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Monthly Archives: March 2011

I want to do this part last because, honestly, I think everything sort of revolves around this in what is going on in the Middle East. It is the most important because right now they have the most to lose, Israel, the Jews around the world, should the worse come to pass. Well maybe except for the Moderate Muslims everywhere.

With the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran, and even others around the world sharing Antisemitism or advocating the destruction of all Jews, and Israel, it is certainly a dangerous time.

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The Hamas Charter states in part:

“The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.” (related by al-Bukhari and Muslim).


As for the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has said the following things about the Jews (in case you missed it in the group of stories from above):

Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the Jews people who would punish them for their corruption…The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them…Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.


And in part of a statement he has said:

Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.


Now he could just be talking about all the Zionist Jews, so if you disagree with the state of Israel or want to see it blown up today could just be your lucky day!

Of course, if you were a Jew, and you understood history and just what kind of things this rhetoric causes wouldn’t you be concerned? Concerned for your own life, especially given everything else that is happening?

I think I would be.

So it is clear that the Jews are under great threat around the world. Great threat from many angles and that this Muslim uprising in the Middle East might not be so lovable and cuddly.

Again they can make the choice but one must also recognize the threat from some in this community.

So why do I care? Why should we as a people care?

Well I care because it is personal to me. I have had Jewish Friends, I respect and admire greatly certain individuals who are Jewish, and quite frankly I do not want to see them dead. I am sorry but I cannot remove my own personal bias and feelings from this, I cannot help to be worried about the people I care about in the off-chance that this develops into something truly dangerous.

I care because I have a firm grasp on history. I know the darkness and the evil that is usually engulfing the world every time Antisemitism rears its ugly head in any major fashion.

Whether it is the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages, the Inquisition, Anti Antisemitism in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and now currently. Jews remain one of the most persecuted people in world history. And when it is at its height, usually the globe is going through some sort of traumatic event.

And I care, and so should you, because the phrase ‘first they came for the Jew.’ Seems to apply.

Racism and Racial hate seem to know no boundaries of reason. Antisemitism joins it in that.

Because a threat to one race or one group, especially a threat of we will wipe you all out is going to be a threat to all of us. Every single one of us.

Because has it ever occurred to anyone that if and when they go and kill all the Jews that some people who if they look slightly Jewish might be under threat?

How about all those who stand with anyone who is Jewish? Heck or even have the perception there of? Do you think that any radical Islamist or a radical of any group who hates on the Jews is going to simply stop at that? And if anyone stands with the Jews and their lives they may even be under as much of a threat. It always starts with the Jews but, it is a threat to all religions.

And I do not think that individual ideological preferences by certain Jews are going to save you. I do not think that if you are Liberal, or Socialist yourself, or even agree with the Muslim and what they are trying to do is going to save you from the radicals in either one of those groups.

The response probably will be, well you just came into it only to save your life! And thus your head goes rolling away.

But then again maybe if you are a ‘good Jew’ maybe it will. I do not know for sure but I do not think I would call that bet in a Poker game. With such high stakes.

So I will stand with anyone, and I do mean anyone, who is Jewish and is under this threat, either religiously, spiritually, or ethnically. I will even stand with George Soros and Frances Fox Piven. As much as I may disagree, and vehemently on a wide variety of political issues religion and ethnicity is no basis to be used to kill someone.

Especially over the perceived sins of others in that group.

Because this is fundamental: No matter your sins you have a right to your life, and your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness. Unless you break the law and violate others in theirs.

And you have a right as an individual, and as a nation-state.


Last year….probably around this time. :p I did this blog trying to figure out just what was the most important question to our well-being.

I think… I was onto something, there is no ONE question that is really more important than another question….there are a bunch of questions that are really important from ones perspective and trying to figure things out.

So I have been thinking about this off and on for about a year now, and now, is finally the time to get on with it. And to figure out just what are the most important questions.

And the reason why these questions are so important, and why they MUST be answered each in our own way is because there are gathering forces in the world. Forces of great good and great darkness.

And we have to make a stand.

Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here? Whom or What do you Serve? Whom or what do you trust? And where will you stand?

Who are You?

What are your motivations your strength and weaknesses. What is your core personality and what do you believe and how does that effect how you go out in life and try to search for greater truth.

What do you want?

In Big or small ways what do you want from every aspect of our society. The Republic, our Government, your neighbors, friends, lovers, random people, society at large…and even from God.

Why are you here?

What is your mission in life and your job and your objective. If you believe you have a destiny and a reason to your life then what is it and making the correct choices to make that come about.

If you do not believe you have a destiny how can you use who you are, and what you want, to bring about a beneficial outcome for you and society as a whole.

Whom or what do you serve?

What ideals, people, spiritual entities and philosophies are at the core of your being so much that you are in service to them.

What will you do and not do to violate them, where will you bend and where will you not break. And are you prepared to risk your life and happiness in service of those principles?

Who and what do you trust?

Which people and what holy books and institutions do you put your faith in?

That you use for guidance, clarity, a plumb-line, and a launching pad as you continue to go find greater moral truth.

Where will you stand?

What choices and decisions you will make about your beliefs and trying to strive for and stand for good and evil. Will you stand for your beliefs and your principles.

We must answer those questions for our humanity, and if we hope to survive times of great evil and great chaos.

On….oh I think it was Friday. I was watching Fox News (shocker I know) and I remembered a conversation that me and my Dad had right around the time of the elections and this we had a conversation along these lines.

That the Governors are the best hope for the United States and our current country.

And now it seems that there are two ways that this has come to fruition.

First off for President, because they have the experience. In going over this over and over and over again with my Dad I cannot remember really the last time we had a President who was not a Governor.

Now granted this has led to some good, and some bad in this group, (Carter, Bush) for instance. But for the most part these people have executive experience, and knows what it takes to run a country.

I thought it was pure insanity that we had the option between basically two Senators, two legislators. Again maybe we can have a good President who is one but I have not seen it yet and look at our options at the time.

And the fact remains that most of the good candidates for President for next year to run against Obama are ex governors or current ones. Bobby Jindal and Gary Johnson headline that list. Along with potentially Palin, Chris Christy, and Mike Huckabee. And there are several others out there, that I will have to look into (probably will be worth checking them out anyways, all of them. :P)

The Governors also have the benefit of being on the front lines for what is going on and the many crisis that is spreading throughout this country and are taking action to try to save their budgets and their states. Trying to protect their citizens economic and fiscal well-being by leading the budget fights and other domestic policy battles.

Governors like Jan Brewer, Scott Walker, John Kasich, Mitch Daniels and even a few Democrats are looking at things and know that they have a problem.

Just that it seems like the Democratic response is usually to raise taxes and ask for help from the Feds.

But regardless the decisions that these Governors are making will determine the state of this country. They are on the front lines and it is their states that face the majority of the problems from Federal Corruption, to Budget Crisis, to everything else tricking down the pipe.

Problems that Washington does not or will not seem to understand.

It is the Governors and their political direction that could help drag the country as a whole out of the much that it currently finds itself in. As long as the political support of We the People doing our part.

The Governors will be the last best hope of America if we have a hope of surviving this battle.

Over the past, oh about a year and a half, I have been trying to figure out…well my relationship with God…and by no means is this process over with. In fact if I had my way I would die still trying to search, figuring out the answers.

I have thought about this long and hard, have tried and learned where I could and where I could not, and I know this will not be my last blog devoted to a more metaphysical and divine subject just as it is not my first.

I think the title of this blog is a bit obvious. That God is a God of principle. But in setting that up can be profound and different and its a stark contrast. Every religion says that God, or the Divine, has principle, but just how to set it up.

A God that has tried to at least hand down a series of principles and laws and rules. So called ‘divine laws’. And these can be expressed in the Ten Commandments, and in many holy books.

But it seems to me that part of it has gotten lost in translation. That either through the corruptible nature of the universe or something that God’s Law is not always God’s Law.

I think it has more to do with that a finite, like humanity, cannot possibly ever comprehend an infinite.

With our own perspectives and individualism and the constant examples of humanity trying to find our God and striving it is…what it is.

That God has laid down these laws throughout the universe but it is up to us to determine them and which is which. But the process is often corrupted.

We have to figure out which is which. We have to figure out what are the proper principles and values that are God’s and the Good Force, which ones are mans, and even which ones might be that other guy’s.

It is up to us and asking and answering those questions of ourselves is one of the fundamental reasons to live and to figure things out.

Because, as the saying goes, figuring out how best to serve God and what the proper principles are is the best way to serve humanity.

It is up to us to try to figure out which principles are the right ones, which are the wrong ones, and then to strive in the direction that we believe is right.

That way we can connect with God and hope for a good judgment.

I know there are more than three styles of Government out there in life. you have Plutocracies, aristocracies, Theocracies, Republics, authoritarian states, totalitarian states, Monarchies….and on and on and on and on.

But again, simplicity leads to understanding and in breaking this down I can come up with three styles of Government. And note sometimes states call themselves one thing to get brownie points when they are another.

And much like the three styles of major economics, on any one track that is, you have your two polar opposites and then you have a bridge. capitalism, Socialism, and Communism, for instance.

For Governments though you have, going from left to right, theocratic/ Fascist/ communist/ aristocratic/ totalitarian/ authoritarian regimes, Republics is the bridge, from Republic’s that give the representatives the power to enslave the people to Republic’s like ours, and then you have Democracies.

Tyrannies, to simplify it, give you tyranny by law.

Where you have laws and a legal code, whether it is religious, moral, or those of the leaders pure whim, that strips liberty and human freedom.

Where the Monarch, Emperor, or Tyrant…or ruling council, regulates all the affairs of the people and almost all liberty is stifled from freedom of thought to expression to personal belief. Where you can get shot for what you believe. Or speared or what you have you.

Then you have Republics.

Republics give you, especially if done right, Liberty by Law, that you have Liberty but strong laws in place designed to protect your liberty and your ability to pursue your happiness and economic opportunities.

Now Republic’s can range from tyrannies pretending to be Republic’s (the People’s Republic of China,) to Republic’s that lean more to the other side of the aisle but are not that side of the aisle. IDK I guess in this example Britain, and probably Israel and most of Europe. Then you have ours which leans to the most freedom (at our core documents) which provides for the greatest in human liberty. Granted I am talking in generalities.

And then you have Democracies.

Democracies give you license, more often then not.

Now Democracies are the most curious case of all, because they are in extreme flux and can bend upon themselves and become, or be called, any of the three.

For example you have our Government calling ourselves a Democracy when we are not. You have Governments all over the world that pay lip service to Democracy while butchering their people.

You have some of the worse monsters in history being Democratically elected.

In thinking about this subject recently the main thing about a Democracy is this: the will of the people and the majority is the ruling force.

Keeping this in mind Democracies can be further divided into two classes, Direct and indirect.

Direct Democracies just give a vote and the whole must follow it. This is rare except in small town like circumstances.

Indirect is when you have elected representatives that are supposed to fulfill your will. However this can be easily manipulated, in two ways.

Say you have a really popular guy, says he is for a lot of things and then he is elected, and then manipulates the situation where he does something different.

After all we the ‘people’ elected him, he is our will personified and anything he does is on our behalf.

The leader in question can manipulate popular sentiment, either before or after the election, and manipulate the people. Like Edward Bernays and the idea of the ‘intelligent few’ manipulating the people to reach a desired outcome.

And thus, it bends in and itself and a tyranny can be elected by a Democracy, damn any constitution or legal code.

Thus you have a few bright and benevolent leaders who are exercising the ‘will of the people.’

And which is why large swaths of our politicians and punditry are trying to convince us we are a Democracy. Because then the Will of the People will Trump our traditions, our morals, our laws, and the Constitution itself. As long as someone votes on it.

It’s the idea of Mel Gibson’s character in the Patriot (I know this is a real quote but I forget who said it) I would rather have one tyrant three thousand miles away then three thousand tyrants one mile away.

That is what you could get in a Democracy. No one voice matters because it is always drowned out in the ‘Will of the People’ or a Mob.

And yet any Government has the potential to slide any way at any time.

So a proper balance MUST be struck. Between Liberty and Law, where the Laws of the Land provide for human liberty, and not crush it.

Constitutions: They are probably the most significant invention in our society, our most significant thing as it comes to and relates to Government. They are important in telling one who they are as a people, and how the Government that serves them…serves them. And hopefully not as an alien entree.

They are quite simply the contract between a people and its Government.

They are the contract, the blue print, the bedrock, and the rules between a people and its Government. And how a society functions.

It is a set of rules of where the Government relates to the people and what the Government must not do to the people, and how the Government works and the processes that the Government operates under.

They are, along with assorted documents in our country, what gives one great liberty…or even great tyranny.

It is what gives us our liberty.

Well we give ourselves our liberty but that is the blue print in which we operate under.

Because no matter the Government type, whether it is a proper Republic, or a Monarchy, or anything in between they determine how much liberty and how much tyranny is in a society at its core.

Because a monarchy can have limits in it based on the Constitution. A Constitution can limit the Government, and empower the people, or it can give a King or a Congress or an elite or an aristocracy their powers and loopholes to lord it over the people.

And these kinds of Constitutions do not work if they can be changed on a whim. If they can be changed on a whim they will not work.

Whether it is by the whim of the people in a Direct Democracy. Or a King, Monarch, or Tyrant.

The more set in stone a Constitution is, and the harder it is to change it or alter it, and the more checks and balances there are in that process…and all the processes of Government, the better it is for the liberty and the Freedom in that country.

Just like ours and us.

And when people start to ignore the Constitution for their own political objectives, you begin to lose your society and the structure of your society begins to crumble.

I wanted to talk about unity in this blog…but this is slightly more important, and about unity of a sorts. Especially the unity and the unification of evil.

If you have ever read the Tom Clancy Book Executive Orders the idea of an Islamic Caliphate would not be surprising, or new, to you. Or if you were a student of history too but that is kind of beside the point. 😛

You see that book, among other things, has a lot to do with the UIR (United Islamic Republic) forming between Iran and Iraq and then proceeding to make an attempt to conquer most of the Middle East, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and form a…United Islamic Republic.

This is similar to the idea that has appeared in the news recently of a united Islamic Government stretching across Northern Africa, to the Middle East, to Turkey, where protests and uprisings are currently taking place. This creates the potential for a caliphate.

Now Tom Clancy is a fictional author, but that is the point, once more fiction can prepare one for an extreme…well tragically not so extreme…possibility.

Anyone who has read Executive Orders has probably considered the possibility of this happening. And this possibility may cause one to be afraid…to be very afraid. But also knowledgeable which will lessen the fear. 😉

You see it is my belief that throughout history our one advantage over the radical Islamic sects that have popped up from time to time throughout history is that they hate each other about as much as they hate us.

Hell they even blow up their own citizens, heretics, infidels, betrayers, and consorters with Zionists and the West.

But now with this potential for a caliphate existing and uniting the entire Islamic world…(except for the heretics I am sure.)…coming together under one banner and one flag the potential is there for great evil and a united Islamic front could kick a lot of butt.

That they would be able to put their differences and unite to stand against the enemies. For right or wrong, for better or worse.

They could become a serious threat to us.

In my time of debating a lot of foreigners and people who are not US citizens through the internet something comes up again and again and again.

The idea that, well our laws are better, the foreign laws and that we should look to Europe for Cap and Trade, gun restrictions, or Health Care, are the three most popular.

That our laws are perfect and good and honest and descent, they can save you and that we have such a long life span, such a low murder rate, and why people do not go broke doing health care.

After all you love Israel so much, why can’t you follow their example and their good laws and Government this and that?

In thinking about these arguments and this argument in regards I have come up with four, relatively simple steps, to determine if a law that is foreign in nature or a law that does not originate inside the United States will work for our country.

These steps also work for any law in general and is a good rule of thumb, but they specifically are designed to work for laws that come from over seas and laws that we can mold for use here in the United States.

One: Does the program or law in question limit or stifle human freedom? Does the program make human liberty and freedom impractical?

Many people say that the Scandinavian, or the British or the Canadian health care system has a private option and provides private insurance.

Is it practical or viable?

Is it vibrant and free and truly a meaningful option that people can go to be truly free?

What laws and restrictions could exist where the Government encourages or forces people into the Socialist liberty stripping system?

Two: Is it Fiscally sane?

Will running this specific program break the bank?

Will it jeopardize the financial security of the United States and risk causing the country to collapse economically?

Three: Does it match the moral, societal, and cultural objectives and norms of the United States?

Scandinavia, and many other countries that spend large numbers of dollars on social programs, they do not have a large military.

I like having a large military, and how much I might want to shrink it we need one now.

So will these programs put other programs more acceptable to Americans at large in jeopardy? Or those of our defense obligations?

Four: Does it match the legal precedent, codes, or laws of the land of the United States. IE the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.

If the powers that these new laws will create violate established US precedent and the foundations of our moral code, and indeed our society, they should be rejected.

All four of them are equally as important in the long run to determining what laws should and should not get passed.

All four of these steps must be reached and checked off in order to have any law based on foreign legal precedent become law in the United States.

It is very difficult to pass these laws and pass the muster on all these guidelines.

But that is the point. No matter what we are dealing in the realm of Big Governments and tyranny. And any law, ANY law should be nearly impossible to pass.

And if they can match all four requirements, then you likely have a good law that can work in this country, and indeed any other…depending on how you relate to the steps of course. 😛

In my research and in many years of life that I have lived, and all the politics that I have absorbed in that time, I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of laws. All laws, ruling, legislation, and regulations that come out of Government boil down to three basic types.

One, laws that shrink liberty, grow the Government and may even grow tyranny and Government control in our lives.

Two, Laws that grow human Liberty and get the Government off of our backs.

Three, laws that do neither, but smooth over and strengthen a previous Government oversight and or program that is in need of reform. These laws may actually serve to grow human liberty and make us safer, rather than endangering our lives or our Liberty.

Laws that can grow Government and endanger our Liberty our ability to pursue happiness or even our lives for that matter.

Examples of these laws are almost rampant in our society in recent history. Almost anything that comes out and endangers our liberty almost any bill does so in one way or the other, and is a threat, even if most of the bill is a liberty based bill there is still that one little sliver that may hurt.

But perhaps the most recent and most expansive was the Health care bill.

A bill that forces you to buy Health Care, eliminates the private loans for college education and does many things like that along those lines.

It puts your and our entire fiscal security at risk with massive spending, massive debts, and inadequate ways to fund the system.

Laws that grow human liberty are a lot harder to find, especially recently, but are rampant throughout history.

Whether they are the amendments addressing slavery and black rights to the right for women to vote.

These Government laws have helped freedom grow and have given us the ability to further pursue our happiness.

And then Laws that smooth things over are those addressing a previous Government oversight.

Whether it is the fourteenth amendment which addressed concerns and further helped give blacks rights when they were further repressed.

Or SB 1070. One that gives the Local Governments the proper authority to go out and enforce Federal Law and help the Federal Government do their jobs with regards to immigration.

You know…this is late…even for a blog for the week. And with my blogs and the information I publish I am often late in my ability to get them up, so it is old news (Or is it…muhahahaha).

But that said in a way that provides time for further learning, and reflection. From me especially, and from you. I do not…tend to…rush into a situation. At least enough to write a blog on it and put my stamp on it for half an hour of writing, ten minutes of editing, and then having more people edit it and read it. This is my official opinion. So that way, it is important to learn, and I have done this time and time again.

The genesis of this blog happened right around November/ December, some comment I read or heard and I thought to myself, really, could my Zionist master please stand up?

But yet that never felt good for a Blog on its own it did not feel like its own subject.

But with things happening with Glenn Beck, and things happening in Egypt, around the world, the release of Rumors of War the Glenn Beck web documentary, and Israel evacuating its embassy (story), this and a whole lot more needs to be said on this subject.

Now…back about two or so weeks ago members of the media started with their latest, and perhaps most bizarre, Glenn Beck ‘conspiracy theory’ yet. Saying that he was Anti Semitic. I suppose this started right around the time of his George Soros special that he ran.

Saying that he was intentionally misspelling certain people’s names to make them sound more Jewish, saying that having eight people who are Jewish on a list of the worse people of the Century or something somehow proves that he is Anti Semitic. And that he made Anti Semitic claims against George Soros.

Now since I have friends who are both ethnically, and practicing, Jewish, this concerns me. I would not support Glenn if he were Anti Semitic. Not for a second. And I have seen no indication.

He has supported Israel and their right to existence and exposed the incidents behind the Gaza ‘aid’ flotilla and the connections, he has released documentaries specifically chronicling the current threat that Israel has faced from countries like Iran.

He has stood with a Jewish Rabbi, Daniel Lapin, he has invited Daniel Lapin onto both of his show, 8-28, and the pre 8-28 meeting.

He has waxed eloquent on the subject of Ancient Hebrew.

And has a Star of David in his opening diddy…montage…thingy.

Some Anti Semite is

Again there are real and legitimate madmen, crazy men, conspiracy theorists, and just generally people who hate anything Jewish or blame them from all problems from 9-11 to asthma (story).

People who might even use Glenn Beck as a justification for their vile hate, to use…misinterpreted…comments of his as a Clarion Call.

But he is…obviously….not one of them. Don’t shoot the messenger.

But yet there are legitimate people out there who do say and believe these things and are trying to spread this message. That Israel and the Jews are controlling everything and they got the world wrapped around their fingers.

Again, could my Zionist master please stand up?

Saying that they have brought down the twin towers, messing with our foreign policy, Jewed us into Iraq, and intentionally sunk US Navy vessels, calling Israel Israhell and just generally being evil.

If you do not believe me you can look it up I am sure…all of this is out there somewhere.

Yes a Conversation can be had on the extent of our support of Israel can help or hurt this country. We can have the conversation.

But lets not conflate the issue with downright silly and even dangerous rhetoric about the extend of Jewish influence in this country, the world, or that they have the world on a string.

We do not need to be collectivists.

Yes there are bad people in the world who are Jewish, of Jewish descent, or might even consider themselves Jewish in both of those categories.

But to confuse that and use it as an excuse to paint all Jews or all of Israel, or even Israel itself, with the same brush is the kind of rhetoric that has led to the deaths of millions of people in the past. (Unless you think the Holocaust did not happen).

Especially given the very real and very legitimate threat that Israel and the Jews face around the world.

Around the world, at home, from nation states, groups, international organizations, from the political right, and the political left.