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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Last week or so I was perusing yahoo reading a story on the economy and the recession, and all the lessons that we have learned since then and how we have grown and evolved past that moment in time etc, learning  from our mistakes.

That we have learned from our greed, have learned to not go into debt and to be more smart with where we spend our money, and how banks spend their money.
Now this is another long term example of something that has been bothering me for a long time now, the hypocrisy from our current government on this issue, and certain government officials.

Now to me, right now, this is an unintentional hypocrisy on the part of economists and the author(s) of this article.  They are blameless (I will assume) in this, after all they do give good advice.  We do need to learn several crucial lessons from this crisis and its after math, many of them listed by these economists.

But the question is: Why do these very same very sensible rules also not apply to the government?

You have many people (that I talk to often) talking and condemning the excesses of Capitalism, but not of the federal government.

Merely, that the same rules should apply to the government.  Extravegent spending beyond your means, paying for something when you do not have the money, getting into debt, and getting indebted to others.

All things that popular media and history have warned us about for time unremembered, but yet the fed has a nasty habit of doing these things.  No matter who is in power, getting us into debt and spending extravagantly on themselves and their own corrupt projects instead of for the things that they are supposed to.

That we have to live with limits, but that they do not and they can even live high off the hog, spending all the money that they want.  Does this make sense to people?

To have these unsustainable practices that if we engage upon them privately are bad, but when the fed does them they are suddenly…sustainable and right.

I think not.


America, I would like to say thank you, thank you for doing our jobs…my job really, and expressing yourselves and keeping all of us free.  We may have won, and we may yet do it.

I refer of course to the town halls, and the whole health-care debate.  The current one as put forth by the Executive and Legislative branches of the United States Government.  We may have won the day after all.  Originally I wanted to be talking about entitlements now, but clearly there is no need (oh but I will be talking about entitlements when I can  )The reason is that  there is no need because the people have gotten informed on the dangers of just another massive push by the federal government to increase welfare rolls, and make another aspect of our society a right, when they mean the exact opposite of it.  Keeping people controlled instead of free.

I believe that Ronald Regan, the fortieth President of the United States of America, may have put it best:

“Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.”

I feel that we, as a people, have done this.

Now unfortatnaley due to things going on in my own life, I was not able to participate in this national debate as fully as I would have liked, I shall do better in the future, hoping that I am not a hypocrite for extoling the virtues of others, where I have failed to come through.  Taking this into consideration is a reminder, that no matter who we are, we can all do a better job when it comes to fighting for freedom and liberty.

So I thank you, the American people, for doing what I should have done.  For keeping the peace, and keeping all of us free.

And if it turns out that we have not won, and that the congress does decide to pass this unjust legislation over the objections of their constituents, the consequences are on their heads, and we will never forget another in a long line of betrayals.  We have drawn the line in the sand.


The blogger.

Coincidentally to this subject I was watching a clip of the Sean Hannity show on Youtube this past week, and its timing seems to be the near perfect because I have been thinking about this issuing for the past two weeks.  This is more of a special blog then anything.

And this issue is, and how it relates to this specific youtube clip is…if all of our nightmares come true, if the worse of our nature should come out and The President should not survive his term in office, who will do it?

Now on this clip apparently someone in a state broke the windows of the Democratic party headquarters in Denver Colorado, it was alleged to be (by the Democratic party head) committed by protestors against Obamacare, when it was in fact done by someone who has worked with the DNC in the past.

If President Obama should die during his term in office through unnatural means,  the knee jerk reaction of many would be to say that it would be a Conservative who did it.

The reality of this is going to be so much more different then this.  That he is just as likely to be whacked by a member of the political left, someone who will feel betrayed by his failures on some of the issues.

But even then this is an absurd notion, to assume that anyone in the left-right political scale will be apart of this is messed up, no one apart of the sane political discourse will be party to this attempt this.

But, it will be the reaction of everyone to panic in such an event, and to point fingers at who everyone thinks will be the likely culprits behind this event.

I urge caution, I urge time to let cooler heads prevail and let any investigation take its proper course before everyone starts pointing fingers and making accusations without evidence.

Let us sit back and analyze, without rushing boldly into things.  This would be true in this situation, and needs to be true in any other situation.  Operating under a crisis mode constantly never helps anyone.