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Normally you would not hear the three of these words together, and nor should you really.

Right now there is a movement to legalize, soft drugs…maybe even hard drugs.  To remove their use as a crime, because it is victimless and it is what someone does for or to themselves.  It is not the responsibility of society to pay for, or punish behavior such as that.

Now, on the whole notion I am luke warm on and really cautious about.  I am not sure all drugs should be legalized, and am cautious on the effects that they will have on the rest of society.

I do believe it is a state issue and for the states to decide.  If California wants to legalize marijuana, then let them, no skin off my back, I am in Arizona.  It is not really an issue for the Federal Government to deal with.  Unless it crosses borders.

But in the end, my advice is, not yet, not now, and we really need to take a long look at the process before we decide on what drugs should be legal and not, and how and where they should be legal.

We should do that anyways, but given the political situation in this country right now makes it really important that we put this off onto the back-burner.

It’s an end of the road sort of thing.

What I mean is that right now we have limited freedom, limited control of our own lives.  Everything, seemingly, is being taken away from us by our power mad Government.  What to eat, where to go to school, what health care to buy, etc etc.

So why drugs?

We know why liberals tend to be more supportive of gay marriage, of abortion, of illegal immigration…sorry immigration ‘reform’…and a host of other issues.

But why drugs?  Especially since many Liberals/ Progressives are bent on controlling your health, passing health care, mandating that restaurants cannot sell certain things.  And drugs are health concerns in some small part or another.

To give us another distraction, another issue to keep us busy.  And then if we get the drugs then it will just give…a certain percentage of the population, the ability to be doped up and to ignore events, thereby to be more easily controlled.

It’s just to drug us up, get us high, and ignore things.  And then to paint anyone who does not want the drugs as hypocrites.  Oh you do not want drugs but you love liberty?  Hypocrite.

But right now we cannot excercise that right because we are nowhere free in any other aspect of our lives to use that right.  Our lives and liberty are under control, or under siege, ever-increasing siege.

We need to get the freedoms we have lost, to restore them in our hearts and minds and our society, before we can worry about being strong enough or free enough to make the decision, yeah I want to try me some of that.

We need to restore our own personal responsibility, the proper role of Government…and dare I say it morality.

Then and only then can we have the conversation of what to legalize, and how we should legalize it, and how it will affect the rest of society, the pros and cons.

We have to regain true freedom and true liberty, before we worry about what to add onto it.  We have to realize what our priorities are as a society to fix before we can move on and try to address these concerns, and we have to do it slowly, with great consideration.



  1. The thing is that I have heard plenty of conservatives wonder why soft drugs like marijuana are illegal while Tobacco and heavy liquor are legal when they can often be worse.

    The only thing keeping me from saying “Legalize marijuana” is the drug wars south of the border. It may serve to legitimize the cartels as they have been trying to do, Look up “La Familia.”

    But if that is proven to not be the case and we can be insured that the sell and production of heavy drugs will not increase dramatically, Then I am for it. It’s not the government’s job to keep us from “recreational” drugs, soft drugs that are as harmful or less than Tobacco. We could tax it and make money like we have from Tobacco.

    Now you say we need to restore our freedom, will you have to start somewhere, and what better place to tell the government that they don’t always know best than with soft drugs?

    • But its not a good starting point because drugs are designed to distract, inebiate…blargh!. And just generally cause problems. Now that is all well and good,… in a truly free society. But when you have a government takoever the last thing you need is a doped up populace….who is addicted.

      • But the populace is already addicted. The only people who don’t do pot are those that would generally stay away from it or use it seldomly.

        But not that it matters, since the whole drug war in Mexico is a big barrier to this, IMO.

        • colfoley
        • Posted May 14, 2010 at 2:39 am
        • Permalink

        yeah, it is.

  2. Yeah I am torn as well. I see no problem with legalizing marijuana but then where do you stop?? What about crack then?? I mean that is the danger of opening that can of worms…but really that is the problem cuz people if they really want to do the drugs will do them…even if it is illegal…so by legalizing it I really don’t see an increased usage of it.

    But you are right in that really this is the least of our problems right now. We need to restore what rights we had that have been slowly taken away FIRST. We need to restore the moral fabric of our society first….and then we can deal more adequately with this issue.

    I think too with drugs it is the 3rd party impact this has so many people concerned about it’s use….for instance what it does to a person by affecting their faculties and judgment…then they go out into public and try and drive a car and wreck and kill innocent people…or get all high and go and do crimes because their judgment has been affected. So it is the propensity this has to impact society that makes it an issue that the gov. feels they need to control. I mean maybe like alcohol make it legal but then illegal to drive under the influence or harm others because you are high. So I don’t really have that big of a problem with it….it’s just there are so many other rights we need to be focusing on at the moment IMO.

    • I agree 😉

      And those will be questions that we can answer, as a society, when we restore more of our moral fabric and restore the proper use of the Federal Government.
      1. THis is really a States issue. It is up to them if they want their citizens high or not 😛

      2. If we restore our morality most of these problems will go away, because for one people will not want to use drugs….moral stigma….and two when someone gets in trouble society, the community, will be able to help…the internet…not some distant federal government.

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