allow Muslims to pray in some cases without problem in the lunch room and kitchens, and after all Cambridge schools are now recognizing Muslims for holiday.

If this is fine so should a Christian prayer group under a tree…during lunch.

We have a fundamental right to hunt for the divine and to come to God in our own way. And that needs to be restored because it is one of those fundamental ‘who are we’ questions.

Questions that will be answered in this election…and beyond.

You know first off I would like to start off with a statement about Coincidence. The whole thing behind them is that they happen every once in a while, in random, but how can random events be called random if they keep on happening?

IDK but my faith in coincidence is starting to dissolve, wonder if they aren’t indicators of something more….divine providence perhaps?

Meh that’s crazy talk.

I have been wanting to do this blog almost since the rally on the mall…not the Glenn Beck one…the 10/2 rally.

I saw signs and posters, communist ones, hateful ones, anti Glenn Beck things, etc.

And one that seemed to indicate an anti-Jewish sentiment. What do you know when you go looking for the link you can find it…wow. :P.

But here it is, and some other pictures, judge for yourself.


Now this blog was pretty much going to be about this and nothing else, the whole case was going to be about that and watch yourself.

But since the original idea about this blog I have read more things, more things that…if true, are very concerning.

Now I want to make it very clear I am not one hundred percent sure of this myself. I am not sure of the facts, this was me looking at a story, from a Google search, based on something that a friend told me when I was talking to her on Facebook.

Here is the Story Itself.

Now in it draws a lot of threads between Ron Paul and Neo Nazi, Anti Semitic, and a lot of conspiracy theorist groups and individuals.

Now some of it may be true, some of it may not be true. I will have to look into it myself if he runs for the Republican Primary in the Future, the Libertarian Party, or is a serious candidate to run, this is important to find out about. But ultimately it is up to you.

And let me first address the taking money. It is my personal opinion that…well if anyone gives me money…I will take it. I do not especially care if I were running for a public office. Just give me your money and if you are a Nazi Group or a Communist Group…well then you are wasting your money. I will not help you.

But on the other hand if I knew, for one hundred percent certain that someone was coming from this perspective and side of the street, I might have some problems taking money.

But I can excuse him of taking people’s money.

The rest of the case is a bit interesting though, they make a solid case.

But they did offer a retraction story. (Read it here)

So I don’t know…it is up to you and me to make up our minds later. And to have the debate.

And it really is not that important for the actual blog.

But for the sake of this blog, lets pretend its true, lets pretend that every single one of those assertions is true and it’s not a mistake or someone being crazy.

Lets pretend this is the end all be all.

Because there is a lot there, and we have to know who we are allying with, who we like, and we also have to make the clear distinction in who we are allying with and on what issues.

Right down to the individual and even the individual issue.

Because believe me I can be friends with almost everyone, I am not like Barrack Obama….I do not go out looking for specific types of people to be friends with.

But that does not mean I will agree with them and on those issues. I will very much disagree with you when I think you are wrong, and you will know it.

You can have your opinions, whatever they are, but you must… who you are allying with so you can make clear distinctions.

Because we all are not perfect and there are people in every movement who may not be the best.

Even in that story, even in the original story, there was an account of a harassment of Rudy Giuliani, threatening to throw him off a ship. Read it.

Glenn Beck gets a lot of heat from Libertarians for the statement he made once where he said Ron Paul supporters should be thrown in jail. Fine maybe that was a bit rash.

But these Ron Paul supporters probably should be thrown in jail.

And even not how can you stand with these people? Even if you happen to agree with them.

And this is for anyone. We have to watch who we are, who we align with us, and even who is aligning with us, whether you are a Republican or a Libertarian or a Democrat or a Conservative or what have you.

And to be fair a lot of people that I do know do do this, but you must keep it up.

Because if you are a liberal, if you believe in abortion, if you believe in Gay Marriage, if you believe in Environmentalism, then watch who you are standing with.

Like this story.

If you are a member of the sexual revolution…whatever that is…if you do believe in free love and everything else… how can you stand with someone like that? How can you tolerate or except someone who does that? Will you make exceptions for morality because he is a good guy? Will that make you reconsider your own political views if that is the root of them?

Or how about in the case of certain Gay Marriage advocates….how about in the case of environmentalists who shows people blowing up for not believing in climate change?

How about Margret Sanger who advocated abortion to eliminate excess populations and races…mainly the blacks and the Latinos and maybe the Asians.

How can we align with people like that. Who is asking about the Jewish question?

On those specific issues.

I don’t really care who you call your friends and colleagues but you must make a stand against them when you think they are wrong.

It’s the only way we are going to move forward as a people.

Recently a minor political shake up has been caused when a Federal Judge ruled the policy of the Military preventing Gays from serving openly, called Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, unconstitutional.

Normally I do not think this would interest me, and in coming up with notes for this blog and thinking about it, I find it hard to concentrate. Normally I would hardly care and find this question to be something that is irrelevant, and a sub issue to a lot of what is facing the country today.

But because of debates and conversations about this, and gay issues in general, and since most of the people I know seem to be talking about it, and since it is a big issue in an election that is coming up.

So I must weigh in on this very complex topic.

The whole debate seems to be centered on whether or not denying the issue of gays to serve openly in the Military violates the Equal Protections part of the fourteenth amendment, by supposedly limiting gays in their ability to serve.

I do not buy this. And I look at it from an issue of Hetero couples and gay couples alike. I look at the two of them exactly the same.

Sex is special, but it is a deeply personal thing. How you do it, where you do it, with whom you do it, and if you chose to celebrate your bond in any religious ceremony.

But the main issue here, it is private. And it truly does not affect your ability to serve this country, or die for this country, or shoot weapons. And it should be none of the Government’s business.

Whether you are gay non gay or anything else.

And it only becomes a problem if you turn it into one, if you flaunt your sexuality, or if you act inappropriate. And this is the same for hetero couples as it is for homosexuals.

If you disrupt a unit’s cohesion with your activities, you will be punished.

And there are strict rules governing how military couples can be couples, and what kinds of relationships they can pursue and if they can pursue them in the first place. Severe punishment follows anyone who fails to meet these obligations.

And meanwhile everyone in a unit will probably know what your sexuality is, but again the problem is, if it becomes a problem.

So in essence Hetero couples and gay couples are pretty much equal in the eyes of the military. There for, it is not unconstitutional.

This is not to say however that the bill does not need to be reformed and smoothed over through the legislative process, through the Congress of the United States taking proper action to regulate the military.

I have heard stories of military members being thrown out of the military when it was ‘accidentally’ discovered they were gay, or when someone viewed them doing homosexual acts through their bedroom window.

First of all I think I would bring the guy who was spying on the others on the same charges because that is just plain weird…though maybe its just me.

Though the validity of some of these stories have been challenged by people I have talked to that has said that those stories are false and the gays can still serve…they can.

But regardless whether it is a flaw in the bill or the over exuberance of a Military commander that went too far in persecuting these people, these questions must be answered.

And not in this way. My main fear is that you will have a ‘baby being thrown out with the bath water’ situation, and any motion for any court to declare it unconstitutional will just remove the problem without giving us a chance to make it better. That the whole thing will be thrown out and torn apart and it leaves us no opportunity to build on the good parts.

There is a balance that can be struck here. What this balance is, how you can allow homosexuals to serve in the military, without it being a qualification for service, and how homosexuals will be removed from the military is something that needs to be discussed and come to a conclusion.

I have no idea what this balance is, this is an issue that needs to be determined in the Congress.

To create a simple, clear, concise, but iron tight, set of guidelines that will govern Homosexuals in the military, as it does with their hetero counterparts.

The final issue though is that people have compared it to the integration of black and whites. This is an infuriating comparison that should never be made.

Sexuality is something that can be hidden. That can have no effect on your military service, and you can control, and chose how you act it out.

Skin Color, race, and gender cannot be. These things are impossible to hide and impossible to be put away.

It is apart of you, a thing that you cannot easily chose or make different and it is out there for all the world to see.

Now for those that are using similar reasoning and logic to prevent gays from serving, openly or otherwise, that is similar to the people who were arguing against integrating the military.

These arguments may be wrong, and over the top and irrational generalizations.

But that does not mean there aren’t just as strong arguments, and logical, arguments for keeping Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, or at least parts of it, in place.

And for that one is lumped in with the rest of the gay bashers, homophobes, and bigots…oh my!!!.

Something has occurred to me that is something that is a bit amusing.

You know there is something rotten in Denmark when your friends are acting like the people who you would call an enemy.

I suppose the real reason for the blog is to warn people, all people. Its to warn the Republicans to not have a short memory and look at people, and its to warn Democrats and say, look at Obama, he is doing the exact same things you used to roast Bush on a spit for!

This idea goes into Obama is creating more Libertarians than anything. Is creating more people who look at the situation and knows there is something that is deeply wrong.

That his actions are causing people to run from his party, and its causing people in the Republican Party, former anyways, to look at and say, wait a second…wasn’t this what George Bush did? Isn’t this what the last Government did?

That’s not to say they both did everything exactly similar, and the political arena is a very complicated and far-reaching one.

But what this is saying is look at the record. Look at what they have done over the last ten years alone.

Both Parties have increased health care, and entitlements, both parties have increased the size of Government and Government spending, both parties have fought two separate wars…but at the same time not really, wasting American time, effort, lives, and money, both parties have bailed out Big Business and redistributed the wealth.

Both parties have failed to address the various crisis that was gathering in our financial systems and failed to take proper action in preparing the American people or fixing it. Both Parties have failed to enact proper welfare, health-care, Social Security, and other much-needed reforms in our country. Both parties have failed to grow freedom. And Both parties constantly blame the other party for the problem while promising to ride in and save us all.

I was having a conversation with one of my Facebook friends, a friend that has an important pulse on the Libertarian movement, even though I am one he provides a much different perspective. But the debate was about how Democrats should look at Obama and flee.

My basic point was that they wouldn’t, because they would just say, well we were wrong about Obama, he does not match us, or is not as strong, or what have you.

Then I had a debate on Youtube…first youtube debate that I believe I have mentioned.. with someone and I laid out the actions that Obama does that have just continued from where the Bush administration left off.

Oh you are crazy what are you talking about, after all its the big business Republicans and they are giving money to the rich and stuff… which is in some ways a lot of hooey.

But why should this be?

Why aren’t people running from Obama screaming in absolute panic. Both parties have done pretty much the same thing. Variations on the theme, sometimes they have done good.

But it’s still been a glacial like movement growing Government.

In the upcoming elections we have to look at these people, skeptically. Sure they might prove to be good in the end or start moving us the other way.

But we must make a stand on principle and learn to look at these people as individuals and separate ourselves if they no longer match our ethics.

We must not be swept up in being against the other guy, but being for something, for building a freer, better America where the individuals can do their thing for the future.

Where to begin?

I suppose the beginning is a good start.

I suppose this all started where a friend of mine posted on her facebook page ‘sometimes the truth hurts.’

And I, in proper Glenn Beckian fashion, “the truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.” (Though that is not an Glenn Beck original).

Oh my how right that is.

It has occured to me recently, very recently, the truth and the overwhelming rightness of that statement. Because of something I have gone through.

But first what does this mean for the Republic?

I think people in this country knew that there was something wrong. We may have not had the complete picture of what was wrong, we may have not known and still may not know the full scope of it, but we knew the fundamental truth that there was something deeply wrong, something rotten in Denmark.

And it made us miserable.

Well the stock market is collapsing and is facing severe tremors and instability, well Gold is going through the roof, well there is a lot of societal angst, well the tactics and strategy in going against our enemies is not making sense, well a lot of politicians say our Founding Documents do not matter.

But for the longest time we did nothing about it. And in many cases still are not.

I think people even though they knew the truth did not know what to do about it, or were just too distracted.

This is not to insult the millions of workers and people who have jobs, or the millions of people who have gotten involved…

This is to say though that people lead busy lives, which in theory is the reason we elect representatives to help with the Governing process and the issues of Government.

That people are often too busy to pay attention to the complete political picture or any political picture, or worse, are apathetic.

That is not to say that we are asleep but that we have other perfectly legitimate concerns in our own lives that we have to deal with.

That we are too busy, or too preoccupied.

This is the truth and it has made us miserable.

And I should know from my own personal experience and my own life events.

Truth is I can be quite the miserable human being at times. I have made a lot of mistakes.

Truth is I am not the person I want to be or as active as I want to be or as good as I want to be or doing the small things that I know I must do to get to the big things.

The truth can only set me, and us, free if you are willing to do something about it.

What that is, I do not know, I do not know what I can do or what the future holds or what future mistakes I can make. I do not know what I can do about it exactly.

I guess all I can do is my best and hope for a little patience from my loved ones and my friends and the people that I am close to.

I ask for patience.

I am not going to change over night, and I have a long way to go.

I am proud of the things I have done, I have taken a stand, I do read, I write this blog. I am very proud of this blog and like it and it is a way that I have taken my stand. But I have a long way to go even here.

So the question becomes again, what am I going to do about it? I don’t know gang.

What I do know that I have to start moving in a direction and doing the little things.

Because that is part of changing. Change comes in two styles, all at once and in bursts, but then you have to sustain it.

So if I or we are going to change, we have to start doing the little things and we have to start making things right.

A little while back I had a conversation with someone on one of the sites that I frequent about freedom and how utility prices have gone up markedly when his country tried to privatize them.

I have made reference to this conversation in a previous blog. And he continued on by saying that anyone who wants to cast out the Government want people to starve and die and not get the care they need. That apparently only the Government can do these things.

Now I disagree with this. I do not automatically assume things of those who want to make the Government Smaller, that they are evil and hate mongers and want to see all people die, heck I do not even do this for everyone who wants big Government.

Some of them have legitimate reasons for having the ideology that they have.

The answer to this quandary is, as I have mentioned in the past, that you cannot be Given Freedom.

No power, force, or man, in the universe can give yourself freedom. Only you can do it.

So the alternative to being just simply being handed freedom by others is to restore the individual.

Restore yourself and your thinking.

You see what people do not seem to realize, I will touch upon this much later, is that people just cannot handle freedom after years of slavery.

People, on the left, point to all the time every time a freedom granting measure fails, whether it is tax cuts or any other freedom granting thing, like getting the Government off your back.

And the prices go up and there is much angst and then people just come out of the wood work and says, ah ha! Freedom has failed. It cannot work let’s go back to the Government.

You see it has struck me as very interesting in what is going on right now, and the main difference between our two movements.

Progressives…well they progress. They grow Government slowly through centuries and decades and convince us that we need to join them in a…Big Government dream.

But it seems to me that far too many people on the Freedom side of the scale just expect everyone to be ‘granted’ freedom and then everything to be hunky dorey.

That it is like some sort of weird Greek myth where Gods can be born out of heads of other Gods fully clothed and in battle armor. It’s like John Adams Comments about George Washington in 1776.

People just expect for Freedom to come out fully formed and for us to go on our merry way.

I am sorry but its a gradual process.

We have to teach ourselves and our society how to be free again.

We have to come into freedom again and take responsibility for ourselves.

Because if we expect to have Freedom for ourselves we have to take the responsibility for ourselves to have it. Because personal Freedom comes hand in hand with personal responsibility. I mean its ironic in some ways and in some cases you get more liberty when the Government has enslaved you then in other ways.

Because you do not have to take responsibility for anything. It’s all the Government.

And once we learn how to restore ourselves, if we learn how to take responsibility for ourselves, if we learn how to help one another out then we can make it. It will be for good.

And once we learn how to be individuals then we can deal with ourselves as individuals. We can learn to think in individual terms.

Not in terms of Government or groups or people.

But individuals, one on one.

Our Character, our beliefs, and our ideologies as individuals.

If we can do that, then we might be able to do anything.

If we can learn to do this, then we can restore our community, our society, our culture, our schools, our Government, our Country, and then our World.

We can do it from the bottom up. Not with anyone giving us freedom, but for us to fix it for ourselves that we will not need anything from anyone.

Well at least no faceless Government, no party, or no agency.

That we can do these things for ourselves and then we can help each other.

They will not have to take responsibility for us. They will not have to take power over us. For we will have our freedoms and our responsibility and our power to strive for a better world.

That we can serve our humanity.

We must restore the individual.

Just recently. (In the last week or so) I had a tiny conversation with an online acquaintance of mine over the issues of America and just Government in general.

It rekindled an idea I had, for this blog and just in general, months ago, and since its election time it seems to be a good thing to bring this up. And in this election season when we are having to chose between our Constitution and a Big Government idea, it is important to know what we are for.

America is an experiment, it’s an idea, rarely done to such extremes in human history.

The idea is that men can govern themselves.

It is successful for this very reason because no man, and no power, can determine what you are supposed to do. In basic you are free to attend to yourself and to follow your own passions.

It’s the idea that no matter what, no matter how good or evil a man or a woman is that we can still get together and solve our problems and we have laws to punish those that will take the freedom and the livelihood of others.

Occasionally we mess up, but we can get out of our own mess and solve our own problems or occasionally, if we have to, ask for help.

It occurred to me long ago, when thinking about interstellar governance or a global government how best to go about it. How exactly do you achieve a just and lasting Government across the entire world that will not turn into Napoleon’s playground, Hitler’s Laboratory, or something that is Demonic?

Well I have no good answers all I have are good theories.

It has become clear to me that perhaps the greatest gift of the American Republic is one of a…Tolerance of Government.

In theory the land area that a State like ours is infinite, the population limitless, and the number of different various cultures and religions here numerous.

And it is for this reason that America can often become a cesspool of the lesser human actions, because different cultures, religions, groups, and individual’s do not always live up to the ideals in our Government.

But that is a subject, for a blog, that I have probably covered. ;).

But the reasons for this are that the American Republic is an idea of self Government.

That we can incorporate the best of your culture and make it part of the whole. As long as you are willing to follow our few simple and common sense laws.

That religions can have their own doctrines, whatever they may be, use whatever drugs for whatever experience that they want.

That we can conduct our own affairs, in our own way.

And that whatever Government we do have and must have can be the most local so it will be easy to exert control, and easy to go over there and protest when those controls become unbearable.

That, in theory, the people of Texas and the State, and city, Governments know what is best for their own people and their own cultures that live in their boarders.

That way people can grow and learn.

We may all have our opinions and our own ideals but we can get to it and gather in our own way.

That we make our own decisions. Not the Government, and the Government does not provide a system that will violate some cultural imperative of some religion.

That is why Socialist Countries and Countries with the bigger and more centralized Government effect the smallest amount of territory, have the weakest economic output, and a population that is not diverse nor numerically strong.

Though granted there are exceptions and specifics and this, much like America itself, is still evolving. But I submit how easy is it to Govern a billion people effectively? Look at the nations who are actually trying this.

This is why the Republic and our ideals for our people, for our Liberties, for our freedom.

Its interesting give some of the ‘coincidences’ that happen in day-to-day life that seemingly just prop up when they should not but you have no control or relation to them. It’s also interesting when you insist on broaching this topic than though I have been doing a lot of blogging of the insistence of the individual.

Never the less a case can be made.

I suppose I should make it clear right now for anyone of concern that may think I have lost my mind that it is still about the individual and the individual candidate running for small Government solutions.

No matter the party.

But it occurs to me that, again, we are living in pretty unique and historic times. Time that maybe, just maybe…this time, we can have a small Government revolution in one of the major political parties.

Now it is still about us and fixing our mess, especially if the Government goes away, but we are faced with an opportunity.

A historic opportunity we need now to work political change in one of the two major political parties in this country. This time the Republicans.

And if the roles were reversed, then in theory this could apply just as well to the Dems.

But right now the Republicans, if we want to do it in our current political system, almost have to be that agent of change. Republican and especially the candidates backed by the Tea Party.

And there are indications that groups in this country and people are moving in this direction.

This past week an ad for ‘Mourning in America’ has been released. And the GOP has released their pledge with America. Though I do not know if the people involved with the ad has anything to do with the GOP or not.

Now while it will remain to be seen if a majority of the members of the Republican Party will keep their words, or will have the political opportunity to do so, it is a good start.

From what I have heard and read and seen it is a good start. I have to digest it more in detail later, but its a good…start. Not agreeing with all of it, but it be good.

Now this is not to say that you cannot vote for a Libertarian or other Small Government candidate, in fact you should.

But we are presented with a unique opportunity that only comes up once a decade, but given the critical issues facing our country this just might be the right time and the most unusual of all.

A situation that has not existed since 1993, or 1979, or 1919, or maybe even in the formation of the Republican party in the first place.

A situation that is Reganesque, I know that may be unpopular with some of my fellow Libertarians but I am still a believer.

A situation where we can elect, put into, and encourage people who are, of a small Government Liberty and Freedom minded to go do the right thing.

Again to hopefully give us wiggle room as we address the problems of the nation.