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Monthly Archives: June 2009

First off to understand what this blog is about, maybe I should go into a little detail of who I am first.  If you want more detailed information, you can look at it later in my profile section.

First off, I am a concerned citizen…deeply concerned, by everything that I see going on in this country.  I am now just a new graduate from high school, which explains how I can even have time for such an activity like this.  I want to contribute and to influence the national debate on many of the things that I think are important, for I am tired of sitting in the shadows and not doing anything about what I see is wrong.  This is merely the first step about me doing something about all of the things that I see as wrong in this country, and the world, and sometimes I will offer what I think could be a potential solution to the problem.

My intentions with this blog now, and in the future are:

First and foremost to inform and persuade.  This is an opinion blog, as many such blogs are.  This will be told   conservative/ libertarian standpoint, but in the end it will eb about offering small government solutions to many of the problems that we are facing today, at home and abroad.  This will eb a young persons view of the that world, and what I think solutions can be to get things solved, as I stated I just recently graduated from high school.

Second: I intend this to be my way of contributing to the national debate.  that this is my first step in getting into, and trying to affect something political in this country.  This is the first step in that, but not the last, for I do intend to do more then just this blog in the future.  This will be my excuse for getting involved.

Though I do not intend on running for any public office in the future, this is going to be another view point on what is going on within government, I do not intend to do anything other then that, I am not going to become a part of the system.  Merely trying to help affect change on the system from the outside.

Third: This will be a primary attempt on my part to show that we, as Americans, and as people, have a lot more in common with one another and that we can come together and change things for the better.

Because as a person I get a long with many people from all over the political spectrum, and I think many people who will read this blog will agree with me on this.  We can get along, and we can work together on changes of general policy, and that our differences are not as great as some would have us believe.  Or that we ourselves can believe from time to time.

That we are not the enemies of each other, that we can come together and find solutions that face us, not as one party or another, but as Americans.  That it is the enemies in Washington DC who want to take from us, steal from us, usurp our rights and our freedoms and twist the government into something that it should not be, something that the men who founded this nation never intended it to be.  They are the enemies, not us, not each other, and if we can come together, then we can solve these problems that we are faced with.

Now, I do not take full responsibility for all of the errors in this blog.  By that I mean grammatical, or perhaps spelling.  I will do my best but I am only human, and I will make mistakes.  A lot of them, for this is an experiment on my part.   To see what I can do, how I can do it, and the response to it. And to use this as a launching pad for bigger and greater steps in my life, that I am embarking upon with this blog.

I hope to learn from this, and to teach from this.  To offer someone a different viewpoint then the one they may have heard, or to debate specifics.  I am open to debate and criticism, and I hope to get some in the future.  As I hope that in the future you will at least read these words, and give them a fair shake, as I publish more and more blogs in the coming months.

I hope to get an entry out at least once a week, once on Friday, but because of a working schedule that I may get when I have a blog, I might have to move it around a little until I am settled and ready to write on a regular basis.

This blog will be primarily political, but once in a while I will publish a fluff piece about something that has happened in my life.  Some big name celebrity that I met, or something important that I feel like sharing with the entire…blogging community.  I will try not to publish those on the regular day though, cause I have a lot of stuff that I want to get to, and a lot that I need to say in the coming months, too much really.  And I will not distract that with fluff, unless I am stuck and do not know what to talk about and something did happen to me that is noteworthy.

Now if this were a real blog, I would be talking likely be talking about the whole Mark Sanford thing, or the climate bill that is going on in Washington at this moment.  But since it isn’t I am not.  And since I have been planning on doing this…since January actually, I have a back log of stuff, and thus some of them may not be completely relevant at this point in time.  I will do my best to limit that.

Next week, I will be talking about the alliance between corrupt corporations, and the United States Govt. Till then folks, have a wonderful wonderful week.

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