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Monthly Archives: July 2009

A couple  of weeks ago I was having a conversation on line with someone, and this caused me to want to add something to my blog that I can do.  It will be more opinion oriented, and shorter.  In short, its going to be a mini blog, blogs that are not my weekly topic (which I promise to get back to just having trouble doing research to where I feel comfortable posting the weekly blog).

The point of these new blogs is to invite more discussion, of course I want anyone to comment and ask me things anytime, but this is more to pose a question or a point specifically designed to get feedback.  Its also a bit more recent, bit more spontaneous, and thus a bit more relevant to what is going on.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, to the blog:

Recently, I got a message from someones boy friend on Facebook.  They said that I was creeping out their girl friend, and that I should not talk to her anymore, and that she was too nice to complain at me herself.  So this got me thinking, spewing actually.

What I want to take away from this situation is a lesson on honesty.

To me, its better to be honest, and being honest is the nice thing to do, to confront someone and explain  you have a problem with them, so that I can know what the heck is going on.  So I can know how to respond, without that I am confused as to what I did, and I do not know how to react, how to  grow, or even what I can do about the situation.  I just do not know what to do.

Now this is not the first time that this has happened to me, I do have experience on what I am talking about.  On every single instance where someone has not been honest with me, or has been evasive and has not told me that I was making a mistake when I was relating to them….it has lead to a disaster.  And has left me feeling wounded, hurt, and confused.

But when people have told me the truth, I have been able to salvage a friendship from it, to know how to react and thus we were able to salvage a friendship that was beneficial to the both of us.  In fact it was one of the best  friendships I have ever had with a person in my life.

All I am asking for is a little honesty from people, to tell me when I have done wrong in your eyes, and we can go on working something out from there.  Yes, I might be a little hurt and confused by your words, but in the end I know from my personal experience that I am a lot less so then if you did not tell me anything at all, that if you did not come to me.

This relates to every walk of life: All I ask for is a little honesty.

From our Politicians: be honest with your people and constituents, tell them the truth and be open with them so that we can have an honest debate.

Give out all the facts, appropriate numbers, and do not pass it in the middle of the night.  Believe me when I tell you, that a lot of people do not like it when you pass things that we cannot have the chance to digest.  Pass it in the light, and give it to the American people to judge. And have it be something you would be willing to sign up for if you had to do it yourself, it is very suspicious that you are not willing to do something that you are forcing on us.

Bosses: Always be honest with your potential employees, give them the information they need straight up on whether they have been hired or not.  Straight up front, do not leave people hanging in the wind.

wow…uh…that was not so mini after all 😛

I will do a better job of that, and will get on with my next blog entry as soon as I have appropriate info.

What you all think?

There is a theme that has shown up repeatedly in American history in burst and spurts, almost since the beginning of the country you have seen examples of this.  Of Government stepping in on behalf of one group or the other to save them because it is in the ‘public good’.

This alliance is happening once again, right here and right now.  With all of the bailouts, benefits, and restructuring that the government of the United States is picking winners and losers in the markets, and in the country, and setting up new rules where the winners continue to stay that way.

Certain corporations are even going so far as to right now take advantage of some of the policies that are being discussed, to get ahead of their competition, and try and undercut them in the markets. Thus making more money, and getting richer in the process off of these policies.

Companies like Walmart,  and GE are trying to find ways of getting rich at the expense of fair play in the free market, by currying favor with the government, and joining them in these policies.

Whether it comes to health care, or the green attitude and policies being conducted right now, certain banks and companies stand to make millions of dollars  taking advantage of the political climate that currently exists.

For that is a cause when you have Socialism, and Communism.  They can ultimately be used to help a small group of corporations ahead of the need and the power of other companies.  Competition is destroyed, there is no such thing as ‘small business’ everything is controlled through this alliance between the two sides of government and these mega corporations, who control all facets and means within the society, leaving normal citizens with little or no choice of what to buy, and how much to pay for it.  Artificially increasing prices beyond any reasonable figure.

And also, something else worthy to point out since we are on the subject, Fritz Henderson the new CEO of GM was on the Glenn Beck show at the beginning of the month of May.  In the show he said basically that the government was going to have virtually no control of GM…from that point on apparently.

What I came to think of though, is this.  That his mere existence is a blatant manipulation of the government.  He is in effect a government appointee, a government worker, similar to that of a cabinet position or a supreme court nomination, or a Czar.   Regardless he is there because the government wants him there for whatever reason they want him there.  This is a step into the free markets, that should be left alone if we are to keep corruption out of the system.

And finally, the last piece of the puzzle here that bares pointing out is the ease at which one can be back stabbed and controlled in this new climate, either government or corporations, but mainly on the corporate side of things.

This is proved by the AIG mess that happened several months ago, no matter what side you were on in the beginning it is not my intention to pass judgment on whether or not the bonuses were a good thing or not.  The point that I do want to bring up to this is that AIG was one of the good guys, they were one of the people that government picked into becoming a winner cause they were too big too fail, and then wrote in laws that gave them the power to spend that money however AIG wanted…even on bonuses.  But when that fact became a political liability, they were thrown under the bus, and caused a public outrage to be raised against them to where they were the sole bad guys in this entire plot.

This proves the lesson, the patronage of the government is an fickle thing, embarrass them and you will be made to suffer, that once you start more and more of your rights, and your controls as private citizens will be taken from you.

Now Next Week, I will be talking about Global Warming, and the political need for it in todays climate.  Cheerio.

And have a happy rest of your Independence Day